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Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 24th 2019

One more step on this path has been completed and we are in Venice. It will be impossible to describe and though we will take far too many pictures, none of them will do justice to this city. Unique is an understatement. We've logged quite a few miles already and will share a few photos with you. The ones "titled" as 4-**** are within 150 yards of the apartment that will be home for 4 days. The others might give you a flavor of Venice. Some streets crazy busy, but take a few steps from them and it is tranquil and beautiful. Fingers crossed the good weather holds for a couple of days.... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice May 11th 2019

About 2 years ago we were invited to attend the wedding of family and friends the Moorcrofts in England over Easter. It didn't make sense to go all that way for 2 days so we decided to tack on a side trip to Venice followed by an Adriatic cruise. It worked out quite well as you will see. There are 7 Panoramic shots to begin. Allow 5 secs. for each to scroll through. 1. Grand Canal, Venice 2. Sailing out of Venice 3. Acropolis, Athens 4. Theatre of Dionysus, Acropolis 5. Harbour, Mykonos 6. Countryside, Albania 7. Harbour Entrance, Dubrovnik... read more
On to Venice
Merchant of Venice
The gondola ride

Europe » Italy May 3rd 2019

Civitavecchia, Italy 4-26-2019 Civitavecchia, Italy Hom nay du thuyen den ben luc 8AM. Toi du dinh di den Rome va toi da mua giay xe lua cho viec nay. Tuy nhien vao gio chot toi thay doi y dinh vi toi da di Rome tuan truoc nen gio chot toi di tour voi du thuyen de den Castle Civita o vung Civitavecchia. Vung Civitavecchia la vung rat dac biet vi noi day da so la nguoi gia sinh song vi the o day khong co truong hoc. Khong co ky nghe. Tai chanh nho vao du lich ma gan day dan tau den day rat nhieu nhay la vung nay. Vung nay trong nhieu nhat la Olive de lam dau de an. Ho lam dau bang cach lay dau tu trai olive. Dau o day ban ... read more

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Alba May 3rd 2019

We drove through the rain and the mountains in France popping in and out of various tunnels through the alps until eventually we came into sunshine and Italia. As we headed for our first destination Sue called them and persuaded them to change our booking from Tuesday night to Sunday so we could stop there that night. We arrived late afternoon to agriturismo La Torricella in bright sunshine and at least 10 degrees warmer than when we left Annecy a few hours earlier. Fantastic spot above the town of Monfort D’alba this hilltop setting was perfect, with vineyard & restaurant, a favourite of Shelagh & Chris. We sat outside with a glass of their wine looking over the numerous hilltop towns. There was also a christening party which added to the ambience. After checking out we ... read more
Terrace at Monfort D’Alba
Upper Town Monfort
View of Italian hills for dinner

Europe » Italy May 2nd 2019

Naples 4-17-2019 Naples Naples la mot trong nhung port lon nhat nuoc Y va tren bien Dia Trung Hai. Vi nam canh cac vung tham vieng nen du khach co the di bo den cac noi nay de tham vieng gom co cac lau dai nhu Dell’ Ovo, Castel Capuano va hon 400 churches. Co 2 Unesco sites o day la Amati Coast dai 40km tu Vietri sul Mare to East to Positano to the West tren con duong Strada Statale 163 From Positano co ferry di ra dao Capri hay tu Amafi dock , giua duong cua 40km tren co ferry cung ra dao Capri. Co 13 attractions doc theo Amafi coast trong do co Amafi Catheral gan Amafi Ferry. Film ten la Under theTuscan Sun duoc lam tai day. Du thuyen den Naples luc ... read more

Europe » Italy May 2nd 2019

Sicily, Island: 4-25-2019 Sicily, Italy Toi thuc day luc 5AM va di ra khoi phong de len 14th floor de tap the duc nhu moi ngay. Den 6Am du thuyen di gan den dao Sicily va signal trong phone toi bat dau lo dien. Toi xem cac message tren Face book. Tinh co toi thay Facebook cua nguoi ban toi tagged boi con nguoi ban cho biet nguoi ban toi vua qua doi cach do khoang 1 gio. Toi bang hoang vi su ra di doc ngoc cua nguoi ban nay vi cach day khoang 20 ngay nguoi ban nay ru toi di du thuyen River Cruise o Au Chau vao thang 10 toi va toi dong y di va de nghi se cung mua ve vao thang 7 toi. Bay gio thi moi viec da ... read more

Europe » Italy May 2nd 2019

Savona, Italy: 4-27-2019 Savona, Italy Home nay du thuyen di den vung Savona, Italy. Savona la mot port nho cua Y. Tuy nhien co nnhieu di tich lich su va castle. Toi di bo den vieng Cappella Sistina hay Sistine Chapel. Sistine Chapel duoc thanh lap boi Pope Sixtus IV trong thoi gian quan tri cua ngai tu 1414 den 1484. Sau nay nguoi chau cua ngai la Julius quan tri tai Rome tu 1443 den 1513 da dung design nay de thanh lap Sistine Chaple in Rome. Trong phong Sistine Chapel ho khong cbo chup hinh. Sau do toi di xe train den cave o Borgio Verezzi cach Savona khoang 30’. Truoc do toi dinh di den Genoa de xem 2 Unesco sites tai do , Tuy khi toi biet duoc o day co cave ... read more

Europe » Italy May 1st 2019

Pisa, Italy 4-19-2019 Florence and Pisa Du thuyen den Livorno Port luc 8AM. Toi muon taxi cung 4 nguoi khac di d3n Florence. Day la lan dau tien toi den day nen rat hung thu khi nhin thay su uy nghi cua cac nha tho co kinh. Toi loi bo den Basilica of Saint Mary of the Flower. Noi day dong du khach nhat. Mot hang dai sap hang di vao trong xem nha tho nay va toi khong vao duoc vi khong co thi gio de sap hang. Tu day toi di den Piazza Signoria va Uffizi noi la noi la museum ngoai troi lon nhat the gioi voi nhieu tuong dieu khac rat la. Sau do toi di den Old Brigde bat qua dong song Fiume Arno. Tu day toi di den Piazza Santa ... read more

Europe » Italy May 1st 2019

Como Lake 4-11-2019 Toi lay xe di Mono lake o Italy khoang 7hrs theo chuong trinh nen toi khoi hanh som. Toi di den Como lake vi noi day rat dep va trong chuong trinh di Cruise toi dinh muon xe di den day. Nhung so tre gio xuong cruise nen toi thay doi chuong trinh den day hom nay. Toi phai lai xe qua Thuy Si den den Como lake nam gan bien gioi Y va Thuy Si. Theo du dinh toi se den Como Lake khoang 4Pm nhu phai den 11Pm toi mpi den day va toi biet dieu nay vi duong di o Au Chau rat chat hep. Tren duong di toi du dinh ghe qua cac Unesco cua Phap de xem nhung toi chi xem duoc Provins la noi co cac toa ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice April 30th 2019

Today we got to sleep in!! Breakfast was. At 7:30 and departure was 8:30. Exciting to be going to Venice!! Each place we visit can have its challenges. Besides the language barrier we have had to learn when we can drink the water and when we drink bottled water, of course for the three of us finding butter (Italy only) and ice, and most importantly where to go to the restrooms and how much we have to pay. Typically we have to pay .70 Euros. Yesterday it was 2.00 Euros. That’s a lot! Food can be a challenge. We are not always given a choice except at breakfast, which is almost always a buffet. Coffee has been tough. I typically drink decaf and that’s not an option here so I have limited myself to one cup ... read more

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