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Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Trier August 15th 2019

Enjoyed a lovely breakfast in our hotel before jumping into the car and heading up the Moselle along the N53 to Cochem and back. It took all day we stopped for coffee and cake at a beautiful little town called Bernkastel. Cochem was beautiful and after a long stroll to ALDI we enjoyed a picnic lunch on a reclining bench in the sunshine with a spectacular view of the castle. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Koblenz July 23rd 2019

July 23rd Koblenz and up the lazy river to Rudesheim........... I must say I love waking up on these mornings and wondering where we are. The first thing I like to do is look out the window to get a precursory view of our upcoming adventure for the day. Today we woke in Koblenz, another tiny village along the Rhine River. The six of us boarded the bus together and headed out to St. Mark's Castle. The village was beautiful with many quaint hotels made of white plaster and dark wood beams. Petunias and geraniums of every color spilled from the windows and balconies. I couldn't help wondering as we bused pass them who would come here for longer than a day. We're here because a two hour guided tour of the castle is on Viking's ... read more
Bed and Cradle at the Castle
Castle on the Rhine 2
Castle on the Rhine

Kirsten and I wake up, it’s 8:30am and we both feel well rested. Uli and Gudrun have a great breakfast waiting for us. This is the best Zimmer I’ve stay in. Omi, wakes up and is down stairs soon. Omi and Gudrun go way, way back if you haven’t figured that out yet. After breakfast, Kirsten works with Omi on ordering her train ticket to Fulda using her phone. It’s is impressive how much Omi uses technology, iPhone, iPad yeah.. she’s getting quite good at posting, using Apple Pay, taking pictures and finding Kirsten and Bea on Find Friends. Everyone gives us a great send off and we promise to return soon. On the road again... Kirsten is driving and I’m navigating, where are we going, I have no idea, maps, iPhone. I have to ask ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Zweibrucken April 28th 2019

Gabby the motorhome is parked at the Rosegarten stelplatz at Zweibrucken. This was not our first choice of stelplatz but it turned out to be a good one. A touch farther than our first choice making for less driving tomorrow. It looked good on Google Earth and had rave reviews on Camper Contact. Rewind a few hours though and we are still parked by the canal in Peruwelz eating our breakfast. Our noisy Dutch neighbours are fast asleep . Four abreast in a tiny Surfer Dude campervan. There can be no room to swing a cat inside and I wonder how they sleep. Top to toe and very intimately. We never saw our neighbours to the other side. The elderly lady sat in her Captains chair with her eyes glued to the TV for the whole ... read more
The weir before they turned on the Archimedes Screw
The riverside walk at Zweibrucken
The Rosegarten hotel

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Ramstein-Miesenbach September 26th 2018

Well... we packed up and headed towards Ramstein Air Base, to hopefully get a flight out. At the time we left, there was a flight to Charleston, but it was showing 0 seats Firm. There was also a flight to Dover AFB (on a C5 with nice seats!) in the afternoon with 73 seats Firm. When we arrived at the terminal and parked our rental car, we went into the terminal to see that the Charleston flight now showed 49 seats, Tentative. After reviewing the Space A "present" list, we saw we were 70th and 71st on the list, so we decided it would be safer to take the Dover flight since that way even if everyone present wanted to go, we'd still make it. When the roll call started, there were several names called that ... read more
Our gracious hosts and saviours, Alina, Sean, and their dog Maggie

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Kaiserslautern September 24th 2018

I guess its obvious from the title of this blog entry that we didn't catch either of the intended flights. This morning we were going to pack up and head to the base, but when I checked the 72-hour flight schedule again, both of the originally scheduled flights were still listed, but Tuesday's schedule had a Charleston AFB! So, we said heck with it and decided to go for that one. Much less hassle upon arrival in the states, since we just walk to our car and drive home, and most likely much less expense without the car rental and overnight stay near either of the other bases. The car's rental agreement isn't up until Tuesday at like 1pm, but we needed to see if we could stay in this apartment another two nights. I sent ... read more
Our new apartment for the next 2 nights
Our bedroom in the new apartment
Our much larger bathroom

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Kaiserslautern September 24th 2018

Today, hopefully our last full day in Germany, Manoli remembered the statues of soccer players (football or fusbol in Europe) that we'd seen a couple times on our way to the base, so we headed in what we hoped was the right direction. Along the way, we passed a General Dynamics European Land Systems compound. I'd worked for General Dynamics 22 years before retiring last year. I knew they had offices around the world, but was still surprised to find one here. Since it was a different division than mine, Information Systems, I just sort of gawked, took a photo, and continued on. We found the first set of statues called Fussball ohne Grenzen, which means Football without Borders. It is a sort of reenactment of a soccer game with players from all around the world ... read more
Fussball ohne Grenzen (Football without Borders)
Elf Freunde Kreisel
"Everythings a Euro" store

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Kaiserslautern September 22nd 2018

This morning, after a better than usual night's sleep, we got up later than normal and headed to the base at Ramstein to check things out. We wanted up-to-date info on upcoming flights home, how to turn in our rental car, and see if we could browse the base exchange. We'd found out on their webpage that there were two flights to the states on Sunday. At the moment, there is a flight to Andrews AFB in Maryland and one to Dover AFB in Delaware. Neither is ideal, but with no better alternatives in the current future, we will probably go for either one of those tomorrow. We also found out that although Hertz isn't open on Sunday, we can park our rental car in a lot near the terminal and just drop our keys in ... read more
Our AirBnB Apartment door
AirBnB bedroom & bathroom
AirBnB bedroom with TV

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Kaiserslautern September 21st 2018

Well, today started like most days, but didn't stay that way very long. We ate breakfast, packed up, and went down with our luggage to the nearest tram station, Bellevue. We caught the No. 4 tram to Wildbachgasse, close to where our car was parked. From there, we walked the 2 blocks or so to our car and .... couldn't find the car key! We both looked "everywhere" for the key, but neither of us remembered where we'd put it or seen it last. This was the start of a major fiasco, with a happy ending, Manoli stayed with our luggage near the car, partly to make sure that if the parking police came she could tell them we'd misplaced the key and would be gone soon. I walked back to the tram station and took ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Koblenz June 15th 2018

Shortly after breakfast, the ship docks at Rüdesheim. By 9 am we are on board a mini motorized "train" that drops us off at the town's signature attraction: Siegfried's Music Cabinet. This museum is devoted to mechanical musical instruments and it's one of the largest such collections in the world. The collection and the museum resulted from the singular vision and passion of one Siegfried Wendel, who travelled the world collecting self-playing instruments and painstakingly restored them to working order. Our guide takes us through dozens of rooms, each filled with a variety of pianos, "orchestrions" and other contraptions that play by themselves. Most are wind-up instruments. Many of them use some type of perforated paper rolls to dictate the notes to play. Most are ornately carved and some feature mechanical figures that move in time ... read more
Mechanical instrument
Mechanical instrument
Detail of mechanical instrument

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