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iceland in trouble-protest

ok, we're in India and can't get to Iceland... maybe some of you can! There are some dark powers at work and we can Iceland is in serious danger of losing some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world...
17 years ago, June 29th 2006 No: 1 Msg: #6430  
Below is part of an email from our lovely friend Alex whom we met in India. He is in Iceland now and sent us a message highlighting the atrocities Iceland faces... this is an unexpected situation for him and everyone involved and to be able to join and protest against a multinational, world polluting coporation with success... Anyway we are all travellers on this site and most of us in our lives have witnessed the aftermath of such destruction. In travelling the world we by default have committed ourselves to seeing the world the least we can do for the world is let our voices be heard and try to halt the damage that is being so consistently inflicted on the planet... Even if you can't make it to Iceland visit the website and pledge your support, it takes five minutes...

"The lcelantic government, against the wishes of its people have sold out the country and its amazing environment to the evil of the american dollar. The government have given the go-ahead for a series of HUGE hydro-electric dams, the effects of which will devastate the landscape and the nature of lceland beyond all repair. Areas of up to 6000 square kilometres will be flooded, destroying everything that currently exists there. All this is not being done to provide electricity for the population, but to provide solely for the ever-expanding aluminium smelting projects that are raping the country of its landscape. The leading company in this destruction of the land is Alcoa, the company respnosible for the desecration of huge areas of Australia to provide aluminium resources.
Of course the lcelantic government are keeping this as hush-hush as possible.....promoting only the suppossed ┬┤benefits┬┤ of this abomination. And so the rest of the world, and indeed most of lceland is being kept in the dark about what is really happening here. But we do now have the power to do something about this.....at the very least to stand up and make the rest of the world take notice to what is going on. Starting on 21 July there is to be a demonstration against the proposed dam project. For all the information you need please check out this site Saving Iceland "

thanks everyone
Chris and Katie
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