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Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome April 23rd 2019

This was an easy day. Probably the most relaxing day we have spent so far. We wanted to walk around and revisit some shops. We wanted to stop at an outside cafe that the waiter had been trying to pull us in for two days. Every time we walked by and shook our heads "no" he said "I'll see you tomorrow"! So today we went there first. We really didn't want a full breakfast but something light and of course a cappuccino. This guy, Simon, was a delight. He remembered us for the previous days and seated us at once. He was very attentive and even took some pictures for us and with us! We have certainly enjoyed the people we have met in the various shops and restaurants. Following breakfast we decided to walk around ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome April 22nd 2019

The goal today was to get to Trevi Fountain, The Spanish Steps, and the Pantheon. We had a great breakfast at McDonald's! Its fun to go to another country and see what fast food restaurants are there and how their menu might differ. I kept telling Shealyn and Marsha that McD's had a great ham and cheese breakfast sandwich when we were here before and it was still on the menu today! It is called a ham and cheese toast! They had all kinds of pastries and various coffee drinks but the most unusual item was a ham and cheese deep fried bite! It was excellent. What we loved was that the McCafe drinks were served in real dishes it you ate there. Once breakfast was over we headed toward the bus stop. Each day we ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome April 21st 2019

Yesterday was a tough day. We had to be at the airport at 7:00 am. Gatwick was an hour taxi ride from our Balmoral House Hotel. Our friend Flavio transportation for us at 5:30 am so we were up at 4:15 getting ready. Shealyn is NOT a morning person, AT ALL! So this was not a favorite morning for her. We were sad to say good bye to our home for 4 days, especially when we could smell the breakfast wafting upstairs and knew what we were missing. Security was easy to get through, though the sparkles on Shealyn's shirt got her pulled aside. It was interesting that Easy Jet is so automated that you put your ticket in a scanner and it printed all your luggage tags which you attached the yourself. Once the important ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome April 21st 2019

Today was a different kind of day. Shealyn says it was by far her favorite morning. We didn't set an alarm and didn't rush out anywhere. We took our time and leisure getting ready for the day. It was about 10:00 when we ventured out. Shealyn is quite a shopper and she had seen several shops she wanted to visit. We decided it was too late for breakfast and several of the lunch places we wanted to try didn't open until 11:30 or 12:00. Today was very busy with everyone trying to get to the Vatican to see the Pope. We decided it was enough to be nearby and we wouldn't fight the crowds. We ate our lunch and it was delicious! Marsha had a great Greek salad so once I saw hers I ordered one. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Civitavecchia April 8th 2019

Civitavecchia 7th April Civitavecchia is a city in central Italy in the region of Lazio, a sea port on the Tyrrhenian Sea and about 37 miles from the centre of Rome. For visitors and tourists in the gateway to The Eternal City of Rome. We knew the port was going to be busy, three other cruise ships in, all on turnaround days that is all off and new passengers on including some (a few embarking QM2). So some 10,000 off and 10,000 on makes for one busy port. We have been on the Rome trip before and it is always busy, being a Sunday as well, but just to throw a spanner in the works it was also the day of the Rome marathon. Best to stay away!!!! So, what to do in Civitavecchia, well I ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Arce April 7th 2019

In May last year, my mother decided to make me a gift about the successful completion of the tenth grade, and this gift was a trip to some cities in Italy. I was beside myself with happiness, because who would not want to "feel" Italy from the inside? My mom and I got together on a trip, and in Italy itself, a family friend, Vittorio, who was an indigenous Italian and our temporary guide, was waiting for us. The first item on our “visits” list was the world capital of fashion - the city of Milan. We settled in the hotel, located near the stadium of the local club, where later we went to the world famous Duomo square. It is here that the Duomo Cathedral - the pearl of the Italian Gothic - is elevated. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Maiori March 8th 2019

I can think of only a few things in life that we have absolutely no control over. I'm sure there must be many more but there are only three that come to mind immediately. No matter what we do we can't control who our parents are, what sex we are or where we are born. Our parents give us our genetic makeup, for better or worse, and have a lot to do with the development of our personalities. For most people, some of the strongest love we experience is from our parents and we return it wholeheartedly. Of course, that is not true for all but because we share so many common characteristics we probably find that our similarities will, at the minimum, allow us to accept our parents at some point. For some, our sex ... read more
Atrani- Amalfi Coast
Maiori- Amalfi Coast
Ravello- Amalfi Coast

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples February 27th 2019

As I watched an armed policeman arrest a four-year-old girl for not having tattoos, a young mother next to me reached into a pram and lit her baby’s cigarette. All around us it seemed like the cast of ‘The Sopranos’ were having a boozy reunion. Naples is certainly a place with ‘character’. Statistically Naples isn’t dangerous but most people like their cities to feel organised. Naples is a warren of tenement blocks, and between them people, scooters, cars, market stalls and bars compete for the same living space. The old town is hive of scruffy, littered, graffitied streets. It’s chaotic, but, if you can get beneath the grimy surface, you can love Naples. Example time! Strolling around we spotted a bar; ‘Antica Cantina Sepe’. It operated out of a tiny shop and on the ... read more
‘Antica Cantina Sepe’
La Pizzeria Sorbillo

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan February 18th 2019

Found this statue of Leonardo DaVinci on a walk around Milan.... read more

Europe » Italy February 18th 2019

We had an amazing half term in La Thuile, Italy, skiing and snowboarding. We were lucky enough to have Murray's sister and family come and join us for a few days. La Thuile is a great resort, with 3 magic carpets and a chair lift directly across the road from the hotel/apartments. Then a gondola up to many runs in the alps, from La Thuile you can ski to France for some runs as well. The weather was surprisingly spring like, but fortunately it didn't affect the snow. The girls all improved their skiing, with Hayley doing her first black run. Charlotte did her first long, blue run on her snowboard (she did a few days last season). Hayley and Emma learnt to board, which was great fun. Our visitors got up on skis and cousin ... read more
Everyone on the same run
La Thuile, Italy
View of La Thuile town

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