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Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow July 10th 2017

I usually stay away from danger, at least obvious danger. For instance, I would like to visit Turkey this fall, but everyone, including the US State Department, says to stay away. But these countries and places below are rather surprising to me, since I have been there. Thailand (southern) Yes, the south of Thailand is known to harbor terrorists, with a large Muslim population. Well, we have terrorists in San Bernardino too. I have been to Thailand about 6 or 8 times, and have always felt welcomed and safe. The Thai people are friendly and know how important the American tourist is to their economy. Bangkok makes the ideal base for travel throughout SE Asia. South Africa Thanks to Barry the V, and Mrs. V, we had a great two weeks in Cape Town. However, we ... read more
Ordinance found in Laos
Changing of the guard in East Berlin, 1971
Ta Prohm, Cambodia

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow June 13th 2017

I did not write much about the famous Moscow Metro. I rode it several times when I visited Moscow in 2014. Here is more information about it, if you are interested. One thing for sure, Russian engineering is outstanding, as you will read. Moscow's metro is one of the busiest and most visually stunning underground systems in the world. Created as a showcase for the Soviet Union, its elaborate, spacious stations are adorned with mosaics, marble statues and stained glass that tell the story of the communist state. When it opened in 1935, the metro had just 11 stations and attracted 285,000 curious riders on the first day. Today there are 206 stations and up to nine million passengers a day. The stations were designed by various architects, reflecting different styles, going from art deco ... read more
Russian engineering is great!!!
And the stations are quite artistic!
I touched the dog's nose too!!!!

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow June 3rd 2017

R: So armed with reduced baggage (Cate and Clare took our spare clothes etc) and armed with enough Russian supermarket purchases to last a month, we took the metro to Varoslavski Station. Our train was at 23:55 which allowed me only one occasion to think I had lost my passport. Our tickets had been delivered to our hotel so we were ready to go. When the time came to board the train, we headed down to the platform. We were in carriage 1, which was right up the other end of the train. For some reason we rushed, though we knew we had booked spaces. The Provodnitza (carriage attendant) took our tickets and passports and showed us to our cabin. It is a 4 bed room, two bunk beds on either side. You get a box ... read more
The engine (for part 1)
Our compartment on departure
A dull station stop

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow June 2nd 2017

R: Friday was all about the transport. You may already know that the Metro system in Moscow is prized as a jewel of the city. The stations are intricately decorated with chandeliers, statues and embossed detail. Lonely Planet had a "Metro tourism" tour, so Cate led us around as we criss crossed the network looking at the finest underground system in the world. After my initial difficulties moving around, we had now found our feet. We headed around through Arbatskaya, to Plotschad Revoluski, Kievskaya to Mayaskaya. Each station had its own specific theme and statues, many of which appeared to be lucky as areas of them were shinier than others where they had been rubbed clean. The Russians have decided to leave the evidence of communist past in the relevant places - there were plenty of ... read more
Moscow Metro Tourism
Lunch at the Kremlin
One of the Kremlin Cathedrals

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow May 31st 2017

R: We began the next day with a breakfast of breaded chicken, which made me ridiculously happy. We took a taxi over to Moscovskiy Vokzal (Moscow Station) for our trip to Moscow. Everything is extremely secure in Russia so to enter the train station we went through airport style security. Though this did at times seem to be a token effort. We wandered through the enormous dark looking station, which was largely filled with nothing, and perused the small selection of shops before heading to the "fancy bit" of the station where the smart Moscow bound trains pull in. To get to this we went through security again. The train itself was very smart - they have recently put in fast trains to Moscow the same as the German ICE trains, and the journey takes about ... read more
St. Basil's by night
Mini Castle. Big Soviet Museum.
Lenin's Mausoleum

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow March 6th 2017

MOSKAU – NISHNI NOVGOROD – ST. PETERSBURG Reisetermin: 07.10. – 12.10.2016 ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow February 16th 2017

"Follow the Moskva, down to Gorky Park, listen to the wind of change." Opening lyrics 'Wind of Change' by The Scorpions Finally making it to Russia (Рoccия), we enjoyed Moscow (Москва) during their quiet season. Some snow on the ground and sub-zero temperatures meant for short line-ups and few tourists. The joys of travelling at these times. Our home base was near to the core of the city where we enjoyed the beautiful Red Square, St Basil's Cathedral and the mighty Kremlin. Wandering the Kremlin grounds was awe-inspiring. Cathedrals, statues, big bells and big cannons. And don’t forget the golden onions! Incredible riches of Russia's imperial past sit in secure display cases inside the Kremlin walls. The armoury houses thousands of priceless golden pieces, bejewelled with diamonds, emeralds and sapphires. The collection is so sickly overwhelming ... read more
Ivan the Great Bell Tower
Changing of the Guard
Tsar Bell

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow September 12th 2016

My grandfather, my mother's father, Israel Glickman AKA, Vascili Gubin, left his homeland suddenly in 1897. The police were searching for him for unknown reasons. The only crime or insult he committed was to violate his Christian beliefs. We lost contact with his family or rather Israel Glickman kept in contact with his family by letters until he died. Once he died the family lost contact with his Russian family. Later it was believed that they all died. They assumed the family was murdured.... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow September 11th 2016

We are preparing for our journey. Today is Sunday September 11, 2016 & we leave for Moscow on Thursday September 15th. This trip has been building for me for years, but it came to a head when skyping with my 2nd cousin. He had emailed me after the tragic loss of life at the Orlando, Fl nightclub & offered his condolences. I had been entertaining joining a group that was traveling to Moscow & St Petersburg. I had told Maxim, my 2nd cousin, that I might join a group traveling to his country, but only if there was still space in the group for me & if I might visit him afterwards. Given his intro English abilities, he immediately took this possibility as a certainty. My grandfather, Israel Glickman, his wife, Sarah & my uncle, Hirsh ... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow August 30th 2016

A Summary of our Russian Experience In the centre of the big cities big cars occupy most road space: BMWs, Mercs, Jags, Audi, Toyota, Kia, Volkswagen, including a few Porsches, Lamborghinis accelerating with boy racer menace down city streets. English is spoken in most settings, it's not difficult to get by if you can speak English ...... being able to read the Cyrillic alphabet is a big bonus , especially when on foot around the cit"y: street names and metro names. Carrying a table with Cyrillic / Roman letter equivalents helps or having Marion Farmer with you. Visa and passport controls were efficient and non threatening. People are friendly, helpful, smiley and care about you and each other. The blank / sullen face that we've seen in Eastern Europe is almost gone .... our research informs ... read more
Buskers in St Petersburg
Trip advice.... Mind the herbs in St Petersburg
Good food: stews in pots

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