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July 29, Saturday Woke up at 2:30a.m. to be ready for the 3 am taxi ride to Heathrow. It was slightly raining. Traffic was of course very light. We arrived in good time. Since the United desk wasn't open yet, I grabbed a chair at a closed bar in the same area. Some people were asleep in the booths. After about an hour of me working on my blogs, the United desk opened. I asked about getting my EU tax money back and was directed to the opposite site of where I was. I stood in line for about 30 minutes to get about $25 back into my credit card account. I then made my way back to check my luggage. I then headed to the United First Club lounge for some free snacks. I had ... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 28th 2017

Friday 28 I woke up early and went to eat breakfast at the hotel lobby. There wasn't much to eat for the £7 that I spent. Since I still had a good 3 1/2 hours before I was able to get into Buckingham palace, I decided to go to one of the other Evans store south of me. I took the Victoria station tube to Brixton. The shop was upstairs across the street from the station. I picked up a few more times and then travel back on the underground and made my way back to the hotel to drop off the packages. I then used the hop on hop off bus that I got for free for using twice during my visit to catch a ride to Buckingham palace. I then spent some time ... read more
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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London July 27th 2017

Paris to London I woke up early on my last day of my trip in Europe. I was not surprised to see if you people up early at breakfast. After eating breakfast I made one last trip to the bridge over the Seine River. I had hoped to get a good sunrise picture of the Eiffel tower but unfortunately the sun wasn't helping my hiding behind the clouds. I did get to watch a ship dock that was a floating hotel for a cruise line. Some of the people in their cabins had the windows open and we're getting dressed even though you could see into their cabins. Not everyone got back on the bus this time. Robin and Patricia Poole as well as Mick and Kylie Bridge were taking the EuroStar back to London. Dana ... read more
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Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris July 26th 2017

July 26 Wednesday Even though I had gone to bed late last night, I still got up early but this time closer to 6 AM. I downloaded all the pictures I took last night and then headed off for breakfast. Not surprising I didn't see anyone from my group. Unfortunately most of the food that was cooked was not to my taste, So I ended up with some ham slices, cheese, and croissants. The orange juice actually was very good. I then left the hotel to go across the street again to the bridge over the Seine River. I took some good pictures of the Eiffel Tower and then headed down to the little island below to get a better picture of the Statue of Liberty. There was a plaque in French but I was able ... read more
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Europe » France » Île-de-France July 25th 2017

Tuesday July 25 Up early and showered. Spent time finishing yesterday's blog. Finally caught up to today. Lol. Of course there's only 2 days left of this trip with the group. Took some time to enjoy the view of the Alps from my balcony even though it was raining. One of the best hotels I've stayed in on this trip. Headed for breakfast. Had some scrambled eggs but they still taste funny. Loaded up on bacon and croissants. We left the hotel at 7:30 am. 6+ hours to Paris. We had mostly rain all the way to the border of France. We didn't have to stop other than to get a stamp on a paper invoice for one of the travelers who spent more than €300 on an item. We didn't get a stamp for our ... read more
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Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne July 24th 2017

July 24 Monday Had a great sleep with the window open allowing fresh cool air into my room. For breakfast there was crispy bacon at last! So I filled up on bacon and croissants. Overnight snow had fallen on top of some of the peaks so my view at breakfast was wonderful. We left the hotel at 9 am for a day in Lucerne. As we went along the clouds and fog made the view spectacular. Lucerne is a city in central Switzerland, in the German-speaking portion of the country. Lucerne is the capital of the canton of Lucerne and part of the district of the same name. With a population of about 81,057 people. We first went to the Lion Monument. The Lion Monument or the Lion of Lucerne, is a rock relief in designed ... read more
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Europe » Switzerland July 23rd 2017

July 23 Sunday I was still tired at 5 am so I hit the snooze button until 5:30. Breakfast was decent. I had scrambled eggs and croissants with cherry jelly. We left at 8. Sadly I found out this morning that we are not going to Pisa. After passing through quite a few tunnels to get over and through the mountains the landscape became mostly farmland of corn, wheat and vineyards. We passed or should I say it passed us the high speed train a few times. It's extremely fast. I'm hoping to get it video taped. We stopped for a restroom break about 10 am. We'll travel for about 2 hours before our lunch break. We traveled around the outskirts of Milan. It was interesting to see modern buildings and a few skyscrapers off to ... read more
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Europe » Italy » Tuscany July 22nd 2017

July 22 Saturday Up at 5 to get ready and to finish some more blogs. I'm slowly catching up to present day. I ate breakfast with Ali and Fahi. We discussed our views of Vatican City over breakfast. Then at 8 we were off for Florence. Just minutes into the trip, Willie Nelson's song "On the Road Again" began to play over the speakers. We all had a good laugh. The scenery along the road to Florence was full of ponds, wheat fields, sunflower fields, and river crossings. We passed quite a few old buildings and farm homes of stone and terra-cotta roofs. Simply beautiful. About 2 hours into the trip we saw in the distance hillside with lots of smoke billowing up to the sky. The sky became cloudier as we approached Florence. It may ... read more
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Europe » Italy » Lazio July 21st 2017

July 21 Friday After getting up at 5:30 AM, I worked a little bit more on trying to upload as much as I could from Greece to my blog. Breakfast was at seven up on the fourth floor at their garden terrace. I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice it actually was up there even though the rest of the hotel was kind of rundown. They offer the normal eggs and bacon and bread and fruit and cereals. The eggs for ones were actually cooked very well so I had a bunch of that along with two croissants in cherry jelly and a banana. I spoke with the fellow traveler and she informed me that they had ants all over the room so the hotel staff use bug spray last night but didn't change her ... read more
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Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome July 20th 2017

July 20 Thursday I got up at 5 am to get out to get some morning photos of the sunrise at the veranda. It was nice and cool outside. I had the park and the terrace to myself unless you count the two cats hanging out. The sun was rising behind the hillside so it gave the sky a nice pink color. I then headed back to the hotel to finish packing. I had internet access but couldn't upload my photos to my blog. I then headed down to breakfast. Almost everyone was eating outside but there were no clean tables available so I sat inside by myself. Once again it was scrambled egg soup, cut hot dog sausages, and barely cooked bacon. Fruits, breads, cereals, deli meat and cheese were also offered. I grabbed some ... read more
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