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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Fiesole January 23rd 2020

L’area archeologica, che si estende su una superficie verde di circa 3 ettari, comprende i resti di un teatro romano, di un tempio etrusco/ romano e delle terme romane. La presenza etrusca a Fiesole è attestata fin dall’VIII-VII secolo a.C. quando la città si recinse di poderose mura. Agli inizi del I secolo a.C. con la conquista romana, si dette il via alla costruzione di un nuovo tempio, più monumentale del precendente, di edifici, quali il teatro e le terme, che trasformarono la Fiesole etrusca in città romana. Questi edifici caddero progressivamente in rovina a partire dal IV secolo d.C quando la città entrò in una grave crisi che continuò nel corso del VI secolo d.C. con Fiesole coinvolta nella guerra greco/gotica. Alla fine del VI secolo d.C. Fiesole fu occupata dai Longobardi. ... read more

Europe » Italy December 2nd 2019

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Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin December 1st 2019

I realise you can't predict weather with any accuracy, but Turin was now beginning to wear our patience. It had now been raining constantly since Friday evening. We awoke Monday morning and it was still as bad as ever. Will there by an end in sight? The forecast suggested a positive outcome, but then we had seen previous lights at the end of the tunnel. Breakfast was quiet. The weekend visitors and people in town for the Turino match had now departed and it was just a few business types and the random English football tourists looking for sunshine. We followed our usual route towards the Lingotto centre. There was another Italian Job on the cards. The first movie location today was the Palavela down near the Motor Museum and the river. The strangely shaped, futuristic ... read more
Church of Santa Maria, Monte Dei Cappuccino, Turin
Palatine Gate, Turin

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Novara November 28th 2019

The province of Novara is the home to wine of Colline Novaresi which was created in 1994 for the red and white Italian wines of the area. All grapes destinated for DOC wine production need to harvested to a yield no greater than 11 tons. The geogafical borders of the Province between the Ticino and Sesia rivers is the main features of the territory. and explains both the economy and the history of the human settlements in the area. The Ticino river, naturally navigatable since antiguilty, was the main communication route and allowed to reach as far as Venice.... read more
novara 3
novara 4
novara 5

Europe » Italy » Piedmont November 28th 2019

Inhabited in pre roman times, the first of official mention of the places at the end of the 12th century. Ad as Palletum and Castrum Pallatae ( Palea being in latin a bale of cereals) A Fief of Laneiano , in 1933 it was donated by Charles V to Rodorico Arripalda then passed in 1577 to Laura Mormile Pignatelli.... read more
Paglieta 2

Europe » Italy » Piedmont November 28th 2019

Vercelli is a city and commune of 46,552 in habitants in the province of Piedmont, northern Italy. One of the oldest Urban sites in Northern Italy, it was founded according to most historians around the year 600 BC, The city is situated on the river Sesia. In the plain of the river between Mulan and Turin. It is an important center for cultivation of rice, and is surrounded by rice patties, which are flooded in summer. The climate is typical of the PO Valley with cold, foggy winters and oppressive heat in summer months. Rain fall is most prevalent during the spring and autum, thunderstorms are common in summer.... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan November 28th 2019

Milan a city in Northern Italy, capitol of Lombardy the second most popular city after Rome, with a population of 3,259,835. It's continuously built Urban area has a population estimated to be about 5,270,000 over 1891 square meters. It is the leading financial center and most prosperous manufacturing and commercial city of Italy.... read more

Europe » Italy » Piedmont November 28th 2019

Our last Day. I must say Beautiful country, kind people and very Clean.... read more

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin November 28th 2019

We awoke and it was still raining cats and dogs. There was no sign of respite. The ever trusty Accuweather site suggested rain for another 120 minutes. It proved to be very wrong. I would like to fully enlighten you about our trip to Vercelli at this point, but the weather forecast for the small town half way to Milan made the Turin scenario look positively favourable. Vercelli held the appeal of Pro Vercelli 1892, the 5th most successful football teams in Italy in terms of Serie A titles. Seven. Yes, seven! OK so things had been on a downturn since 1922 when big city teams overtook them with their huge resources, but still pretty impressive. Napoli. Roma. Lazio. They all trail in the wake of the minnows from a small town in Piedmont and only ... read more
Museo Nazionale Dell'Automobile, Torino
Galleria San Fedrico, Turin
Museo Nazionale Dell'Automobile, Torino

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin November 28th 2019

If you mention that you are visiting Turin, the inevitable football question comes back to Juventus. The looks of confounded disbelief are much in evidence when it is revealed that the objective of the mission is their cross city rivals, the Granata otherwise known as Torino FC. Torino are these days the forgotten team, consigned to perceptions of mediocrity by the sweeping success of their neighbours. It was not always so. As you might have read in my first blog of the trip, the all conquering Torino team of the late 1940s were all set up for a period of dominance similar to that currently being enjoyed by the Notts County impersonators. Disaster struck in the form of the 1949 Superga disaster which effectively wiped out the entire Grande Torino team and the Serie A would ... read more
Centro Storico Fiat, Turin
Torino FC 0 Inter Milan 3

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