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August 4th 2018
Published: August 4th 2018
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So it's day 2 in Moscow and we have a private tour booked - why are you having a private tour I can hear you ask! Well if you have ever been on a tour with me you will know the one person who asks so many questions and you are thinking not again!! Well that's me so that is why we have a private tour just to save everyone else the misery of another question.

Before this we have booked breakfast in the hotel which is a novelty for us as I normally say no way let's eat like the locals. Anyway would you believe the breakfast room is situated around a fountain and that is not the best bit whilst eating your breakfast from an around the world buffet who walks out but a harpist in a long gown who then goes onto play the harp whilst we are eating breakfast- I think this is a bit OTT but where else would you expect to experience something like this than Moscow!

The tour was really amazing and the architecture was fabulous with hardly any new high rise buildings. There are however, 7 Stalin gothic style skyscrapers, one of which is the foreign ministry.

As we drove around the symbol to me which is so Russian is the young man and young lady with a sickle and a hammer - it is on such a large and imposing scale.

So after the tour we decide that we are going to have a look at the shopping mall - yes in Moscow and looking at a shopping mall well all the top designers were everywhere Chanel, Valentino etc etc am I really in Russia!

Anyway our room overlooks the Bolshoi Theatre and we are it appears in theatre square. Now to really bore you the Bolshoi theatre has been burned down twice!! We are also near St Basil's Cathedral which is in Red Square which is next to the Kremlin. We are having a walking tour of Red Square tomorrow so I am really hopeful this includes the parts of the Kremlin we can go in or otherwise I am going to be a really disappointed person! But to be honest not really disappointed as can do it ourselves if necessary but of course will not have the guide to bombard with questions and more questions. Our guide has probably gone home today and thought gee wiz have I another tour to do with this couple tomorrow - she is probably on the vodka as we speak, ha ha. I know our driver will be and that is because our tour tomorrow is a walking tour and he knows he does not have to put up with us another day!!!

We are off on a boat trip later on so look forward to letting you know how this goes.

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