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May 2nd 2019
Published: May 3rd 2019
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Let me tell you about my wonderful trip to this mysterious and iconic place. As you may probably know, Iceland has a great number of natural attractions and rich cultural importance for the world. Personally, since I was very young, I have been very fond of visiting exciting places and meeting new people. So I thought to myself, why not exploring Iceland when I have my chance to do so?

I have decided to travel to Iceland last September when the weather in Europe was still nice and warm but not too cold. The first thing that I immediately noticed was how busy the airport was. KEF International Airport is Iceland's most important gateway for business and, of course, for the always growing tourism industry. There is only one terminal that receives passengers from all over the world. However, it may seem a bit small during peak season but there is a great selection of shops, restaurants and cafés that will help you pass the time. You could get to Iceland from Europe and North America on any of the hundred flights available daily. There are also different car rental companies if you like to create your own adventure. Another alternative will be to arrange a tour with talented local guides for that special close Icelandic approach. Have any questions, go to the information desk, located right at the arrivals wing.

My idea was initially to cover most of the country in less than 10 days as according to my online research, it was perfectly doable. Looking for advice on the web is pretty easy as there is plenty of information regarding routes, estimated costs, and lodging. Since I love to drive, I decided to rent a car to explore the island at my own pace. As I was leaving on my shiny rental, the weather seemed to be acting out as not so long ago, the sky was clear, no clouds whatsoever! Now, after a few kilometers, the rain poured down for almost the entire trip to Thingvellir National Park where I was headed.

Don't get me wrong, I love nature and those unexpected turns but, I thought that when the petrol station man told me that in Iceland you could experience all seasons on the same day, he was joking. Well, he wasn't, but isn't those things in life what brings us joy? It took me about an hour on Route 41 to reach my first stop. As I was arriving at the national park, I could see those incredible rock formations from a close distance. I have dreamt of seeing such remarkable spectacle for years. So I became more and more excited to get off the car in to begin walking and taking pictures. Don't worry, there is free parking lot at and toilets on site available to the public.

Thingvellir (or Þingvellir) National Park has a powerful importance to the country's history as it represents a sign of unity while the nation became independent. This place is so unique and so relevant to locals that its land may never be sold or rented to anyone. There is also a geographical side to this park that attracts experts and tourists from all over the world. Those massive structures you can see on the pictures have been laying on top of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a so called crack just between the Eurasian and the North American tectonic plates. This means that a long history of earthquakes and volcano eruptions have created a fantastical scenery that may be considered from out of this world, and you can find it here.

Are you a fan of hiking? I truly hope you are because this park has a few trails for those who love exploring and taking some pictures. My favorite one was Skógarkot due to its uncommon layout, which reminded me of a movie or maybe to a Game of Thrones episode. If you rented a bike during your stay, you could ride on some trails, if you are lucky you could ride a horse too. Sadly, I didn't get the chance to ride a horse then, but you should definitely give it a try. As I was returning to the visitor center, well, I don't really know how to explain that magnetic feeling you experience in this area but I true believe that you are going to love Thingvellir as much as I did!


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