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Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora October 6th 2007

after albania, we welcomed greece with open, loving arms! starting our exploration in corfu, we relaxed on the beautiful island for just over a week taking in the sights, beaches and fantastic food!.....from corfu, we toured the mainland enjoying the mountains, rivers and gorgeous, refreshing archeon springs. we drove to korinthos where we enjoyed perfect beachside camping....from there we took in the acropolis and spent a day enjoying the ruins! From Athens we decided it was time again for island hopping and started in paros, jumping over to santorini, naxos, mykonos, and samos. All this island touring was via large ferry..each port arrival felt like the normany invasion with hundred of honeymooners and backpackers running down the tail ramp of these massive boats. we found our favorite places were the lesser known areas of the islands. ... read more
from inside our hotel room...
walking through the springs...

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora September 30th 2007

Ok, to wrap up our Eurotrip, we ended up in Greece. To be quite honest, by this time I was a little tired of lugging my backpack around everywhere but the heat in Greece made it all worthwhile. I think I got sunstroke for like the the 12th time, but it's probably the after effects of boozing, partying and no sleep. Thank the gods for Gyros! First stop Athens. Freaking hot. Hot enough that my sweat glands become my primary means of survival. The Acropolis was lovely, and had great views. Historically, I can understand the significance of such structures, but there were moments when I questioned whether I was just staring at bits of rock. I am officially over pottery too. I can't believe people are facinated with bits of clay from yesteryears. Sure it's ... read more

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora September 24th 2007

I woke with a start. Where was I? What was going on? It was clear that I was still in my tiny sleeper car on a Greece-bound train, but there was no sound. The rhythmic clacking of the steel rails, the grating, high-pitched squeal of the big wheels, the low rumble of the diesel engine - They were all silent. A glance out my window revealed deep blue skies over a stunning, green countryside with a few farm buildings and a distant ridgeline. It really was a perfect view to wake up to, but it was unlikely that the engineer had stopped the train for us to see it. I looked up and down the tracks as best as I could from my window. There were no official looking structures and no station, just green. I ... read more
Another View of The Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapausas
In the Wilds of Meteora
A Closer View of Varlaam

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora August 8th 2007

It is time to head home. We were all a little down this morning. It has been such a great vacation that it is hard to think about heading back home. Daniel and I had five goals for our vacation and we easily met every one of them. First, we wanted to deepen our relationship with our niece, Rachel. Second, we wanted to guide Rachel through a life-changing experience that would provide her a newfound confidence to explore her own backyard and the entire world. Third, I wanted to learn more about Greek history and culture. Fourth, we wanted to have fun and relax. Finally, Daniel wanted a few more life birds. Mission accomplished! It seems the universe wasn’t ready to have us back home either. Our plane was delayed in Athens, which then made us ... read more

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora July 30th 2007

I spent 2 days wandering the streets of the Plaka and up to the Acropolis and took an excursion out to Delphi to see where the Oracle once stood to gabble her prophesies. Most people I know have indicated that Athens is a filthy city and doesnt have much going for it. I found the tourist area around the Plaka to be quite nice and 2 days is the right amount of time to spend. Although, I have to say the port at Pireaus is absolutely filthy - trash biled up all over the place - I took the train out here to check it out and get a ferry ticket - all that is here is the ferries. Seeing the old Acropolis and the ruins at Delphi was pretty amazing - and would have been ... read more
Acropolis columns
Stadium, Delphi
Church, Oia, Santorini

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora July 29th 2007

Here we are again on another ferry boat, 45 min drive from Athens and then 45 minutes on the ferry, again full of people going to the big island of Evia. We left the vehicle behind parked somewhere along the driveway. Staying at Papou and Yaya's house an apartment on the hill over a store a block from the sea, with a beautiful balcony looking out to the sea through the houses. How nice, with a nice view of the hills. (unfortunately here again they had a large fire just the day prior and one of the Canadian water planes went down hitting a pole and could not rise and 2 pilots were killed. Those darn fires. Oh I forgot to tell you, during the last 2 weeks the temperatures hit a whopping 43 to 44 ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora July 21st 2007

2 weeks in Greece Europe » Greece By saharanzJuly 21st 2007Athens Evia Andros Naxos Santorini Ios Milos Athens... read more

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora July 20th 2007

The ship and its 3400 passengers descended upon and overwhelmed the small Greek fishing village of Katakalon today. It was hard to believe that their quaint port full of modest fishing boats even had a place for the massive vessel to dock. I felt a little guilty taking over their town in this obnoxious, and I felt audacious way, but at the same time the whole town seemed to be about 30 shops supported entirely by tourist business. We walked along the beach and found the first signs of ocean life we’ve seen yet. We came across four fifths of a starfish, a dead eel, and many large jellyfish. This was exciting for us, after being 9 days at sea and close to concluding that the Mediterranean was incapable of supporting life. The reason to dock ... read more
in the Mediterranian
Port at Katakalon

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora July 19th 2007

So, finally some free time to send an update! So we ended our time in Spain with one more day in San Sebastian doing some hiking around the city, and then 2 days in Barcelona. We took our first night train from San Sebastian to Barcelona and I must say, it was surprisingly the best night's sleep we'd had in a long time. We were expecting to be sleeping in uncomfortable train chairs but lucky us we got actual beds. A luzury we hadn't had in almost a week because we'd been camping. So Barcelona was awesome. The architecture there is incredible. We went to La Sagrada Familia, the famous Gaudi temple and a few other well known Gaudi buildings. His work is very strange but also very cool. It kind of reminded me of ... read more

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora July 13th 2007

Greece (13th - 19th July, 2007) Visa requirements continue to be very strict! While in Greece it was a requirement to eat gyros, souvlaki, greek salad and greek yoghurt! What else can you do but follow the customs of the country you are in at the time?!! Athens We spent 2 days in Plaka in central Athens. The Acropolis just happened to be closed for those 2 days due to security staff striking. Just as well we were stopping briefly in Athens again before flying back to London. It was very hot in Athens. We did a great walking tour of Athens minus the Acropolis and enjoyed having a good laugh at all the 'whistle blowing' staff at the major monuments who blow their whistle when tourists get too close to monuments or appear as if ... read more
Temple of Zeus
Sipping our Ouzo while we watch the sunset from near the Acropolis

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