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Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Grindavík July 21st 2018

Nejdrive se ucime, jak tu funguji benzinky. Vsechny jsou selfcare (coz ocenuji), ale s nasi znalosti islandstiny neni menu prave citelne. Nastesti se samo od sebe objevi moznost zmenit jazyk a v inglis uz to jde o poznani jednoduseji. V podstate musite vlozit kartu, zadat PIN, zvolit, kolik chcete natankovat a vytahnout kartu. Az potom muzete vzit pistoli a zastrelit serifa... teda nakrmit Salamandra. Vyrazime k vodopadum Gullfoss. Cestou zastavujeme u vodopadu Faxafoss, ktere sice v zpetnem pohledu staly za zlamany prd, ale jelikoz jde o nase prvni islandske vodopady, pripadaji nam super. Co by za ne treba v Krkonosich dali, ze? Gullfoss je ale trochu jiny kalibr. Asi jako the Mountain oproti Impovi, Golias oproti Davovi, Vasina oproti Ondinovi... no, chapete me, ne? Voda ve vodopadu pada (co by taky mela delat? Tancovat cardas?) dvoustupnove ... read more
Strokkur gejziruje
Teply potucek v Hveragerði

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Keflavik July 20th 2018

Den nula, misto Praha, konkretne Florenc, duvod: odjezd na Island. Dorazil jsem se sexy zpozdenim, ale nastesti ne s tak velkym zpozdenim, aby to prestalo autobusaka bavit a ujel mi. Katka by ho stejne nejak zvladla zastavit, jak porad jeste verim... A mozna se pomerne logicky spravne ptate, jak se takovy autobus z Florence dostane na Island. Popravde asi docela tezko a/nebo zdlouhave, takze se to z tohoto textu nedozvite (cimz jsem prisel o vsechny ctenare az na Ondina, ktery v praci nema do ceho pichnout, a tak cte internet od zacatku do konce a zpet) Ale abychom popojeli, tak jsme popojeli do Wroclawi, stopli si letadlo a to nas hodilo az do Rekjaviku. Pomerne vtipne bylo, ze zatimco Dansko/Norsko/Svedsko (nebo kudy jsme to vlastne leteli... pri pohledu z okynka bych potreboval appku, ktera by k ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 16th 2018

Most people visiting Iceland for only 1 to 3 days find that the most effective use of their time, to get a reasonably varied view of the different facets of this country, arrange to drive or take a day tour around the Golden Circle. Although we had just returned from 6 days exploring the entire circumference of Iceland, we wanted even more, so we set off in our car to see some highlights of the Golden Circle. Leaving Reykjavik travelling south on Hwy 1, you pass across an area with giant hot water pipes laying on the ground across the landscape. The Nesjavellir geothermal power station is visible, connected to the end of the pipes, and sends hundreds of gallons of hot water per second down the pipes to Reykjavik. Highway 1 drops down into a ... read more
Drekkingarhylur (“ Drowning Pool”)
Þingvellir’s great fissure
Geysir Geothermal Field

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 13th 2018

Before leaving Akureyri, we walked around the town a bit, stopping at a stand selling locally hand-made Icelandic wool products. Chris bought a toque and Adrienne bought a pair of specially designed Beer Mittens. One cruise ship was docked in Akureyri’s pretty harbour and that became apparent as a lot of other tourists walked along with us up about 150 steps to Akureyarkirkja, or The Church of Akureyri. Built in 1040, it towers over the city up on a high hill. We continued further uphill through a beautiful neighbourhood of 1926 homes and on to the most northern botanical garden in the world. Completed in 1957, it is very popular with locals and tourists. We left Akureyri, driving up Eyjafjörður fjord, the longest fjord in Iceland. The views are spectacular and it was only a short ... read more
The Beer Spa, near Dalvik
Seaside thermal pools at Hofsos

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 10th 2018

I decided to spend my last days visiting as many hot springs as possible, including Reykjadalur, a geothermal river that you can swim in (although, by swim...I mean sit, as it's very shallow). It was really cold, windy and raining when I did the 1 hour-ish hike to the river, but still absolutely fantastic as you pass all sorts of interesting geothermal things along the way. Sitting in the river letting the warm water run by was unique and really peaceful...getting out was definitely the challenge :)... read more
Eiriksstadir - replica Viking Longhouse
Eiriksstadir - inside the Viking Longhouse
Deildartunguhver, the most powerful hot spring in Europe (I have no idea what the measure for "powerful" is though)

