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Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Keflavik May 4th 2015

Heräsin aamuyöstä ja kun en saanut unta, niin päätin lähteä kuuden jälkeen uimaan 20 kilometrin päähän Borgarnesin uimahalliin. Yöllä oli ollut pakkasta ja ikkunat olivat jäässä. Käänsin auton niin että aurinko paistoi etuikkunaan ja se ehti sulaa suureksi osaksi sillä aikaa, kun söin pienen pikaisen aamupalan. Pääsin nyt samalla hinnalla kuntosalillekin yläkertaan. Kävin varovasti muutamassa laitteessa ja sitten uimalassa. Ulkona oli vielä pikkuisen pakkasta, kun kävelin lämpimiin altaisiin ja uin hiukan varsinaisessakin altaassa. Aamupalalla oli ryhmä virolaisia ja pari nuorta miestä Singaporesta. Ajettiin suoraan Reykjavikiin, tällä kertaa suorinta reittiä, johon kuului 6 kilometrin maksullinen tunneli, joka meni lahden ali. Ensimmäinen pysähdys oli Korputorg-nimisessä ostoskeskuksessa. Koitin yhtä poolopaitaa, mutta kaulus oli liian tiukka. Hal... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest April 30th 2015

Ohjelmassa oli majapaikan vaihto. Hotellissa oltiin klo 12 asti. Käytiin ensin kävelemässä lähiseudulla, josta löytyi mäki. Sitten autolla ensin uimahallia katsomaan ja ostoskeskukseen. Sitten ydinkeskustaan, josta oli varattuna huoneisto kolmannesta kerroksesta - ei hissiä. Kävin katsomassa mäen päällä olevaa kirkkoa ja musiikkitalo Harpaa. Illalla käytiin syömässä. Otin lammasta, kaveri valasta.... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Selfoss April 28th 2015

Oli poutapäivä. Tuuli edelleen kovasti. Suuntasimme pohjoiseen. Kävimme katsomassa Geysirin alueen ja sitten sen vieressä Gulfossin komeilla putouksilla. Palasimme Selfossiin ja kävimme lounaalla samassa paikassa kuin eilen. Jatkoimme Hvolsvöllurin ohi itään pikkutielle, josta näkyi hyvin jäätikölle. Sielläkin kävimme katsomassa putousta. Ajoimme lopuksi hotelliin Skogafossin lähelle.... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Selfoss April 27th 2015

Meidän piti alun perin lähteä kiertämään Islanti myötäpäivään. Mutta koska sää on selvästi keskimääräistä kylmempää ja pohjoisessa tulee lunta, niin muutimme suunnitelmia. Peruimme kaikki majoitusvaraukset. Saimme auton jossa oli nastarenkaat. Ajoimme ensin Reykjavikiin, lisäsimme renkaisiin ilmaa, koska autossa paloi varoitusvalo. Jorma luki karttaa. Ajoimme Reykjavikin keskustaan, pysäköimme auton kirkon viereen. Kävimme kävelyllä keskustassa. Siellä oli paikalliset vanhojen päivät. Ajoimme Selfossiin. Pysähdyimme näköalapaikalle, kun saavuimme ylängöltä laaksoon. Tuuli oli kova. Selfossissa kävimme pankissa ja syömässä. Toisessa paikassa oli wifi, ja tutkimme majoituksia. Päädyimme majataloon, joka sijaitsi 10 km Selfossista itään. Houkuttelee mennä katsomaan jäätiköitä, mutta ei kiinnosta mennä seudulle, jossa tuulee 20 m/s.... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík April 4th 2015

Today is my last in Reykjavik for a few days as I'm flying up to the north of the country to a base in Akureyri, Iceland's second largest town. With bags sorted into 'to stay' and 'to go' I leave my large bag in the hands of Reykjavik Downtown Hostel's capable reception staff and head off for a few hours mooching on my way to the airport. I've decided to walk there via a few geocaches and hopefully a perusal of the Settlement Exhibition that's so far been closed for the duration of the religious holiday that is now known as annoyingly disruptive Easter! When I get to the exhibition entrance it's not looking too hopeful, but I push on the door and find that it IS open after all. I walk down the spiral staircase ... read more
The remains of a long house at the Settlement Exhibition
Ghostly figure capturing an auk or puffin at the Settlement Exhibition
Fantastic touch screen table at the Settlement Exhibition

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík April 3rd 2015

I have another free day before I fly off to Akureyri in the north of Iceland so I have a leisurely start to the day with a lovely porridge and raisin breakfast and a bit of a catch up on my blog. I realise I'm not going to be able to keep up with it all this holiday as there's just so much interesting stuff to do so I decide to do dribs and drabs and leave the rest until I get home. My trusty note book is always with me. I wonder if I sometimes make the tour guides nervous thinking I'm a 'mystery shopper'. On a coffee tour in Costa Rica someone actually asked me if I was a reporter because of my note book! No, I just have a really terrible memory and ... read more
Humpback whale and friends!
Humpback whale
Blue whale - biggest of them all!

Europe » Iceland » Southwest April 2nd 2015

We're gonna go 2-for-1 here cause I've been slacking, I apologize. Lots of travel and activity in the last 48 hours and the only free time if had is to sleep until now! We'll start with yesterday... My last day in beautiful Iceland 😢 I took the morning to sleep in after the late northern lights night, and then wander quickly into town to buy some post cards, yay! However I'm not sending very many only because the stamp costs 2x as much as the post card itself, aha! And then I almost died as a huge chunk of ice slipped off a roof RIGHT in front of me. The guy who slammed on his brakes to avoid it exchanged terrified glances with me! After that, I booked it back to the hostel for some lunch ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík April 2nd 2015

After two busy days touring punctuated by a very late night northern lights hunt I reward myself with a massive lie in! Well that's the plan but I find myself woken up early by a little ginger cat walking around my head! He's found his way into our dorm room via an open window - no wonder I'd been cold - open windows with minus temperatures outside - are you insane! He spends the next 10 minutes checking out everyone's luggage, playing with me and jumping up on all the beds. No-one else wakes up and I even get a couple of photos of him before he decides to head off outside again and try to find some food elsewhere. So back to sleep and my promised lie in. I let everyone else get up and ... read more
Solfar 'Sun Voyager' Sculpture
Sculpture park

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Mosfellsbaer April 1st 2015

Soooooo... Yesterday was like the coolest day ever (Both experience wise and temperature wise, aha)! I was originally planning on another lazy day before my northern lights tour at night but decided against it after reading of mount Esja. Just 20km North east of Rekjavik, this is the most prominent mountain on the coastline that has paths maintained by the city that are followed by thousands of hikers each year. Both getting there and getting up was a challenge! It was such a beautiful day so insider mind walked a but to the bus stop around the corner and up the road. From there I caught the 15 towards Mosfellsbær where I thought I would transfer soon to the 57. Turns out it only comes every hour and I had just missed it :( So to ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest March 31st 2015

Yesterday was another excursion day for me...but first I had some time to kill so I walked in a different direction up some paths and was once again, without a doubt, rewarded with an incredible view. Just when you think there can't possibly be anything around the next corner, a perfect peak proves you wrong! But anyways, this time I opted for the Icelandic Horseback riding tour which turned out to be an pretty darn good choice. Not only was it a heck of a workout - I've never really ridden a horse before and they things go damn fast when they wanna catch up to the rest of the group, lol - but the views that we got were unlike any other! We wound our way up the side of a mountain which was plopped ... read more
Pony Selfie

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