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Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Keflavik February 28th 2018

Greetings from the country of Iceland. Your lovable travelers departed Baby Bird's house at 12p on Tuesday arriving in Iceland at 6a local time (that would be 1a your time). Of course we were tired, especially poor HP who slept not. Both Birds slept with mama Bird sleeping on the flight from Atlanta to New Jersey's beautiful airport (yeah, we're lying about the beautiful part) as well as from NJ to Iceland. After clearing immigration and customs we sat on our collective hands for perhaps 45 minutes waiting for the shuttle to transport us to our car. The delay was really fine as sunrise (if one could label it thus) did not occur until 8:30. Well, our direction challenged pilot (HP) then attempted to proceed west looking for an ATM and breakfast. After several times surveying ... read more
Annoyed Mother Geology
Hot Air
Lopsided Arrowhead

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík January 12th 2018

Diese schöne Gefühl, wenn der Wecker klingelt, man aber noch liegen bleiben kann, weil man keine Verpflichtungen hat... Irgendwann bin ich dann doch aufgestanden, um noch was vom Frühstücksbuffet zu bekommen. Motto: Iss so viel wie du kannst, wer weiß wann es wieder was gibt ;) Am Tisch zwei nette Mädels aus Amerika kennen gelernt, die aus North Carolina kommen. Vollgefressen dann einfach nochmal hingelegt, man gönnt sich ja sonst nichts. Als um 12 Uhr (Ortszeit) erstmals die Sonne durch die Wolkendecke schien, bin ich sofort raus in die Stadt. Gestern auf meiner Anreise konnte ich noch keine Eindrücke sammeln, da es total dunkel war. Aber ich musste nur 5 Minuten laufen und war schon überwältigt. Dafür, dass ich komplett ohne Plan 3 Stunden durch die Stadt geirrt bin, bin ich mir sehr sicher, das beste ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík January 11th 2018

Habe mir extra den Wecker auf 5:30 Uhr gestellt, damit ich auf keinen Fall Stress bekomme. Nach einer gemütlichen Tasse Tee musste ich mich von meinen Geschwistern verabschieden, da sie zur Schule mussten. Es folgte ein kleines Frühstück mit meinen Eltern. Dann der Aufbruch um 8:00 Uhr nach München. Die Fahrt war nahezu frei von Staus und Hindernissen. Am Flughafen angekommen realisierte ich zum ersten Mal so richtig den Ernst der Lage. Nachdem ich meinen großen Rucksack aufgegeben habe, saß ich mit meinen Eltern in einem Cafe im Flughafen. Der Abschied von meinen Eltern war der Schwerste. Nach der Sicherheitskontrolle hatte ich noch ca. 90 min Zeit, die ich dafür nutzte, mich bei Airbnb zu registrieren und eine Wohnung für den ersten Monat in Vancouver zu suchen, erfolgreich! Schließlich kam die Meldung, dass aufgrund der schlechten ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest January 2nd 2018

2 notes first: I added in photos for yesterday's post about the Golden Circle, if interested Nothing weird is happening to me on this trip...?? it feels so unlike me to not have weird travel moments. Ok nothing weird other than the 10-11 cashier guy talking to me about horror movies Ok so last night! The forecast weather-wise was in our favour, but the aurora forecast was pretty low... regardless they take you out with the idea that if you don't see them at all you can re-book. I was really hoping I wouldn't have to re-book because getting back at 1am is just too much 2 nights in a row lol. We actually bussed back to Thingvellir park (but a different area) and were essentially let loose in a giant parking lot lol. Literally just ... read more
Quick walk through Hafnarfjordur
Hafnarfjordur buddy

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík December 31st 2017

Let's start by saying I slept from 8:30pm-12:15am, took a little break from sleeping, then 1am-10am. I think I'm well caught up from the other night now lol. I decided to bus into town and save the 40 minute walk once I did set out - good thing too I guess, it was colder today. I started at Tjornin - it's a little lake in the middle of the city that is overrun (in a picturesque way) by geese, ducks and swans during the summer. I was curious what it would look like now. Well, I guess unsurprisingly the lake is frozen - it was weird taking pictures because it was around 11:30am and there was the "sunrise" behind me. It was fun people watching for a bit - a lot of little kids playing hockey, ... read more
All them swans

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík December 30th 2017

Surprise! I'm in Iceland! Not surprised? Yeah, ok I guess not much of a surprise... although it's my first time during winter, so this will be new. I flew WOW for the first time - it was clean, it was as comfortable as any other carriers (except be aware there are no TVs/movies so bring your own entertainment!). I like the quirks they offer - everything is purple and everything has little sayings on it. (Ex: my headrest said "Hi! I'm your seat!" ; the drink cart said: "They see me rolling...") I had no problems, but we sat on the tarmac FOREVER in MTL, so a lot of people around me were pretty freaked out about making connections. I'm going to wager they all made their connections, but that their bags did not. Literally the ... read more
Starting my way down the path (facing away from Reykjavik)
Snow caps
Sun Voyager

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík December 28th 2017

We are off again after a summer entirely in the U.S. This time Baby Bird is accompanying us to Iceland with Bird and HP moving on to Scotland, while sending Baby Bird to Denmark. I mean could you imagine spending more than five days with a Baby Bird! (yes Monster 1&2 you are mom free during that period and owe us) We will follow this brief trip with one next summer a bit longer to Scandinavia and beyond (stay tuned for details). Our (well, at least the author's) primary goal this trip is the Northern Lights. Yes, of course, during the day additional activities are in the offing. First days are about the Reykjanes Peninsula, Golden Circle and the south, followed by a couple of days out in the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, and finally a day driving ... read more

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