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Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Cochem May 7th 2017

GÜN 04 COCHEM GÜNLERDEN PAZAR Sabah kahvaltısını sıfır fena puanla tamamladık. Kahvaltıdan sonra, “etkinlik” adına tavla turnuvası düzenlendi. Geminin kıçında, beleş meşrubat bölümü var . Turnuva orada düzenleniyormuş. Attı mı mangal da kül bırakmayan yiğitlerimiz, turnuvaya katılmak için izdiham yarattılar ve tas tamam 2 si kadın olmak üzere 8 kişi katılmayı başardı. Fahri Uzunefe ile Ferit Yurtsever arasında eda edilen finalde, Ferit Yurtsever tam bir centilmenlik örneği göstererek, tavlayı Uzunefe’nin koltuğunun arasına sıkıştırmaya muvaffak olmuştur. Daha sonra verdiği demeçte ,Sayın Yurtsever 84 kişiye karşı zorlu bir mücadele verdiğini dile getirmiştir.. Köln den güneye doğru akan Rhein otobanı, Koblenz te Moselle den önce son giriş tabelasını g... read more
gezelim açılalım
köprüden geçti MM

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Cochem August 4th 2016

Sailing on the Romantic Rhine I rollover as the boat floats effortlessly on a carpet of water. I look out our window, it’s raining and I don’t care. Kirsten snuggles up next to me as we both slip back into our dreams. WOW! What a great night sleep. I gently slip out of bed and out the door before Kirsten knows I’m gone. I’m the only one up besides the crew who is busy getting breakfast ready for the early risers. I sit at the bow of the boat watching the rain as I sip my coffee. Mr. Vaughan would you like your usual breakfast. Yes, please. Yea, it’s gotten that good. By the time my breakfast arrives, Kirsten is standing next to me. I’m getting spoiled you know, yea me too. Around 9am Claudia comes ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Cochem September 22nd 2015

After landing in Dusseldorf, we picked up our rental car and successfully maneuvered out of what I still think are the smallest(but cleanest) parking ramps in the world! First stop Koblenz, which is known for the geographical fact that the Rhine and Mosel rivers intersect there. We enjoyed our first German style breakfast in the brewery in Koblenz. Yes, it’s true that the locals enjoy a “kleine beer” (small beer) called Kolsch even with breakfast. Despite the rain, we walked briefly through the village to find the Duetsches Eck. One thing I noticed instantly were the large riverboats, transporting tourists on the Wine country tours on the Rhine and Mosel rivers. You could walk out beyond all the German State flags to the point where the rivers converge. There is a huge monument erected in the ... read more
Koblenz - Breakfast at the Brewery!
Koblenz - Breakfast at the Brewery!
Koblenz - Breakfast at the Brewery!

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Cochem September 22nd 2015

Burg Eltz Day two we afforded ourselves the luxury of sleeping in until about 9:00 but then off for a great breakfast and a 20 minute train ride to Moselkern to see what Rick Steve’s calls “one of his favorite castles in Germany”. After leaving the train at the Moselkern station,we followed the signs through the village to the edge of the woods. I had read that one is not able to see the castle from down below as it’s nestled on a hill deep in the woods. The next hour or so we spent hiking the muddy, gradual uphill path anticipating the castle view with each step. The woods are beautiful. Fresh and clean and quiet so despitethe rain sprinkles, we enjoyed the trek tremendously. Finally an hour or so later, we came around a ... read more
Cochem Train Station
Cutest little restuarant on the edge of the woods

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Cochem June 9th 2014

Geo: 50.1455, 7.16602 GÜN 40 GÜNLERDEN PAZARTESİ: Harika bir uyku çekip saat 09:00 da kahvaltıya oturmuşuz. Allahı var Görges kahvaltıda hiçbir şeyi esirgemez .Her sabah bizzat erkenden kalkıp kahvaltı malzemesini taze taze satın alıp getirir. Kahvaltıları ile ünlü bir kardeşimiz. Aynı pansiyonda kalan ve birlikte kahvaltı ettiğimiz güngörmüş bir Alman çifti var. Kahvaltıdan sonra beleş diye yedi sülalelerine yetecek kadar ekmek ve kayıntıyı paketlediler .. Bizim aile terbiyemiz buna cevaz vermiyor.. Görges bize hem kızıyor hem şaşırıyor ..Alman olmadığımızı bir türlü anlayamıyor. Tatil köyü, çakalı olmadığımızı,olamadığımızı anlatamıyoruz. Geçen gelişimizde de, sofrada kalanları illa ki almamız konusunda ısrar ediyordu .. Niye almadığımızı anlamakta zor... read more
Cochem kalası
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suyun gözünde

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Cochem October 6th 2013

At early light, Chuck opened the window – Brr! – only to see a nicely trimmed hedge with turrets and a donkey with the longest hair. An interesting bray as well. Breakfast was a delight, typical German fare, and we watched a Formula 1 race. Turns out this is our first inkling of what we’ll be doing today. We checked out and took the back roads to Terri’s treat for the day: a few trips on the nearby Sommerbobbahn. It wasn’t quite at the same level as the Rodelbahn we experienced with Josh & Caitlin and Mark & Daphne in 2011, but it was still fun! We were almost the first ones to arrive and, in a short amount of time, we were joined by at least 15 other adults. It’s a zippy 751-meter ride on ... read more
Hedge with Turrets
Play Time

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Cochem September 7th 2013

I escaped from Paris this morning, and I already feel better! I was so tired of the smelly, hot, crowded Metro, so I found a taxi and went to the train station in style. What a nice place! Air conditioning, shopping, restaurants, and trains to anywhere you could want to go! Fearing that it might take me a while to find my way, I arrived about 50 minutes early, so I sat in a nice Panera-type cafe and ate a pain au chocolat. I also had some tea, but of course it was hot. They have yet to discover ice in Europe. I found my train with a little help from a couple of Americans who knew a little French. I was on a TGV train which is one of the high speed trains in Europe. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Cochem May 12th 2013

After Andernach we left the Rhine and turned onto the river Moessel, a much smaller and shallower river. That day we went through three different locks, which was something neither of us had seen before, very interesting! The locks are there to accomodate the low points on the river and to avoid running aground. We docked at the beautiful little city of Cochem at 1:30 pm, from afar we could see the large castle above the city. The city consisted of many cobblestoned little streets with little shops and cafe's and the riverside filled mostly with little cafe's and restaurants with lots of seating outdoors. We couldn't wait to get off the boat and run up to the castle or as the Germans call it the Reichsburg Cochem. We walked through the tiny winding streets and ... read more
Taken from afar - Reichsburg Cochem
The walk up to the castle
By the castle at last, what a view

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Cochem May 12th 2013

needed to add 1 more picture... read more

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