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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Lindos August 15th 2018

A long Eid break and I was certainly not going to spend a single day in hot Kuwait. I packed my bags and planned a trip to two places in Turkey and 2 places in Greece which became a delightful three. Here is a story of my Mediterranean summer trip. The pre booked taxi was late and it was my good fortune because I hailed a taxi at half the cost! I took Pegasus flight to Istanbul. I got out and took a visa on arrival; an air-conditioned Havas bus to Taksim and voila! I was in the trendy European side of Istanbul. The free walking tour started at Hippodrome, covering Hagia Sofia (church turned mosque turned museum), an Egyptian oblique transported by Constantine from Egypt, a fountain donated by German king, Topkapi Sarayi (the palace ... read more
Fountain donated by the Germans
Underground cistern
Map of Meditarranean region

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Lindos September 25th 2016

Gün 04 günlerden Pazar : Stegna'ya biraz erken varmışız... temizliğin tamamlanmasını beklerken, millet denizi denedi . Bugün Stegna denizi felaket …önce kirli sonra hafif dalgalı .. Kızlar çıkmakta zorlanıyor .. Öğlen zili çalınca lokantaya kurulduk .. Bu arada Stegna sahipleri ve ahçıbaşı sökün etti ..sarıldık sarmalandık ..yemek hizmet kalitesinde gözle görülür bir hız sağlandı.. Müthiş yemekler ısmarladık . Bugün Rodos ta son günümüz giderek açılıyoruz.. Öğleden sonra Stegna’da hiç rastlamadığım bir kalabalığa tanık oluyorum.. Anladığım kadarı ile Kozas bayağı ünlenmiş.... artık gelecek gelişlerde, yeni yerler bulmak şart oldu galiba .. Son derece ,neşeli yemekten sonra ,otele dönmenin zamanı geldi. Bu akşam yeme... read more
açız yine

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Lindos September 25th 2016

Geo: 36.091, 28.0857 Gün 04 günlerden Pazar: Bu sabah kahvaltıyı yolda yapacağımız için dinlenme zamanı bulduk Saat 9:00 da, adanın güneyini takiben Lindos 'a doğru yollandık .. Yolun bir kısmında, La Cantena diye bir yere vardık . Burası her Lindos ‘a gittiğimizde ziyaret ettiğimiz kahvaltı yerimiz. Manzarası müthiş bir yer. Sahibi Vasilya, bizi hemen tanıdı . Bacaklarından zoru olduğu için servisi biz yapıyoruz.. Kocasının ölümünden sonra ekmek teknesini tek başına haydamaya çalışıyor .. Yumurtalarımız söylendi . Soğanlı ve soğansız içtihadında bir karışıklık oldu, ama iş ,kısa sürede tatlıya bağlandı Artık müzik tesisatımız da, sabah kahvaltısı ambiyansına yardım ediyor . Son derece country side bir kahvaltı ol... read more
Que Lindos ?
Lindos önü

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Lindos August 23rd 2016

Yesterday was a bit tiring, so we sleep in. Issy decides that we need some exercise, and that we should walk to Lindos which is about two kilometres from the hotel. If yesterday was anything to go by I think that Issy's heart would get more exercise if we drove. It is very hot. The only way from the hotel to Lindos is along the main coast road. It is busy, and there are no footpaths. We start walking on the narrow strip of road between the edge of the traffic lane and the crash barrier. There are lots of buses on the road, and they don't seem all that keen on sharing the bitumen with us. After a while Issy decides that this is too dangerous so we swap to the other side of the ... read more
Lindos Beach, Rhodes
Lindos village and Acropolis, Rhodes
Lindos village and Acropolis, Rhodes

