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Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Nesjavellir September 9th 2018

Et nous voici repartis une semaine pour faire le tour de l’île avec commentaires tout en français… Amusant à découvrir, il y a une majorité de canadiens, puis des belges et seulement un couple français… Nous sommes 25 et l’entente se fait vite bonne… Avant tout je voudrais souhaiter la bienvenue dans ce blog à Guillaume et Julie.... Vous êtes jeunes, vous êtes débrouillards....pour voir le début du voyage, vous cliquez sur Previous entry en haut de la page à gauche et vous y a arriverez !!! Nous sommes heureux de vous avoir connus lors de ce voyage... vous avez soif de connaîre le monde et je ne peux que vous encourager à aller encore plus loin... Le Canada n'est pas si loin... Luxembourg vous attend ! La carte représente le tour que nous ferons. Départ ... read more
notre bus
Arndis, notre guide en conversation avec JJ dès le début...
de belles routes

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík September 9th 2018

THE REAL VOYAGE OF DISCOVERY CONSISTS NOT IN SEEKING NEW LANDSCAPES, BUT IN HAVING NEW EYES. PROVOST The summer has been hot and sweltering in Southern Ontario so it seemed symbolic that our last day before leaving for Iceland was cool, dark and rainy. We even had our first bonfire in the morning before spending the afternoon packing and preparing. This trip will be different from our other excursions. First of all, this will a short trip - only ten days - as Iceland is just too expensive and Monica and I have family commitments in October. Secondly, Monica has arranged and planned our entire trip ahead of time. Usually we simply fly to a new land and then wing it in a spontaneous manner. However, Iceland is just too expensive and lodging is too limited. ... read more
The lagoon itself is all that remains of a chemical factory
White robes and lunch

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík September 7th 2018

On continue notre tour de ville... et ceci par l'Harpa qui est un magnifique bâtiment, surtout un jour plein soleil comme aujourd'hui... Des tas de reflets s'y présentent autant dehors que dedans... Les principaux concepteurs de la salle de concert et du centre de conférences Harpa sont le cabinet d'architecture danois Henning Larsen Architects et le cabinet d'architectes islandais Batteríið Architects. L'artiste danois-islandais Olafur Eliasson a conçu la façade sud et a développé le principe des façades et du toit nord / est / ouest restants en collaboration avec les architectes Henning Larsen et les architectes Batteríið. Elíasson déploie la lumière, la couleur et les phénomènes naturels pour tester l'influence du mouvement physique, de l'engagement sensuel et de l'interaction du corps et du cerveau sur notre perception de notre environnement. Originellement,... read more
jeu de lumières

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík September 6th 2018

On commence par remercier ceux qui ont donné la bonne réponse... en Effet, c'est vers l'Islande que nous nous dirigeons... Un75ème pays donc pour moi... Partis de la maison avec le Proxibus de la commune, nous prenons le train à Arlon pour Bxl d'où nous décolerons le lendemain... Jour de vrai départ… Nous nous réveillons à l’Ibis aéroport à Bruxelles et nous nous coucherons au Radisson Blue Saga à Rijkjavik en Islande. Il faut savoir que nous avions découvert une affiche au Salon des Vacances de Bruxelles au stand Icelandair (cie qui s'arrêtait dans le temps à Luxbg... et que nous avions déjà pris...). Cette affiche disait que si on voyage vers les USA ou le Canada, on peut faire un stop gratuit en Islande de 8 jours... Tout bon car JJ a justement une grande ... read more
notre avion
temps couvert mais au dessus des nuages il fait souvent très beau...
arrivée à l'aéroport de Keflavik

