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Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora August 4th 2015

You have all seen the pictures, but how many of us can actually point exactly where is Meteora. Well, we are here right in the middle of Continental Greece....three hours driving from Thessaloniki, and few hours more from Athens. I was on my way from Delphi, trying to be in Kalampaka before sunset. I had just booked few days ago my hotel outside Kalampaka by going through Expedia and Tripadvisor comments. So I was on for the Meteora hotel. I just forgot to print an itinerary or address of my hotel that morning...well! I made it easily to Kalampaka, the main town bordering Meteora area. Interesting enough, for the last few kilometers, the landscape was simply boring...but where are those so wellknown monasteries? Kalampaka is a tourist town clearing fully into the tourism industry. I stopped ... read more
Roussanou Nunnery

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora April 17th 2015

Dr. Seuss said it best, " Oh, the places you will go." Today I went to a place I'd never heard of that has been in existence since the 9th Century A.D. It is Meteora, which means "suspended in the air." There are a series of monasteries perched atop pinnacles that rise 1,000 feet above the valley. The rocks sit between the Thessalian plain in the east and the Pindos mountains in the west. 30 million years ago the entire valley was under a lake. Earthquakes left the sandstone rocks which now form these strange peaks. In the 9 th century monks sought refuge from invaders( those pesky Turks) in the caves of Meteora. Since they believed that the higher up you got the closer to heaven you were these rocks/caves fit their needs. Well, we ... read more

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora March 19th 2014

two beautiful days in Kalampaka to visit the Meteora... read more
grecia 2014
grecia 2014
grecia 2014

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora October 17th 2013

October 17, 2013 After long debates as to where we should go and what we should see when we got to Greece, we ultimately went with recommendations from a couple of friends that used to live there and added Meteora to our itinerary...decided to do an organized tour due to our time constraints, so headed out early in the morning with an overnight excursion that would include Delphi, Thermopylae, overnight in Kalambaka and then visit a couple of the monasteries of Meteora in the morning...okay! Hooked up with the tour and headed out of town, first stop Delphi...considered to be the navel of the Earth by the ancient Greeks and home of the oracles, it is a beautiful site perched on the side of Mt. Parnassos...fantastic spot, spent some time with the guide from our tour ... read more
View from Ancient Delphi...
This is Sparta!

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora September 16th 2013

Perama to Meteora - Day 9 Monday 16th September The alarm woke me up at 7.30 but I refused to believe it was this time as it was dark and foggy, yes I said foggy, outside. So foggy, I couldn't see the huge looking mountains that I knew were directly behind our hotel. So I went back to bed and then heard an all too familiar sound that I also refused to believe - rain! And a lot of it. We set off to the Perama caves, and unlike most major tourist sites we have visited, they had a massive sign pointing to where they are. In fact the sign stretches over the street, with the words "Stop Cave". You can't miss it. There were three staff outside the cave who looked thoroughly miserable at our ... read more
Perama Caves

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora August 3rd 2013

Two months and eight countries later confusion is starting to set in - I'll thank someone in five different languages before finding the right one, my purse is full of change that is completely useless one day and fine the next. Shampoo has become body wash, clothes wash and ... oh yeah, shampoo :) I've learned that when you have access to a free loo you use it - wether you need to go or not! When you can't understand someone it always seems like they are yelling at you, but my miming skills are definitely improving. Brand new friends are instant best friends you feel like you've known for years - simply for the comfort. If it looks like chicken - it probably is. When meeting fellow Australians your use of profanity triples and you ... read more

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora July 2nd 2013

Meteora in central Greece on 30 June and 1 July 2013 sorry for sending 3 blogs today - this travelling business is a busy life and we so I end up with a back-log of blogs. We hope you are all well. This blog is the last for Greece - a beautiful and interesting country The Meteora Gardens Park was easy to find, driving from Delphi. It was well signed. The manager of the Park was really friendly and very helpful. The Park was a little run down and the manager said things were tough. The Park used to have a washing machine but they cannot afford to replace it. We could see that things were a little run down. We decided to have a meal at their restaurant as we had had a big day ... read more
Meteora central Greece (2)
Meteora central Greece (3)
Meteora central Greece (4)

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora May 31st 2013

The town of Delhpi is tucked around a corner on the mountainside and it was pointless waiting in bed to watch the sun stream in the hotel window as it was going to take a while to reach us.Down the valley though, the town of Kirra was sitting in full sun which encouraged us to get up and get the day underway. This morning we had another challenge while showering.We have got used to the hand held shower head(well as used to it as we are ever going to get)but this morning there was another surprise for us.Having got into the shower and getting ready to turn the shower on I suddenly realised that there was an open gap in the sliding shower door as one of the doors was missing.It was just as well I ... read more
Temple of Apollo
Temple of Apollo
The Stadium,Delphi

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora May 12th 2013

So here I am, on a bus heading from Greece to Turkey with Lindsay. Never thought this day would arrive when a year and a half ago we were dreaming up this adventure. My last blog, I had some rather large emotional few days and was feeling super low. Glad to say I'm over that slump and my passion and excitement for travel is back in full force!! I will say how awesome it is to travel with a friend! I love going alone and meeting new friends and putting myself out there, but there is something so great to be beside a friend who knows you and sharing the experiences. Also, while in Greece, I have hardly seen backpackers. So here is a tip, don't come here alone! Either you are old, on your honeymoon, ... read more

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora July 1st 2012

Wow! Today marks one month of travel. It's funny, though, once you get going you don't really think about time, and travelling becomes second nature. That being said, I only have 20 or so days left. I need to make the most of them. I feel like I definitely did that today. I caught a taxi over to the neighboring town of Kalambaka, which is larger by far than Kastraki, and has the bus and train depots, and more hotels, etc. But you don't really go here for the town. You go here for the great hiking trail that winds up through the rocks to the last two major monasteries at Meteora: Holy Trinity and St. Stephen. For me at least, this was far more intense than yesterday, and I thought at one point the trail ... read more
Kalambaka from Monopatia
Holy Trinity (Triada)
Scary Hook

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