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Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion October 28th 2010

Tuesday, October 26 Karleen got up this morning, at eight with the rest of us (Chris had the mechanic come at eight to check out the motor) and announced that she was done with the boat, that the guys could take it down the coast, but we were driving. Ok. Actually, by the time I got up at eight, she had been up for a hour and was fully packed. So as to avoid a hasty decision, we put it off, went window shopping, got breakfast, toured the town a little bit. There is a gorgeous lake right in the middle of Old Town where the four of us had brunch. All of one side is overgrown cliffs and olive trees, with a tiny white chapel in the middle of the trees. Colourful boats are tied ... read more

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion » Arkadi August 30th 2010

The journey up into the mountains in eastern crete to The Plateau of Lisithi was a fun journey in our little car who we have named Georgeo ( He is a Fiat Cinquecento )..... frankly, so long as the brakes were OK, we were'nt too bothered... the hairpins and the drops down the sides were a bit scary. The Lasithi Plateau is a large flat area, well, , well, a plateau really, high up in the mountains. You can see the plateau from all sides, its cultivated with orchards.... apples, orange, lemon and lime, pomegranites too. Its famous for its windmills.... there used to be around 24,000 in times gone by, now there are only about 5000 of them left. It is also the birth place of Zeus, in a cave where his mother hid him ... read more
Fabulous views
Caves of Dikti
Caves of Dikti

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion August 21st 2010

Just over a week after arriving back from Sarajevo, I was off again to start an exciting two-week odyssey through Greece. The nature of living in London means that short weekend breaks are the name of the game - but as the places you can go for a short breaks start to decrease, and as thoughts of heading out on long trips start to increase, I find myself leaning towards more and more "extended" holidays. And so the trend has started in Crete. Following my usual rush to the airport (not helped by unplanned train cancellations - the fact I actually made it was a miracle) I arrived at the gate only to find out that easyJet were having trouble "locating their crew". One of the more amusing delays for a flight - not that I ... read more
From Inside The Venetian Fortress
Agios Minas Cathedral
Venetian Port

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion August 5th 2010

As we were coming to the end of our island hoping @ Greece.... the tour cannot be complete without visiting the biggest island (as for our tour guide that is... otherwise not according to my Greek friends) I did not know what to expect in Crete but of our not-so detailed excursion brochure to the Knossos Palace... As we set foot to this old ancient ruins, older than any roman cities built in Greece itself, I found myself very excited. I do not know much about the Knossos history as I was not very much interested about their history when I was younger growing up learning about them in my history class, hence I was either asleep or lost in dreams, or maybe as simple as doodling my infamous stick man.... Anyways... as soon as we ... read more
Photo 41
Photo 36
Photo 32

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion July 12th 2010

Andrew was deeply disappointed to have missed out on swimming the previous day (a topic of much discussion during the hike) and was determined to get up early and swim as much as humanly possible before checkout time. Despite his request to be woken up at five, we allowed him to sleep in till 9 and then honored his request to be taken immediately to the ocean. John and Andrew enjoyed having the beach almost to themselves for an hour while Lauren and Sonia took it a bit easier. We all met up at the pool for a final swim, indulged in an ice-cream sundae at the in-pool bar, and then found the hot-tub in the hotel gym for a final bit of relaxation before checkout. We checked out promptly at the noon deadline and then ... read more
Goofing in the Pool

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion March 28th 2010

Next morning at breakfast, the old mallu lady from Canada told me in Malayalam that her room-mate was sick after eating the previous night’s biryani. I had watched her gobbling the entire plate with much gusto, when I could barely finish half of it! Our ship anchored in the port of Heraklion, which is the capital of the island and has a proximity to the Palace of the Knossos. We walked out pondering what to do and if we should take the bus to the Palace. Met some South Americans by the taxi stand who asked if we wanted to share a taxi with them…why not? The way they bargained with the Cretan taxi wallas was enough to put the desis to shame…ha! Finally the taxi drivers agreed for half the price - 30 euros per ... read more

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion March 24th 2010

IRAKLION Day 63 I did not sleep well last night and quickly realized it was due to some flu or stomach bug. So I was stuck in bed for most of the day. I ventured out because I needed cash from the bank, which unfortunately can only be found in town. So I had to wait 1.5hours for the bus and then run it into town to get cash and then back to the hotel. I couldn’t eat anything the whole day as it wasn’t staying down. I must be pretty healthy because I don’t feel too sick. I have lots of energy and if it wasn’t for the need to be close to a bathroom to puke (I know gross… I apologize) I would have ventured out to the beach. Not to mention that ... read more

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion September 12th 2009

For more of my photos, or to buy my book, please visit In December of 2008 there were huge riots in every major city in Greece, with frustrated protesters taking to the streets and pillaging public property. Living under the shadow of the glorious ancient past that most of the world still associates with this Mediterranean nation, the modern urban Greek lives on an average of a mere 500 Euros a month, in a nation where costs of living are soaring in an unprecedented manner. This is only one of the many new things I learn about this country as I chat over a bottle of raki, the locally produced fiery liquor distilled from grapes, with Stella, my host in Crete and native of the largest Greek island. “People are angry and they have ... read more
Political Grafitti, Crete
Convo, coffee, cigarettes and beers, the favorite Greek passtime
Snoozing Horse Cart Driver, Chania

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion August 19th 2009

Day 485 After a hot night it the tent, we started the day with a swim in the pool. Refreshed we set off on our tour towards Agios Nikolos, with a switch of driver and navigator and advice and directions from our camp site and the petrol station attendant, we hit the road. We took the scenic route first, single lane windy mountain roads (fortunately not too much on coming traffic) past the tiny villages , stopping intermittantly for a pic or two until we arrived at Plaka a beautiful little fishing village after lunch by the shore we caught the 10 minute ferry across to the island of Spinalonga, once a fortress for the Venetians and Cretans but more recently up until 1957 was used as a leper colony. We wandered around the small island, ... read more
Our New Wheels
Spinalonga fortifications
Spinalonga 1

Europe » Greece » Crete » Heraklion July 26th 2009

July 26, 2009 Iam sooooo exhausted! All this travelling have really tired me down. So Iam booked at this beach resort called Aeolos Beach Hotel. It is rated 3 star and been recommended by Uniglobe. It is my first time getting out of an airport and waving down a taxi to take me there as there is no shuttle to this hotel and I have no idea how far or how long it would take to bring me there. As I was looking for a taxi, I realized that I had forgotten to exchange money in the Athens Airport, I was so tired that I opted to sleep instead of wandering around. Heraklion airport has no money exchange bureau and the ATM machine does not work! So I asked the Taxi driver if he takes U.S ... read more
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Photo 3
Photo 4

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