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May 21st 2016
Published: May 21st 2016
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We flew to Cyprus today - via Athens, so the trip took 'way too long.

But before that we had an all-too-brief visit to Knossos, by far the largest Minoan palace on Crete. It's the legendary home of the Minotaur. Quite a contrast to Phaistos, which has been left in the state the excavators found it. Knossos, on the other hand, was in many places extensively reconstructed - including adding columns and creating new rooms - to suit what Arthur Evans, the Brit who excavated it, thought a Royal Minoan Palace should look like. It's very impressive, but our tour leader (an archaeology prof from UBC) was constantly cautioning us to take the appearance with a grain of salt. Anyway, even if it wasn't completely accurate, it gave more of an idea of what the original building might have looked like.

After that we made a short visit to the museum that holds all the many, many artefacts found at the Minoan sites around Crete. What an abundance! As usual I was the last one out of the museum.

We're now staying in one place for 5 nights, until the end of the tour. I've actually unpacked my bag for the first time.


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