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Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Epidaurus September 22nd 2022

22 EYLÜL 2022 PERŞEMBE Sabah kahvaltıya yine son anda yetiştik. Otelle vedalaşıp yola çıktık Bugünkü programda Epidaurus var Isthmya nın içine girmeden ,hafif kaybolarak ,ama ana yolu mutlu sonla bulduk … Bir süre gittikten sonra bir kahve içmek için deniz kenarında Loutra diye bir yerde Billy adlı bir kafeye çöktük… Şehrin dinozorlarının buluşma yeri burası … masadan masaya yüksek sesli tartışmalar yaşanıyor .. Sveta’ya Gürkan la masum konuşmamızdan sonra bu durum tam isabet oluyor .. Görsün bakalım neymiş Yunanlılar … Billy büyük olasılıkla İngiliz gelmiş buraya yerleşmiş … çok seviliyor . Yer de çok hoş,asude Düşünüyorum herif güzel yer bulmuş diyorum .. işleri de tıkırında … Loutra’dan sonra gelen Yeni Epidaurustan sonra eski Epidaurus ... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Epidaurus June 20th 2022

We are on the road baby! But I can't seem to upload pictures at this time so I'll give you a stop by stop recap. I will pay more pics as I'm able. After catching our bus in Athens we initially stopped and saw the Corinth Canal, a human-made structure which connects the Aegean and Ionion sea. It looks exactly like a scene from the old Jason and the Argonauts film. Very cool. Then on to Epidaurus, a world famous theater that sits next to a very old hospital. We could test out the theater acoustics - you really can speak normally at the bottom and have it heard way up at the top. It makes you feel a part of the entire theater scene from so long ago. Speaking of so long ago, our tour ... read more
at Nauplia
stadium at Epidaurus

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Epidaurus July 26th 2019

Hi Folks, No I'm not on my bike! Karen and I are taking a cruise on the Windstar lines through the Greek Isles. I've had a few people ask if I would consider blogging on this trip even though, it isn't one of my bike trips. Some of the readers were interested in both the cruise aspect of the trip as well as, how well we liked the Greek Isles and Dubrovnik, Croatia. These blogs will focus on information and education regarding our cruise and what to expect or look out for, rather than the spontaneity of my bike blogs. Info piece #1 BOOK EARLY. Karen and I have only been on one cruise before (River cruise on the Danube between Germany and Hungary), which for the cruise ship enthusiasts out there- doesn't even qualify as ... read more
The picture of the trip - lunch shot of a Blue Dommed Church in Oia on the island of Santorini
The Parthenon in Athens
The iron Throne from G.O.T. on the island across the bay from our hotel

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Epidaurus June 9th 2019

Only one panoramic photo this time so don't wait for it to change. Also, there are more photos below the text if you want to skip the diary details; and if you double click on any of the photos you will get an enlarged, clearer image. You can return to the text anytime. Friday 7 June: the first big expedition, to the Northern Peloponnese to look at the great theatre at Epidaurus and Mycenae, home of Agamemnon of Iliad fame. Initially the drive was easy as we zoomed north 120kms / 75 miles up the brand new motorway from Kalamata to the turn-off for Epidaurus. The motorway had slightly more traffic than on our previous experience, coming back from Sparti, but it was still quite normal to see for 1 or 2 miles ahead completely traffic ... read more
Theatre at Epidaurus
A thesp's view of the audience, up there in the VIP seats
The VIP audience up in Row 35

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Epidaurus May 10th 2017

We feel as if we are half way through our holiday . I don't actually think we are. Our Greek clocks feel as if they going on a go slow. We are seeing so much of the country that time should fly by. It doesn't. Each day is a real joy and we keep feeling it cannot carry on this way forever. At some point we must get fed up. At some point we must feel like coming home. It doesn't seem to be happening. We are enjoying every moment. The sun continues to shine on us. The nights are hot. Everything is just wonderful. We keep thinking things have got to go downhill at some point. Downhill though is a misnomer if ever there was one, Downhill does not apply here. Every archaelogical site requires ... read more
The theatre at Epidaurus
It's a long way up for a pensioner

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Epidaurus May 16th 2016

Sadly, I didn't manage to fit in another gelato before leaving Nafplio. We left bright and early to visit Epidaurus, the headquarters of the cult of Asklepios, the god of healing. There was quite a large complex of buildings: besides the one devoted to healing there was a two-storey hotel, a beautiful theatre and several temples so you could worship the god of your choice while you were away from home. We paid a brief visit to the site of ancient Corinth - surprisingly far from the sea, given that it was perhaps the most important port city in ancient Greece. Then a brief flight to Santorini, where we're staying in a very deluxe hotel. There's a strong Italian influence here - as the common name of the island suggests. It also shows up in the ... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Epidaurus July 29th 2015

Dag 5 Epidaurus - Russian Bay Na een onrustige nacht met diverse bezoeken van onze aangeschoten buurjongen van 14 jaar! die klaarblijkelijk op zoek was naar 1 of meerdere van onze jongedames staan we om 7.30u(geen typefout! Gewoon echt vroeg) met nog 7 andere personen uit onze flottielje klaar om in 4 taxi's naar het beroemde amfitheater te worden gebracht. Door de meerderheid van de groep 'de stenen' genoemd. Doordat we zo vroeg op pad waren was het nog redelijk koel en rustig. Het theater is nog in zeer goede staat en zeker interessant om de goede akoestiek te ervaren.Ook de resten er omheen en het museum waren interessant om te bekijken. Eind 9.00u had iedereen wel zo'n beetje genoeg gezien en aangezien de zon ook al behoorlijk door kwam, besloten we in de gereed staande ... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Epidaurus March 22nd 2014

Corinthus, Epidaurus and Mycene... read more
grecia 2014
grecia 2014
grecia 2014

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Epidaurus June 27th 2013

Ancient Corinth, Epidavros and Mycenae, Peloponnese Peninsula 26 to 27 June 2013 After leaving Athens (Athena) at about 3.30pm after our fridge was working well, we headed for Korinthos which is the start of the Peloponnese Peninsula which boasts a wealth of ancient and medieval ruins, from the Bronze Age Mycenae to the Bazantine town of Mystras. The next few days was going to be spent seeing were many, many people “have walked before”. Our 1st stop was Ancient Corinth, however the gates were closed at 3.00pm and it was 4.30. Even though it’s summer here and the archaeological sites are said to be open to 6.00 or 7.00pm, we have found they are all closed by 3.00pm. Is this the effects of the GFC? We have seen evidence of abandoned unfinished buildings, camping sites with ... read more
Theatre at Ancient Corinth (19)
Olives, Feta & Tomato with wine at Lefka Beach
Sunset at Lefka Beach near Nafplio (2)

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Epidaurus October 3rd 2011

Epidaurus is host to one of Greece’s most prestigious ancient theatres, which happens to be in an area designated for healing (apparently music and the arts were known for healing in antiquity as well…) This renowned theater was carved into the naturally occurring limestone deposits on a mountainside in Epidaurus. The theater is designed so that acoustically sound could travel through the theater so that anyone in any seat could hear sound from the stage. (It works too; one of the girls from our group sang (without a microphone) and I was able to hear her from the very top row of the theater!) These guys were knowledgeable in the realm of physics without actually knowing why things work the way they did! Visiting Mycenae was an interesting experience on its own. Of the ruins left ... read more

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