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December 25th 2018
Published: December 29th 2018
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After 28 hours on the plane, I've finally arrived in London. Emirates are amazing. The first flight was really full. It took around 30 minutes to load the plane. I was in row 68. The flight was uneventful and we arrived in Bangkok almost 9 hours later. We were allowed to stay on the plane which was interesting because I saw the team of cleaners get busy with the mess that people leave. They were very efficient and completed the whole task in about 20 minutes. Not bad for a plane that seats 450 people.The security people came on board and checked our baggage. The best part was that only about a quarter of the plane was full from Bangkok to Dubai. I had 3 seats and was able to get some more sleep. When we arrived in Dubai, everyone had to get off the plane as there was about a 2 1/2 hour stopover.

The next stage from Dubai to London was a bit bumpy but I managed to get more sleep. Then the 'fun' began. When I arrived at the border control there must have been 500 people in lines. I was in the line for about 5 minutes and realised I hadn't collected my entry card and had to go under the barrier. That gave another 100 people the chance to get in front of me. Meanwhile 1 hour later, I was still standing in the queue and there was another 500 people behind me. I found the hotel bus and arrived here at around 4:15 after getting off the plane at around 2:10... not happy Jan!

My room is lovely, I've had a hot shower and at the extraordinarily early time of 5:15 pm, I'm ready for sleep. I'ts pitch dark outside so that won't be hard.


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