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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence October 19th 2019

Fabulous Florence...we return! It has been a little while since our last visit. Not alot has changed in this grand old city. Home of the Masters of Art! There is a new tram system since we were here last. Much like Nice but on a very small scale compared. Much of a sleep in after Yesterdays' effort...I'm sure we snored the whole five floor apartment awake!! We stocked up our food cupboard yesterday evening, after our arrival, at the Esselunga Supermache which we found not far down the road with the guidance of a local senior citizen who was returning with her Esselunga shopping know you are close when you see people carrying supermarket bags. They love to chat...she had to put her bags down so she could chat with her hands no chat! ... read more
Come into my shop..
Three wheels

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ascoli Piceno October 18th 2019

Recalculating. We have decided to deviate from our original travel route. Having Eurail passes, the train track is literally running out heading south towards Greece. Another option is to fly, and the shortest air time is to go through Turkey. That does not seem like a good idea presently. Therefore, tonight the journey will be on a ferry departing from Split, and arriving in the morning to Ancona, ITALY. Will do Greece another year. The teeny tiny cabin on the ferry has bunk beds. It brings back memories and am so glad Chris gets the top bunk and the ladder. In the middle of the night, under the moonlight, I peer at the calm inky sea. On arriving in Ancona, it is a two hour train ride into Ascoli Piceno. This charming town is where Chris’ ... read more
Thelma and Louise waiting for departure!
Adriatic Cruiser
We arrive in Ascoli Piceno

Europe » Italy » Campania » Agerola October 16th 2019

Welcome to my final blog for 2019! We made it to the end and this is our last night in Italy, before heading to Rome tomorrow for our 10pm flight home. We Facetimed with Matt and Chris today and apparently there was a last minute wild party at our house last night so they were in full on cleaning mode when we talked. Let’s hope it’s ship shape when we arrive on Saturday morning. The last week has been pretty calm with our only dramas being the habitual driving challenges and paying unnecessary tolls because we accidentally leave a highway and have to get back on it to go a few kilometres to the turn we were meant to take. After leaving Padua we drove to Florence and I had cleverly pre-booked a car parking space ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Padua October 11th 2019

Welcome to Blog number 4 for all my friends and family that have not been following my more frequent Facebook posts. My apologies for not blogging earlier but the last couple of weeks have been hectic. We left the Cinque Terre and made it to Lake Como after being sent on yet another couple of Google Maps adventures. We keep arguing whether it’s the maps in the wrong or the navigator. Personally I think having a driver who has tunnel vision and no spatial awareness could possibly be most of the problem. Noel will beg to differ. First stop was at the Monza race track. I had arranged to go on a tour of the track the next day but we decided to call in on the way through to Onno so that we wouldn’t have ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Cantu October 11th 2019

This morning, I am thinking about toilets…in Europe. They are all different, and more or less effective. Some years ago, when I was writing a book about designs for sustainability, I did some research on how toilet design was changing…and found a hilarious article about the necessity for a reliable product to use when testing flushing effectiveness, that is, without having to depend on volunteers off and on during the day. I think that the final product consisted of peanut butter, and other organic ingredients. At the time, manufacturers tested for volume as well as different consistencies…at some point, they even had a chart that I saw in one of the big box stores (some toilets were better than others re: volume or amount)…. I don’t believe this research has reached least not the countries ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Lazise October 11th 2019

"How lucky we are that surrounded by all this joy we sing inside our own little boat" Kabir Given that we are on a lake and a beautiful one at that this seems somewhat appropriate. There are little boats on the lake . There are large ones too. If you are going to end up somewhere then Lake Garda is not a bad place to end up. All life goes on here . At the bottom of the lake the first place we visited in Suzy in 2012 - Peschiera with its marina and its larger than life campsites Bella Italia and Butterfly where Italians love to socialise and live cheek by jowl. A good train service to take you out for a bit of culture . Bardolino - excellent town with smaller more intimate campsites. ... read more
Busy Lizzies on the way in
Yes the Venetians were here
The marina

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Bologna October 10th 2019

Have you ever read the book Eleanor Oliphant is fine? I had never until this holiday and I made it my holiday read. What a clever book it is too. It made me laugh. I sighed a lot as what she said and thought resonated with me. At times she said what I often wished I would be able to say. So as we sat in the restaurant at Camping Citte Bologna her authors ideas came into my head. The waiter smelled awful. I wondered when was the last time he put a fresh clean shirt on? Did he ever wash? I swear he was the same waiter as the last time we were here two years ago and yes he probably was wearing the same clothes . So what does that say about the kitchen? ... read more
Monte Cassino
More from the crypt

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Punta Ala October 8th 2019

Gabby is parked up on one of the few campsites open along this particular coast of Italy. The campsite describes itself as camping on the sea , free and well equiped beach, the sea is clean and easy to access . It is set in the heart of a centuries old pine forest which is nature friendly and stimulating whatever that means. It lies in the heart of the Maremma. It has a series of shows running from June to September , animations for the children , a baby club , a fun environment and its own church . All you can come to hate in a campsite . All we wanted was somewhere out of the way where we could cool down and chill out. It is an ACSI site open until the middle of ... read more
A chess set at Anagni
Tuscania - view from the walls
Two happy campers

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Sovana October 5th 2019

Gabby the motorhome is parked up alongside the road , opposite the fire station with a few other cars and one other motorhome. It is not a proper motorhome stop . We have just chosen it as it is within walking distance of what is described as a lovely hill town in Tuscany and it is a place where we can have a bit of lunch. That is one of the beauty of motorhoming you can stop most places discretly ,park up and put the kettle on. You can enjoy your lunch in the peace of your own home on wheels. It takes a while to get back into motorhoming . After a few weeks I now finally remember where everything is . When I first start I open the wrong cupboards , I forget which ... read more
Across the valley
Underneath the one remaining tower

Europe » Italy October 5th 2019

Arrived in Rome late Friday night and went directly to the port town of Civitavecchia. Stayed at the Hotel San Giorgio overnight where I joined a Denver friend, Ellen. The next morning we made our way to the cruise ship terminals & boarded the Azamara Pursuit, a 600 passenger vessel. We had lunch on the patio while we waited for stateroom checkin. I saw my other friends from Georgia on the restaurant’s patio. The ship got underway at 6:00 p.m.... read more
Port of Embarkation

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