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Selfoss September 5th 2018

På vejen fra Stykkishólmur hvor vi havde overnattet 2 nætter gik ture videre til Þingvellir for se stedet for amerikanske og europæiske kontinenter skilles ad. Ind da stoppede vi på vejen for at se et lille fint vandfald Skuggafoss. I revnen som dannes af de to kontinenter vælter et meget flot vandfald som løber ud over det amerikanske kontinent. Målet for ture var at komme frem til Geysir hvor en var kilde springer op. Stedet har givet navn til fænomenet en geyser. Geysir springer ikke længere den stoppede efter et jordskælv omkring 2005. Nu er det Strokkur som springer. Stedet er hele dagen stedet fyldt med turister, det er umuligt at få et godt billede uden mennesker. Så næste morgen var jeg oppe kl. 6 for at se solopgang og springende vand. Næste turistmål var Gullfoss, ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 26th 2018

I had been to Iceland before in late spring, but I really want to see the country in winter time. Mainly to see the Northern Lights, but also because I really enjoy the cold weather and because it has been quite a while since I have seen proper snow. I decided to fly out on New Years Day since I found some pretty cheap tickets and I went for 4 days in total. When I arrived in Reykjavik in the late afternoon it was already getting dark. I walked to the hostel from the bus station when it started snowing. I felt like a little kid again walking around the snow catching snow flakes. My hostel was right in the city center. After dropping off my bag in the room I went out to the Big ... read more
not much to see here
ready to go see some whales or not

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Keflavik August 21st 2018

After the crowds of the Golden Circle we were looking for a place where crowds wouldn't be. Our plan had been to go back to Reykjavik because it is the capital city and we hadn't had much of a look around. Or we could have a look at Akranes, another place that looked good that we had skipped in our run from the rain on our first visit to Reykjavik. Unfortunately, Reykjavik has just one camping area, Reykjavik Camping, and it is large, capacity 900, full of people who have been travelling for a couple of weeks or are just setting up. Similar minimal amenities to most camping areas. Crowds at attractions are one thing, waiting for a shower in a long queue, that is another. We decided to see how Akranes was going. Akranes is ... read more
From Akranes campground
At Sangerdi Harbour
Harbour at Keflavik

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 11th 2018

A lazy start to the day, although I did have to pack my bags as I was moving to a new hotel day. i went down for breakfast at 9:00am and enjoyed the fact that I didn't need to rush today. After breakfast I finished my packing and headed down to check out at 11:15, as I needed to get to the #10 bus stop by 11:30 for my transfer to the Blue Lagoon. Today the weather has turned cold and there is the Icelandic mist - not quite rain but you still get wet! I waited for a while at the bus stop and eventually the bus arrived. This bus just transported us to the main bus station, where we then had to get the bus to the Blue Lagoon. I arrived at the Blue ... read more
Duck face silica mask
Cheers to living the high life!
Me thinking I could walk for 30 minutes in this!

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 10th 2018

Up earlier this morning as tour starts at 8am, so I was downstairs for breakfast at 7. Today's tour will have a lot my traveling time, as we cover a fair distance heading down the south coast. Our first destination was Reynisfjara, the Black Sand beach. At either end of the beach are the enormous basalt stacks. According to local Icelandic folklore, these columns were once trolls trying to pull ships from the ocean to shore, however they were dim and went out too late in the night so when dawn broke on the horizon they were turned into solid stone. So mesmerizing are these features, they were featured in Game of Thrones; they are in some of the scenes 'North of the Wall'. The sea stacks are home to thousands of nesting seabirds, including the ... read more
Amazing rock formations created by nature
Reynisfjara - black sand beach
The Trolls!

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík August 9th 2018

7pm wake up. Breakfast downstairs (porridge juice fruit) 9am pick up for tour, drive around the city picking up others. Only a small group - 16 people. Our first stop was Pingvellir (Thingvellir) National Park - this is where the tetonic plates of Europe and America are visible and you can stand with one foot in each continent! Absolutely stunning landscape and I will let the photos do the talking. Of course I did manage to shimmy into a crevice and can now say I was in two continents at the same time! This is also where the largest freshwater lake in Europe is - Thingvallavatn Lake. It is 83 square kms and 114 m deep. You can also dive here along the split between the 2 continents. Our next stop was in the Geyser Hot ... read more
One foot on Europe, one foot on America
Geyser in full explosion mode

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