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Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow January 16th 2016

It was our last full day in Moscow and a planned visit to the Kremlin. Having familiarised ourselves with the Metro it was just 3 stops from our hotel to Teatralnaya Station the closest station to the Kremlin. We walked through Alexander Garden, past the guarded grave of the unknown soldier to the booking office. Well you would think it would seem simple to buy your ticket from the office, however we were sent quarter of a mile to an entrance only to be sent another half a mile in the other direction to check in our backpack. I think we went back to the original office 3 times! A sense of achievement when after several ticket checks we were in, only to be told immediately we were out of bounds by a guard! Our persistence ... read more
Towards Siberia
Entering Kremlin

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow January 15th 2016

Day 1 Gatwick airport at silly o’clock in the morning. Backpacks are in the hold and we’re flying to Moscow on the start of our around the world trip. We had a smooth flight. Arriving at Moscows Domodevo we looked out to see a snow covered landscape. We later discovered that Moscow had previously had a great deal of snow the previous day, causing a lot of flights to be cancelled. We met our driver who was to take us to our hotel, after so much planning, visa applications and packing it was a relief to finally be in our hotel room. We were amazed that in the middle of January the Christmas Holiday season was still in full swing. With Christmas trees, stalls, ice rinks even the television shows were in Christmas mood. This I ... read more
Sunrise over Gatwick
In Moscow at last.
Alison and Len entering the GUM store.

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow December 29th 2015

Mardi 29 décembre 2015 Direction la gare pour notre trajet en train de Saint-Pétersbourg à Moscou. Avec les contrôles de sécurité, on nous a conseillé d'y être 1h à l'avance pour avoir de la marge. Mais une fois sur place, l'attente va nous paraître bien longue car la gare est minuscule! Il n'y a aucun café ou commerce, le hall principal est juste un lieu de passage. Et évidemment, rien n'est écrit en anglais. On devine les mots Quai et Sapsan (nom de la compagnie de trains) en cyrillique d'après les indications sur nos billets et d'après l'heure de départ on se dirige vers le quai numéro 4. Mais avant de pouvoir entrer dans le wagon, une employée vérifie manuellement tous les billets et passeports des passagers. Pour les re vérifier une fois installés à nos ... read more
Cyril et Methodius
Hôtel asymétrique

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow August 27th 2015

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow August 14th 2015

First impression........ incomprehension......nothing is understandable, Cyrillic script is doing me in. This is hard. But, I've done this before, I think. A double shot espresso, shot of voddy and I'm off to face the Metro. It is a fantastic system. Fast!.......the old and new trains hurtle through the dark tunnels, I never wait more than 1 minute on any platform for a train. 196 stations, 237kms, 74m deep at can google the details, it's huge! Some of the stations are like art galleries, incredible murals, statues, gigantic chandeliers, stained glass panels, surfaces of wood, ceramics, mosaics, slate, steel, bronze, marble, plaster. And it's all spotlessly clean, the trains too. I've not seen more than a couple of cleaners in the whole city but it's all really clean....and everyone is very conscientious about binning their litter! ... read more
Good Metro
The entrance to Red Square
Red Pano Square

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow June 22nd 2015

22 June Another exciting day in Moscow, met by Luba at the hotel and visited the Kremlin, another eye opener, we had expected the Kremlin to be some sort of grey austere place, official KGB style, totally wrong! Kremlin just means fortress, and it was a large walled place with beautiful buildings and churches. We spent some time in the Armoury - a museum full of treasures, apparently this huge collection was only part of the royal treasure, when the last Tsar fell, a lot were hidden and have never been found to date. Over the years the Royal family of Russia and their empire had gathered up priceless artefacts from all over the world, a lot of them gifts from other empires. The Empress Elizabeth apparently liked carriages, there was a large room full of ... read more
A very large Karl Marx!
Moscow River, Kremlin in background
Kremlin gardens

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow June 20th 2015

20 June Early start for our flight to Moscow, its just over 3 hours away. Greeted by the Go Russia sign at Moscow airport, first time personally collected by a sign! Our hotel was very nice, just time for a cuppa and a lie down before negotiating our way to the Bolshoi ballet, which was our first Russian challenge. We knew it was 2 stops on the Green Line, but all the signs are in Cyrillic so bear no relation to the 'English' name. And of course when we got out, which building? The ballet was La Sylphide, a beautiful classic and the dancers, scenery and orchestra were marvellous. The cream was the beautiful old theatre (called the 'new' theatre just to confuse), it was extensivley renovated over several years and millions of $$ and sure ... read more
The Bolshoi Theatre
Our metro station
Enjoying the ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow May 9th 2015

Day 9 - Moscow: Victory Day and a night with the Wolves Victory Day in Russia is huge. Commemorating the day that Nazi Germany fell to Russian troops and the end of a war that claimed 26.6 million Russian lives, it is a 2-day national holiday with parades, memorial services and celebrations across the country. The pride that the Russian people feel for their part in defeating Hitler and the Nazi regime cannot be overemphasised. More Russian lives were sacrificed in the war than from any other country, and judging by the number of old photos of dead relatives on display in shop, house and car windows as well as on banners or just clutched in a hand, no family escaped unscathed. Commemorative St Georges ribbons in orange and black were tied everywhere. More than any ... read more
Hopefully not loaded
Russian colours

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow May 8th 2015

Day 8 - Moscow Dave F had found an old style behemoth of a soviet hotel for us for the next two nights, so Friday morning we packed up the car and drove over there to check in. Today we were tourists pure and simple, with the Kremlin, St Basils and Gorky park on the agenda. It was a beautiful day so we walked into the city centre, foregoing the metro. We were all carrying our documents with us because Russian immigration police are known to do spot checks. Given that the next day Moscow would be hosting its biggest national event in a decade with national leaders in attendance, we expected security to be tight. Whilst there were police everywere however, no one was interested in us. I was also quickly revising my assumptions of ... read more
St Basils cathedral
The Kremlin
"I follow the Moskva......."

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