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Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion » Anissaras December 9th 2012

Souvlaki, tzatziki, moussaka and ouzo are all obvious reasons to spend time in Greece. The other main drawcard to Greece (in favour of the close runner-up, Italy) were the "Crisis Prices" - a term not coined by us, but by an inordinate amount of souvenir shops in all of Greece's tourist meccas, normally to advertise their sales. Along with the amazing food, we were also excited to explore the pristine beaches and ancient ruins - all on a remarkably small budget. We also managed to time our trip during the perfect overlap of "end of tourist season" (i.e. reduced crowds and even further reduced accommodation prices) with unseasonably warm weather. Most locals we spoke to commented that the weather wasn't normally this sunny and warm at this time of year (October) so we were very lucky ... read more
My new BFF
Team Tripod go Quadbiking!
Ahoy down there!

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion September 16th 2012

Geo: 35.3279, 25.1434 GÜN 04 PAZAR: Sabah erken uyandım ve kardeşim Turhan'ı bularak yakın bir kahveye kahvaltı etmeye gittik . Bu arada Heraklion'da kendimize kalacak yer arıyoruz. İlke olarak, kalacağımız yerleri, yerinde seçmeye karar verdiğimiz için, böyle bir yolu izliyoruz. Dün gece, Girit'e geç saate varacağımızı bildiğimiz için ,ne olur ne olmaz diye bir otelde yer ayırtmıştık. Şimdi bulduğumuz bu otel,Heraklion yakınında deniz kıyısı.... Kızları toplayıp yola çıktık ve kısa sürede Heraklion'a vardık Otelimiz Acti Coralli deniz kıyısında, Plaj üstünde.... dilerseniz havuzu bilem var... Odalar henüz hazır dediler ,biz de şehri keşfe gittik. Limanda, bir Venedik kalesi var .. Bir kaç yeri Osman... read more
Knossos plan
Knossos harabeleri

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion July 8th 2012

You always reach a point where you're just done with a country, like you've wrapped it all up and are ready to move on. Today that best explains how I've felt about Greece for a couple of days now. Yes, I enjoy the new places and sites, but I'm sick of classical architecture and ruined palaces. I need pyramids and the tombs of pharaohs now! And if I have to eat another moussaka I might throw up. I need to go to Egypt! That being said, today was a nice, basic day, travelling around my last few sites. Started in the morning with the famous Palace of Knossos, which is about a 15 min. bus ride from Iraklio, and is really the entire reason I came to Crete in the first place. This was probably the ... read more
Wall Frescoes
Out in the Hills
Multi-Story Reconstruction

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion July 7th 2012

Today was a very good day. I set out in the morning for Oia (ee-yah), which is just up the coast from Fira. This town is the complete opposite of Fira. Where Fira is busy and extremely touristy, Oia is truly quaint, laid-back, and the type of place where you could spend a week just sitting and admiring the view. I can honestly say that this is probably my favorite town in all of Greece. The views are so incredible that no words can describe them. It's a magical, wonderful town, and I think I could live there. Donkeys still carry goods across the cobblestone streets and I had the unique experience of having an ass's ass in my face while I was trying to eat. Strange and disturbing, to say the least. I'm just glad ... read more
Out to the Open Sea
Lone Boat
Another Beautiful Church

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion October 17th 2011

Today is a full day at sea as we sail ever closer to our next port of call, Heraklion. The clocks went forward 1 hour last night so we are now +2 UK time (BST). The weather hasn't gotten any better. The ship was tossed around quite a bit during the night and the forecast doesn't look that good. I knew I should have packed that sou'wester!! We learned yesterday that there has been a policy change regarding the tips on board. Tips have always been discretionary. Although Cruise companies recommend a daily amount that is automatically added to your bill, this has always been able to be adjusted. Not any more!!! The 'tips' are now referred to as a service charge and is a compulsory addition aboard MSC cruise ships. The rate is €6 per ... read more
A deserted pool deck - MSC L:irica
A wet Heraklion
Minoan Ferry. Not going anywhere

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion » Anissaras August 15th 2011

We arrive at Crete airport and caught a taxi to our hotel. Fortunately the hotel was very close to the airport, so it only cost us €15. We checked in and spent the afternoon relaxing as we had been up since 2:30 that morning. That night we headed out to find some dinner, but because it was the equivalent of a Christmas Day holiday, nothing was open. We eventually found a small mini market that was open and got some food and made sandwiches for dinner. After a pretty unfulfilling dinner, we settled down for the night, ready for the next day. Tuesday arrived and we got up pretty late after a big day travelling the day before. By the time we were ready to go out, it was lunch time. So with that, we wandered ... read more

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion » Anissaras May 16th 2011

Sunday 15th May 2011 Our friends Pauline & Malcolm had very kindly offered us a lift to Larnaca airport - about a two hour journey from Pegeia - and they were picking us up at 1100. We did our final packing and closed the house down. The journey to the airport flashed past as we nattered in the car and the journey only took an hour and a half. Traffic was very light. We had some lunch at the airport before wishing Pauline and Malcolm a safe journey home. We checked in and went through to departures with no hassle. The flight was an Aegean A3 913 to Iraklion, Crete. It turned out that there were only about 25 people on the flight, I haven't been on an as empty plane for years. A pasta hot ... read more

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion April 29th 2011

We were only able to see the highlights of the Archeological Museum because the main part is under (reportedly) interminable refurbishment. The most famous pieces are housed in a temporary area. The beauty of each piece made me want to linger. The most famous is the black Minoan bull head with gold horns and mother of pearl snout – for libations. Even more important is the Phaistos Disk which is being used to decipher ancient Minoanscript; Kriton explained that this is very difficult because most of the written texts are inventory lists dated to the massive fire caused by the explosion of Santorini. Our bus took us to the suburbs of Heraklion, a city of 250,000... read more
Scary traffic!
Story Panels
Lunch in Assites Village

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion April 26th 2011

Dear Friends, Due to the possible problems in Alexandrie (Egypt) we don't visit this city. In stead of Alexandrie are we sailing to Heraklion, the captitol of Crete and the fourth largest city of Greece. The weather is great. We don't go to the ruins of Knossos, but we visit the old city center today. To learn more about Heraklion, read the Wikipedia article here below. Thanks to Wikipedia Name The city was named Arabic rabḍ al-ḫandaq 'Castle of the Moat' in 824 AD. This was hellenized as Χάνδαξ (Handax) or Χάνδακας and Latinized as Candia, which was taken into other European languages: French Candie, English Candy, all of which could refer to all of Crete as well as to the city itself; the Ottoman form was Kandiye. Locally, it is often called Κάστρο (Kástro, "castle") ... read more
Harbour of Heraklion
Harbour of Heraklion

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion April 3rd 2011

Took our lives into our own hand by driving up into the mountains. No road rules here at all,. double lines means nothing here, We had lunch at Sfinari - Captain Fidias (the local fisherman) cooked local fish for us all. Even tried goat souvlaki (never again). Continued driving through the mountains and drove through some very poor and isolated towns. Today we left our villa at 8.00am and drove (2 hours) to Knossos which is ancient Mineon ruins, (2500 BC), We had our own private tour guide for Euro 70 (ripped off) and learnt all about the Mineon era. After another relaxing lunch in Iraklion we walked to the Fort and the Port for coffee. Heading back to Platanias now to our usual destination - the supermarket for more beer and Ouzo (oh, and some ... read more
Day 3 Kinonnos
Day 3 Kinonnos
Day 3 Kinonnos

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