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Europe » Greece » Crete » Chania April 15th 2013

No matter the season, you will (almost) always find the climate and landscape you want in Crete. Last month, we decided to celebrate the end of the carnival season, the beginning of spring and the birthday of a dear friend, up the majestic Lefka Ori (White Mountains) in the prefecture of Chania. Most people come to Crete for summer holidays, but I believe it is best to visit the island in spring or fall, when it is less crowded and warm enough to swim. But even for the winter, Cretan mountains and villages are ideal destinations (and cheaper than the Alps!). Plus, what many people don't know is that they can even url= in Crete! Lefka Ori have 57 summits with an altitude of more than 2.000 meters and 54 summits reaching 2.000 meters. The ... read more
Climbing Lefka Ori (White Mountains)
The refuge of Kallergis

Europe » Greece » Crete » Chania October 20th 2012

Boat, plane, train, taxi, bus. On paper and in a straight line, Hydra to Hania on Crete isn't overly daunting. In practice it's a full day of backsliding from one form of transport to another. Neither did the three hour bus portion from Araklio airport to Hania inspire. The drive itself is simple enough but scenically it is a mix of sun baked drab land, urban sprawl and a dappling of unkempt coastal hamlets on the wrong side of appealing. Then there was the final 1 klm trudge from the bus station through the urban mediocrity of "New Hania", hangdog expressions ingrained on our faces. Following which: Pay-dirt as we slid into the Old Town of Hania. Kind of walled in parts, the whitewashed facades banished and replaced by glorious stone buildings in assorted varieties of ... read more
Playing with shadows in Hania lane way
Hania lighthouse on sunset

Europe » Greece » Crete » Chania October 5th 2012

Chania,Crete - Greece Well neither one of us really wanted another full busy day starting at 6 a.m. so we made it happen at 6:30 a.m. instead..and yup half an hour helped. I have always been the coffee fetcher first thing in the morning…comb through my hair and head for the coffee station. Sian is really not so in need of coffee first thing. Nothing like me or my sisters. Usually it is so early I could probably show up in pjs and no one would notice… It has become a tradition. We are on a shorter tour today..only a 5 hour one and happy for that…we both admit we could easily just stop today…but hey we haven’t been here before …so we get moving…. We are in Chania,Crete, pronounced with a silent C…we head for ... read more
Sheep herding themselves
Swan in the canal

Europe » Greece » Crete » Chania September 25th 2012

Another hot day, but unlike the other days, this was a day of rest. I use the word rest advisedly as there is always something to do - but today, at least, there was an opportunity to take things a little more slowly. Today therefore, there are just photos ...... read more
Chania: The New Harbour
Chania: Waiting for Passengers
Chania: Harbour Wall

Europe » Greece » Crete » Chania September 24th 2012

I was getting used to a hot night followed by a hotter day. There was nothing for it but to head for the coolness of the mountains. I wasn't going right into the mountains, rather in to the foothills. I arrived in Therisso where, in 1905, the final struggle for Cretan independence was born. driving up through the Therisso Gorge, it was easy to imagine how remote this place was and how secure. No wonder Venizelos was successful and no wonder he became revered by the Cretans in the same way that Churchill is revered by ourselves. Passing Venizelos' statue (and the double-naved church), I followed the road uphill before turning downhill where a tree was growing in the middle of the road. Just beyond, I opened a gate and joined an old and overgrown goat ... read more
Therisso: Heading into the Wilds
Looking Towards Lakki
The Sea - From Zourva

Europe » Greece » Crete » Chania September 23rd 2012

The main purpose of our stay was for rest and relaxation. We stayed at a lovely villa at Panos Stalos with terrific views out towards Chania, the sea and the mountains. It was a wonderful place to relax and unwind but by the second week we started to stir our stumps.On some mornings we drove to nearby Chania and had a leisurely coffee at a harbourside cafe followed by a stroll around the town. Chania is delightful with narrow streets and alleyways crammed with shops and tavernas.Places worth visiting are the Central Market and its surrounding streets, the Archaeological Museum and the Naval Museum which has an interesting WW2 display. Just outside Chania we visited the remains of the Byzantine town of Aptera and the nearby Turkish fort overlooking the sea. Wonderful views of the sea ... read more
Another view
Our resting place in the hills

Europe » Greece » Crete » Chania September 20th 2012

Another hot day dawned. Another day that began in the comparative coolness of Chania's Old Town, where breakfast was taken outside. Ham and Cheese spread on the still warm fresh bread was a delight although I was not really awake until my third cup of coffee! With the heat, the only option was to get into the mountains. Catching the bus, I was soon heading out of town, passing through the orange groves in which those from the white walled prison nearby toil. Here too, a large war memorial, to those Cretans who gave their lives in WWII, bravely delaying the German advance to the mountains and thus ensuring the evacuation of many through the Imros Gorge. Slowly, the bus climbed higher, the driver cleverly taking the hairpin bends with little effort. Soon, almost unexpectedly, the ... read more
Fournes: The Orange Grove

Europe » Greece » Crete » Chania September 18th 2012

It had rained for most of the night. Not that depressing pitter-patter of rain drops, but a good, hard downpour. By 04h00, all was quiet, save for the trickle of water draining from the streets and by 08h00, there was a beautiful sunrise. Tall orange clouds filled the early morning air. Beautiful but not what I was hoping for. I went downstairs for breakfast. This morning's meal would be indoors as the chairs and tables were sodden. The air felt cooler as the first drops of rain began. Just a little. Then more. Before long, it was as though the taps had been turned on. Water fell from the sky at a great rate of knots. Then stopped. Suddenly. There was no walking today. Today I was moving from Kastelli to Chania. Everything would be different, ... read more
Kastelli: Sunrise
Chania: The Venetian Lighthouse
Chania: As of Old

Europe » Greece » Crete » Chania August 19th 2012

Eagle-eyed readers will notice that there was an unannounced jump from Crete to Wales. Apologies for that, but decided to bring you up to the moment with the Olympic football etc. So here we are back in Crete. In spirit you understand, not in person! 'Agapemo,' he said, grinning slyly at me as he presented me with a glass of home-made raki. It was the last thing I really wanted before sleeping but Mikalis, the Hotel Dimitri owner, had heard us coming in and made it perfectly clear we were to join family and friends out on the terrazza in the soft warmth of the evening. In between teaching me a few Greek words he explained by the way of broken English, German and mime that he had to go into Xania three times weekly for ... read more
Heike's produce
The Water's Edge
Mihalis restaurant

Europe » Greece » Crete » Chania August 6th 2012

Yesterday we wore woken at 6am with the alarm as we needed to leave Santorini early to make the most of the day as we had 80 miles to get to Crete! Bleary-eyed and having not even brushed our teeth we left the mooring and sailed on a beam reach with the mainsail and gennaker. Another beautiful day with clear blue skies, hot burning sun and reaching our highest record so far of 9.9 knots as we whistled along the waves towards the island of Crete. One of the main highlights was some homemade lemonade that we had made which went down really well with Soda water or still water along with some ice that was given to us by a neighbouring boat. One of the drawbacks of a watermaker is that water tastes of nothing ... read more

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