Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Keflavik January 31st 2019

So the last day in Iceland arrived with a blast of winter. My car had snow and ice all over it. I put on the windscreen wipers and water and scraped the window off with a plastic card. I could at least see. I didn't leave the accommodations until about 10:30 so I could see a bit more. I headed south toward the Blue Lagoon. This is a hot pool with naturally occurring silica, supposedly good for the skin and health. There is no bookings available for this place on short notice and for a 1 hour slot it costs about $100AUD. I decided that it was not worth that much money but went for a walk around the pathways. The water is an amazing blue because of the silica in the water. The water around ... read more
South Coast
Gunnuhver Geothermal Area

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London January 2nd 2019

Rest day today. I think I was so tired from the week in Iceland that I needed a day off. I slept through until 6:45 for the first time since I arrived over a week ago. Theo made us a lovely cooked breakfast and then they took off for the day for their Harry Potter tour. I went back to sleep. At about 11:30, I wandered down to the local Westfield to look for a usb connector for the camera and dash cam so I could download the files. Couldn't find anyone that sold the cable I was after so I looked for a pound store out in the street. I managed to find a 4 pound one and came back to the flat. I had some more sleep and downloaded the camera and dash cam ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London January 1st 2019

Most of the people had early flights out and we were ready to leave by 4:30. By the time I'd filled up with fuel, found the car hire place and caught the bus to the terminal it was 6am. Check in was slow and then I tried to board the flight to be told, wrong flight... thought I was going to Heathrow but it was Gatwick. Luckily the two planes were leaving at the same time, so I just joined the other line. All good, three seats at the back by myself. I slept for 2 hours! Renee and Theo met me at the airport and we headed down to Brighton for fish, chips and mushy peas! We wandered out onto the pier and the famous pebble beach. I bought some Brighton Rock candy. We drove ... read more
Fish, chips and mushy peas at Brighton
Brighton Pier

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Snæfellsnes December 30th 2018

What a day! I have truly loved Iceland, but the darkness is something that I would have to get used to. By the time I had packed my room, had a lovely breakfast and checked out, it was around 9:30. It was pitch black dark, cold and really windy. I headed out of town after refuelling and hoping that I wasn't going to have to cross the mountains... WRONG! The GPS took me left where I was hoping not to go... The wind had not stopped and as I started to climb the mountains the snow started; slowly at first and then heavier. By the time I was 10 klms into the journey, the road was already covered with snow. There were a few cars on the road so I tried to keep in their tyre ... read more
Ice cave at the Perlan
Scary Ice Monster
Planetarium lights

Europe » Iceland » Northwest December 29th 2018

An early morning. I'm having trouble sleeping past 2 or 3am. Breakfast starts at 7:30 and with an Icelandic breakfast of bread, cheese and pastries I set off at about 10am. It was still pitch dark but I had quite a few places to visit and needed to get underway. The road took me out of the town I'm staying in ... name is I can't pronounce the name...Stykkisholmur. The sat nav with the coordinates has been amazing. Takes me to within a few metres of the places! Makes me feel much safer. The first place I visited was Budir Hamlet. It was a 73 klm drive from my accommodation. The road out of town was icy as I found out when I stopped to by fuel before leaving town. Luckily I had the car to ... read more

Europe » Iceland » North December 28th 2018

I packed my bag at around 7 and headed out of the apartment complex. I had no idea how to find the bus and a random lady walked past. I asked her how to find bus 3, she said that she was catching that bus too and I could follow her. I'm glad I found her as I was going in completely the wrong direction. A 30 minute bus ride into the BSI bus station and there was pandemonium with lots of buses arriving with airport passengers. The airport is Keflavik and is around a 30 minute drive to and from the city. Lots of early morning flights bought people from all over the world. It was about 8am when I arrived, pitch black, heavy backpack and people everywhere. I called the car rental place on ... read more
Cousins of the Kids
Waterfall Rush
Unlimited soup and bread

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík December 27th 2018

I caught the bus into the big bus stop (the nice taxi man gave me several tickets to use), unloaded my very heavy bag into a locker and walked into the city. It took me about 15 minutes, past ponds with lots of ducks, swans and gulls. People were out feeding them. There was a mother swam with 4 babies that were as big as her. You could only tell because they were still a little bit grey in colour... big babies! It was really cold. The wind here in Iceland is almost relentless just different speeds of relentless. I walked to the end of the city to the convention centre which was at least lovely and warm and then wandered back into the main street where the most remarkable and scary lighted cat awaits. I ... read more
Scary cat
Cathedral on the Hill
Amazing Pipe Organ

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík December 26th 2018

Slept most of the night. I must have been tired! I have no idea what day it is... I'm staying at the Holiday Inn Ariel near Heathrow and the room comes with breakfast. I was hungry so wandered down at 6:30... and had hot English vegetarian breakfast. I didn't take a photo so you'll have to imagine eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms with toast and tea. All very nice. Checkout time was 12:00 so I went back to bed and slept for another couple of hours. Nuggie and Theo's flight was supposed to arrive at 12:30 so I caught the bus and arrived at Terminal 3. To get to Terminal 4, I had to catch the underground train. Their flight had already landed but with the queues of yesterday, I knew they were going to be a while. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London December 25th 2018

After 28 hours on the plane, I've finally arrived in London. Emirates are amazing. The first flight was really full. It took around 30 minutes to load the plane. I was in row 68. The flight was uneventful and we arrived in Bangkok almost 9 hours later. We were allowed to stay on the plane which was interesting because I saw the team of cleaners get busy with the mess that people leave. They were very efficient and completed the whole task in about 20 minutes. Not bad for a plane that seats 450 people.The security people came on board and checked our baggage. The best part was that only about a quarter of the plane was full from Bangkok to Dubai. I had 3 seats and was able to get some more sleep. When we ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney December 24th 2018

Left Morisset on the 1pm train bound for Sydney airport. Took about 2 hours to get to Central and then another half and hour to the airport. A really nice lady at the Emirates counter has changed my seat to a long legroom seat with no one in front of me. That is just to Dubai. The last leg, I have a whole row to myself. I found a chemist to replace my earrings and bought some sushi for lunch. I've been working on my Forest Schools Portfolio for the last couple of hours. I hope I've downloaded enough 'stuff' to do work without the internet on the long flight. To my dismay, I realised that the 'Kids' were packed in our stuff from Melbourne. Nuggie went out this morning and bought some new 'Cousins of ... read more
I love Emirates
Emirates A380... very nice
Oh dear... bright orange socks

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