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April 27th 2022
Published: April 28th 2022
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I’m told the family was relishing the chance to have a morning where sergeant major mother wasn’t shouting orders for a 7.00 departure. Dunno why. But I thought 9.00 was far more reasonable and the lure of a horse ride proved adequate incentive for the youngest to rise herself from slumber/watching TV.

This morning’s car ride also had the benefit of several viewings of new development areas around Reykjavik and accompanying soundtrack of expletives before we arrived at Ishestar, Is for Iceland and hestar apparently meaning horse. But Eloise’s first stop was a very friendly and sleepy cat. The main event was not far off and we met our transport for the next few hours - Smurf for Beeb, Flossy for Eloise, Herman for me and Skiona for Geoff.

We were initially in a large group of walkers, mostly beginners who had never ridden before, but they split us based on our preference for speed…as if I ever really had a choice!! So, off we tolted, wishing I’d packed my extra supportive sports bra and thanking the Norse gods these were sturdy beasts. Through lava fields to the river, where we posed for photos and spent some time bonding with the horses as we all took a break and they had a drink, a snack and a scratch.

We headed back - Herman had a strong opinion on where he would like to go in line, and the angle of approach, and Smurf was quite opinionated on what speed and which direction he would go. But we loved spending time with the horses - much more affectionate and ‘dog-like’ than other horses we’ve experienced. They even do upside down - Hound would be proud! We got more of a chance to spend time with them in the yard afterwards and some were quite protective and jealous of their newly-found attention.

Back to Reykjavik for a famous hotdog and a wander around the centre of town for some souvenir shopping. We really enjoyed the relaxed pace and very pedestrian-friendly environment, and had a lovely stroll before having a rest and heading for dinner. Special last night dinner before another early morning flight to Copenhagen.

All went smoothly with the ridiculously early wake up and we arrived in Denmark without drama. Found our way on the metro to a very top floor (read: lots of stairs for daddy to carry all the bags up) apartment. A bit of a freshen up before heading to a canal cruise to check out the main highlights, the biggest of which has turned out to be a duck family with 13 ducklings. Prince Christian be damned.

An enjoyable hour cruising round the canals and harbour of Copenhagen before a grocery run and dinner/wine back at our very cute apartment and bed!

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