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August 20th 2016
Published: June 10th 2017
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Issy hasn't slept well. She says that she was kept awake by the noise of the lift doors. The lift doors are certainly very annoying. They have been opening and closing all night every night we have been here, even when there is no one around pressing any of the buttons. We have been trying to get around this by sending the lift back to the ground floor just before we go to sleep. This works for a while until someone else on our floor comes back to their room. It seems that someone on our floor is always the last person in the hotel to come back to their room. Issy says that if the next hotel has bad wifi, no bar fridge, and a noisy lift, she will be divorcing me. I wonder where I will live.

On the way to the airport we pass a large camping ground behind the beach packed with caravans and tents all nestled in amongst big gum trees. The whole of Corsica feels a bit like summer on the Mornington Peninsula. Issy says that it feels like a throwback to the 80's. The only real differences between here and the Mornington Peninsula are that everyone speaks French, the weather is more reliable, the food is much better, there is a stunning mountain backdrop, and the water is warmer. Now that I've taken all this into account I decide that Corsica isn't really all that similar to the Mornington Peninsula. We've been noticing that just about all the tourists here seem to be French, and the only people who aren't French are from somewhere else in Europe. It seems that Corsica remains undiscovered by the tourist hordes from America and Asia. I wonder why this is. I think that maybe it isn't that it hasn't been discovered. I think that they don't come here because there aren't any large luxury hotels. I wonder if the lack of luxury hotels is a deliberate ploy to keep Corsica the way it is. If so, I think that this is a very good ploy.

We check in at the airport. The lady who checks us in says that we have to pay for our luggage but we tell her that the cost is included in our fare. She tells us that we need to show her documentation to prove this. We tell her that we only have our paper tickets, which we have already given her. She proceeds to spend twenty minutes on her computer investigating every last detail of our tickets. The people in the queue behind us are getting very restless. She then tells us that we don't have to pay for our luggage. We are very nervous about whether we will ever see our luggage again. Today it has the option of deciding that it would prefer to stay in either Geneva or Athens, rather the going with us to Rhodes.

We land in Geneva. It is cool and wet. There are signs giving us the option to go to either Gate F in the French Sector, or to Gates A, B, C and D in the Swiss Sector. We don't know what this means. It seems that the Swiss Sector has four times as many gates as the French Sector so we decide to play the odds and go there. We have lunch at a cafe in the airport. We had read somewhere that Geneva is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. This is very believable if the prices on the menu are anything to go by. We can get a chicken club sandwich if we're prepared to fork out nearly 40 Australian dollars.

We fly on to Athens, and then on to Rhodes. It is after 11pm when we arrive. I hold my breath while I wait for our luggage to appear. We expected Rhodes airport to be very small, and that we would have it to ourselves at this time of night. Instead it is crawling with people, and there are at least a hundred buses parked outside waiting to pick people up. Our taxi driver is a 60 year old Greek woman who tells us that she is proud to be one of only ten female taxi drivers in Rhodes. It is quite a long drive to our hotel. She drives like a lunatic. We think that it is better if we just close our eyes. I am sure that very soon there will only be nine female taxi drivers in Rhodes. There may be few less passengers as well.

We arrive at our hotel. We have booked a double room, but for tonight only they have no double rooms available. They tell us that they will put us in a suite tonight, and then transfer us to a double room tomorrow. There is a bar fridge in the room, the wifi works and there are no lifts close to the room. I ask Issy if I have avoided divorce. She says that I haven't. She says that teasing her with a suite for one night and then making her downgrade to a double room is also a divorceable offence.


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