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 9th 2018

We are home after a great trip. The final two days we based out of Reykjavik and were joined by Michael's friend Sam, from England. On Friday Sam and Michael headed for what is known as 'steam valley' and found the river near the town of Hveragerdi that is full of hot pools to soak in. One of the great things about this trip was Michael's ability to search for little known hot tubs, including one that even our host, Thor, had never heard of. While the boys soaked Thor and I went to Lake Tingvallavatn, the largest lake in the country to try our hand at fishing. We were chasing Artic Char, a relative of salmon and trout and while we did not catch any, we had a great time. The tricky part about fishing ... read more
Where the earth grows
Michael and Sam where The Hound was left for dead

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 7th 2018

Although our Air Canada arrival into Iceland was a few hours late, due mainly to severe thunderstorms in Toronto, our Premium Economy seats and service made for a comfortable trip. We flew along with our friend Adrienne on our Aeroplan points for a 2-week Intervac home exchange stay in Reykjavik, the capitol city of Iceland. As all the booze is apparently quite expensive in Iceland, we took advantage of our Toronto flight delay and dropped by the Duty Free shop at Pearson airport to pick up some of our favourite items. If you don’t have a similar opportunity, I’m told that the Duty Free shop in the Iceland Keflavic airport also has more affordable prices, so some shopping on arrival is on many itineraries. We had pre-purchased airport to Reykjavik transportation online from Flybus Airport Transfer ... read more
Harpa concert hall
View of Reykjavik from Perlan

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Selfoss July 3rd 2018

On day three in Iceland we hit the road. With several maps and directions from Thor we decided to take on parts of what is known as the Golden Circle road tour. We started with the geothermal power plant about 45 km to the east of Reykjavik. Drawing from he large amount of geothermal activity where the North American and European plates come together, Iceland is powered mostly by hot water from deep in the earth. At the plant they draw water that is 300 degrees centigrade (to covert to F you roughly multiply by 2 and add can just forget the extra 32 here). They use the steam from the water to drive two huge turbines that power the generators that create 30% of Iceland's electricity. The water is cooled and then piped to ... read more
Keep out of the water!
Seculed pool

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 1st 2018

We arrived in Iceland at 5 a.m. after an easy flight with WOW Airlines from Pittsburgh. When we landed the scenery let you know immediately you were in parts unknown! For miles around the airport are lava fields, flat, almost barren. Closer inspection reveals that the purple hues are Lupins, stretches of them, planted for conservation reasons and considered by some to be an invasive nuisance. The lava rocks are also coated with green and red lichens and moss, which were are later told is a result of climate change--twenty years ago the rocks were a barren grey. Today, as it is warmer, the ground covering plants are gaining a foothold. We quickly passed through one of the easiest immigration checks ever--"are you staying in Iceland?" "Yes" "Fine, go ahead", passport stamped. We picked up a ... read more
Michael the viking
Welcome to the President's house
Downtown Reykjavic

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Selfoss June 23rd 2018

First impression - there are sheep everywhere in this country. Everywhere. Also horses - beautiful short, fat little horses. Second, from the minute I got off the plane it's been raining. It's really pretty...but really gray. Third, I'm a morning person in Iceland (who knew?). This is because there's not really any darkness... the first day my flight landed at 6am, and I hadn't really slept, so I fell asleep really early that night...and discovered mornings are less crowded so decided to stick with my 4-5am wake up hour. Fourth, in fantastic news, there are geothermically heated pools and hot tubs everywhere here that are very common to swim in - yippee. The Golden Circle itself is mainly three sites -the Gulfoss Waterfall (which is beautiful), the fields around Geysir (the original geyser which all other ... read more
Watching the World Cup game against Nigeria, with what I think is the whole town of Selfoss. Lesson learned - my life needs more Viking chants in it.
View from my apartment
One night these guys appeared outside my window

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