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Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora April 13th 2007

Vale, let’s make our way to Greece, only a 16 hour ferry ride stands between us. Step one: Remove the bags from our backs Step two: Scout the boat for somewhere to sleep Step three: Buy liquor Step four: Get a little tipsy Luckily our ferry was still in off season, so we were able to put our bags down and grab a reclining seat that we did not pay for to sleep in. Onto step three… “Can we eat dinner first?” “Claro” Spinach, rice, and turkey contraption welcomed me to Greece. It was amazing even though I had to eat it slow because I was feeling a little sea sick. No pasa nada, Estuve Bien. After the meal, the on board casino wanted about five euros from me, so I gladly gave it to ... read more
Greece from the ferry
Enjoying the ferry ride
Temple of Apollo

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora April 1st 2007

We walked over the border and hitched a bus. The bus was heading for Ioannina, the largest hub in the area, so we had no choice but to go there. Once we arrived we sussed out the buses headed to our destination of Kalambaka and found one heading there at 3pm, 3 hours away. We set up temporary camp at a near-by restaurant where the waiter didn't speak English but did speak German. We get some food and wait. I soon grow tired of waiting and thought I might go for a wander to check out a castle that's apparently in the area. I check it out and head back. Ordinarily I would be impressed by this ancient walled old city jutting out into the lake with snow capped mountains looming above, but that day, I ... read more
Meteora 2
Me at Meteora
Some local gents playing Backgammon

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora March 30th 2007

An early morning ferry and no alarm clock meant i had to call on the "shake me 'till i'm awake" services of the athens backpackers staff. I was shaken at 5:30am and caught the ferry to Syros. I had found a cheap camping ground on the internet in the town of Galissas on the western side of the island. I ignored the spruikers waiting at the port and caught the bus to the other side of Syros. I found someone who spoke english and asked for directions to the camping ground. She informed me everything in the town was closed untill the summer. Being a Sunday the bus wouldn't be back for another 3 hours. I headed on down the road, not really knowing where I was going or what i would do when a ... read more
Galissas, Syros
Galissas, Syros

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora March 28th 2007

I'm writing this entry just a few hours before I get onto an airplane for that last stretch of travel which ends my trip. I'm in Greece and I've had an amazing day with my parents and some long-lost, newly-discovered cousins. I'm painfully missing Chelly and we'll have thousands more miles between us soon. In short, there is a lot going on inside me as I write this last live blog from the road. The trip to Greece was very different than any of the other country-visits I've had in the last six months. It was a family trip--for one thing--with Mom and Dad as companions, inspirations, and burdens. It was a world-shaking voyage into my ancestry. It was a vivid journey into the thoroughly-studied but never physically experienced world of my history books and ... read more
A memory of Ancient Falasarna
A memory of the Acropolis
A memory of the woman I love

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora March 3rd 2007

Okay so i forgot my digital camera in the rm, but il come back in the nxt couple of days to upload photos. Ive made it to the greek islands! Im up i the North Agean sea at an island called Hios. Its rather big and has some spectacular scenery and importantly its only 8kms from Turkey, which is handy for my final leg of my Europe adventure. Im really tired actually as i wirte this, i tryed to sleep last nite on the ship but didnt have much chance as we docked at 3.30am and of course nothing was open, including accom. So waited in the cold till 9am and fially got a bed. Slept for a little bit, but i figure im going to need to sleep tonite so il wait. Athens was great, ... read more

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora February 24th 2007

well ive made it to greece. Yesterday we spent over 24hrs travelling to Greece. We caught a train from Rome down to the port of Bari in the south of Italy and then the overnight ferry and another train and then bus down to Olympia. The travel was good though, we had deck passes on the ferry, which literally meant the deck!! So we meet 4 other backpackers and we all slept on couches on the decks below. Was good fun, i slept well. I think it was because me and i spanish guy i meant spent the nite having a few beers with the Greek bus drivers. I slept like a baby! So Olympia was great i just got back from there. Id say its probably the most peaceful place ive ever been to. It ... read more

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora January 1st 2007

Hello everyone, and happy new year! Mark and Lynne are off to their next adventure in Greece. We will be staying in Kalavrita and various cities in the Peloponesse region, and also will have several days in Athens. We're not sure when we'll have access to a computer for our first week of the 12-day trip, but we'll make sure to get you up to speed on our travels whenever we find internet access. Our flight today will take us to a short stopover in Amsterdam, and then we head to Athens. We will be brought to Kalavrita for the start of our festival. We're not exactly sure where we'll be and what we'll be doing in our first few days, but we're sure it will be fun. ... read more

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora November 30th 2006

It was a bit of a shock, landing in a country where the only place I know any letters of the alphabet from is from math class! To my luck, however, many Greek people speak very good English and most of the signs are also written in the 'normal' alphabet. I spent 3 days in Greece, where I couch surfed with a very cool, un-greek greek, named Kostas. The highlights of Athens were the Acropolis, the Olympic Stadium (from the first modern-day Olympics), and the National Guards in their funky suits with their funky little dance when they perform the changing of the guards. After Athens, I took the ferry over to the island of Aegina. I stayed in the small village of Aegina marina, which is all but deserted this time of year. For one ... read more
The Island of Aegina

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora November 5th 2006

I lost a large part of my pictures for this update quite unfortunately, but I manage to salvage some. Marc-Andre and I took the train to Kalampaka from Athens, the village close to the famous monasteries on pillars of Meteora early in the morning. It was an easy and painless 4 to 5 hours riding during which we saw some beautiful mountains and greek countryside scenery. We talked for most of the way about travel and history (Marc-Andre is a archeology major) and broke the monotony by eating some delicious sandwhiches (his was, I'm sure) we had lovingly prepared in the morning. After a bit of searching in the village, we got a heated guesthouse (it was shockingly cold up here) for a price that made me want to leave Greece as soon as possible. After ... read more
Thessaloniki's harbour
A small monastery on the pillar

Europe » Greece » Thessaly » Meteora October 6th 2006

We are leaving Greece. Our boat has departed. Leaving anywhere always makes me pensive, but Greece is different. I have learned so much, yet, there is so much more that I could know. Athens was wonderful. That last day was full of so much. We went to the Acropolis. Wow, a whole lot of stairs. Really the Parthenon is the main temple, and I have to admire all of the sciences, thoughts, etc… that go into it. However, I found that “The Old Temple” pulled to me more. The professors were lecturing how it was lost in the way of the Parthenon. Where the Parthenon is dedicated to Athena alone, the other collects the other gods together in the same building, sort of a hodgepodge of divine alters. The Parthenon is perfectly proportional and fits ... read more
looking down on Athens
the Old Temple
the ladies on the Old Temple

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