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Lindos August 22nd 2016

We get up early. The hotel is full, but we are just about the only people at breakfast. It seems that the very posh people who are staying here either aren't into breakfast, or don't mind forking out for room service. A very fit looking middle aged German lady is doing laps of the pool next to where we are sitting. I wonder if she is trying to make us feel guilty. We have booked a taxi to take us in to Rhodes Town. It is good to see the road in daylight. It is also good to see it when we don't have our hearts in our mouths because our taxi driver is a lunatic. We have booked a half day walking tour of Rhodes Town. We meet our contact at a fountain in the ... read more
View from our hotel room, Lindos, Rhodes
Friend in Rhodes Old Town square
Church icons, Rhodes Old Town

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Lindos August 21st 2016

Issy has been reading the blog. She asks me if I am going to write that I slept in. I remind her of author's prerogative. We sleep in. We go to reception to find out when we are going to be moved into our downgraded room. They tell us that it is ready now. It is only slightly smaller than the suite, and the only other noticeable difference is that it has a chair instead of a couch. It is however higher on the hill, and has a better balcony and view. Issy likes it. I think that I may have narrowly escaped divorce yet again. I ask Issy if she notices any differences between our downgraded room and the suite. She says that the toilet door opens outwards instead of inwards. I hope that this ... read more
Beach at our hotel, Lindos, Rhodes
View from our hotel room, Lindos, Rhodes
Rooms with private pools, Lindos, Rhodes

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Lindos August 20th 2016

Issy hasn't slept well. She says that she was kept awake by the noise of the lift doors. The lift doors are certainly very annoying. They have been opening and closing all night every night we have been here, even when there is no one around pressing any of the buttons. We have been trying to get around this by sending the lift back to the ground floor just before we go to sleep. This works for a while until someone else on our floor comes back to their room. It seems that someone on our floor is always the last person in the hotel to come back to their room. Issy says that if the next hotel has bad wifi, no bar fridge, and a noisy lift, she will be divorcing me. I wonder where ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Lindos October 21st 2014

LINDOS, RHODES, 21.10.14. Beautiful weather. Today we took the public bus to Lindos, the most historic site on Rhodes. It is renown for its Acropolis built to honour the Goddess Athenia. Built BC., it is largely in ruins, however a few columns have been reconstructed to evidence the structures that stood there over 2000 years ago. It is also said to have the best islands' view, clearly a subjective opinion of the guide book author, although it was exceptionally scenic. Pleased we took the bus rather than hired a vehicle, as the distance wasn't long, although it took 90 minutes, the road was narrow, and at times even narrower due to the haphazard nature of the vehicle parking. The route showed very barren land, a few olive plantations, goats and some mediocre construction. Lindos is also ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Lindos September 20th 2013

The island of Rhodes is very different from the ones we passed and the one we visited, Santorini. Water is abundant here and new town of Rhodes is tree lined and shady while the Old City is not particularly. After a minor snafu, we hook up with our guide Anna who was born here and still lives here. There are nine of us, a very manageable group and we head by bus to the Acropolis. These areas of worship were built on the top of the highest hill near the town as in Athens and here the temple has been left in a state of ruin. Current archeology is concentrating on the pre-historic era and discovering sites where pottery, artifacts and remnants of daily living can be found. We stop for a photo op. Our ship ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Rhodes » Lindos May 17th 2013

In order to provide some additional time in this fascinating land we back track to Ashdod, the port developed to relieve the congestion of Tel Aviv. This gives us an opportunity to see Caesarea, the Roman port city developed by Herod and named after Caesar to facilitate the Mediterranean trade. With an ongoing archaeology dig this is a National Park. Included in the excavations are The Theater, Promontory Palace, Herodian Amphitheater, Bathhouse Complex, ancient outdoor running water toilets, Fortified Medieval City, The Harbour, The Statues Square, the Hippodrome (circus) and the Roman Wall. Movies at the beginning and end of the tour recount the 3000 years of history involved. A windshield tour of our guide’s home city Tel Aviv reveals a vibrant cosmopolitan environment without the marked religiosity of Jerusalem. Our guide reports the expression: while ... read more

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