May 26: What a Flight

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May 26th 2018
Published: June 18th 2018
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The plane took off and we were in the sky in no time. Instead of the plane flying through the Pacific, the plane took a u-turn and headed through Washington into Canada through Iceland and Greenland, and into Northern Europe before landing at the Moscow airport. On the flight, I was sitting in Economy Class to the left side of the plane, and unfortunatley did not get the window seat. Bummer.

For 12 hours in the sky, I watched movies, played random games, ate delicious meals, and tried to sleep. Throughout the flight, there were many times when the airplane encountered turbulence and announcments of turbulence became a constant. I was thinking sometimes about what might happen if the airplane actually crashed. I didn't get any sleep because of this. Thankfully, I made it in one piece and I'm still very much alive.

In the Moscow Airport, instead of a big crowd swarming the place, the airport seemed pretty empty. The escort took me through security quick before taking me to a waiting room for kids. There I took some rest in the (Oh-So-Comfterble) bean bag chairs. I was to wait there for another 3 hours before the escort took me to the gate for my second flight. Once again, I was put first into the plane, and got to meet the crew who would man the mechanical bird to Ufa. I told the crew that my Russian was a bit terrible, and thy didnt seem to get it. They told the people next to me that I couldn't speak Russian. I was a bit upset about the fact that they didn't understand the situation. I can understand Russian perfectly fine, but my speaking ability was not. I guess it was my fault.

Another 2 hours later, I'm off the plane and another escort takes me to get my luggage. I was to meet my relative Irina at the exit of the airport. As soon as I got out of the luggage area, I met Irina and we headed off. What a flight.


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