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Where Should I Travel Next?

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16 weeks ago, October 28th 2023 No: 1 Msg: #210863  
Hi there,

I've got some vacation time coming up and I'm not sure where to go. Can you recommend any cool travel destinations? I'm looking for places that are not too expensive and have lots of things to see and do. Any suggestions? Thanks! Reply to this

15 weeks ago, November 4th 2023 No: 2 Msg: #210874  
Hi Joseph and welcome to TravelBlog (TB). It is almost impossible for any traveller to tell another where to visit. Everyone has their own experience and what may have been wonderful for me may be terrible for you.

You haven't shared where you live or which languages you are familiar with or how old you are. Each of these factors can make an experience wonderful or terrible.

My first suuggestion is to travel in your own country. If this is your first solo travel (which I gather it is from another of your posts), it will be a lot easier in your own country where you can speak to people but you will begin to understand the problems and joys of travelling solo. Join the Youth Hostels Association and book a dormitory bed/single room/hotel room for at least the first couple of days in advance so you have somwhere to stay while you get orientated.

Secondly, if you really don't know where to go, consider putting a map on your wall and sticking a pin it it with your eyes closed. Go wherever the pin lands.

Thirdly, trust to luck and just pick a place somewhere in the world and go - though this would not be my most favoured suggestion for a new traveller as it can be quite an experience arriving in a counttry where you don't speak their language and/or understand their culture.

Lastly, always book somewhere to stay for your first night at least.

Whatever you decide, I hope you have a wonderful time. Reply to this

14 weeks ago, November 12th 2023 No: 3 Msg: #210889  

Welcome to Travel Blog. What country is your trip starting from? That will give me an idea which country would be fairly easy for you to get to and explore inexpensively. We hope you will blog about your trip. Reply to this

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