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Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Hannover July 27th 2013

Yet another crack of dawn flight meant I landed in a near tropical Hannover by mid-morning. Getting the train to the main station it was only 5 minutes’ walk to my hotel and I could check in despite it being so early. The room was a dump and with no air con and a window that opened about 1 centimetre, it was going to be a very unpleasant sleep. I got a map and set off to make the most of the day and see the city. However, despite Hannover having a humongous train station with approximately 70 places to eat (all selling sausages of some variety and bread) the rest of the city had nothing to offer. In fact Hannover is literally the most boring German city I have been to… and believe me that ... read more
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Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Hannover April 13th 2011

Rail travel in Germany is fairly similar to England but take note that if you use the ticket machines and select all travel but not ICE then you need to find the local train travel desk (near reservieen) who will print out your details (stations changes/times/platforms/train number). The yellow train timetable (fahrplan) displayed is for 'fast' trains only (ICE etc). It is cheaper to book over the Internet but i've yet to try this out myself and know what you do. I'll find out. My slow train to Hamburg had me stopping at some little known villages/small towns. If this happens then go out and look around. I was delighted with seeing Verden (Aller) with its charming cobbled side streets. A real treat before I headed in the city of Hamburg. Travel books write about Hamburg ... read more
Rickmer Rickmers

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Hannover October 13th 2010

Hannover From Venice we flew to Amsterdam, changed planes and then had another 40 minute flight to Hannover. Was I excited? Dad said that everybody on the plane knew that I was excited. We were going to stay with our friends who lived near us in Brunswick when they were on a working holiday in Australia. They now live back in Germany and I had not seen Linus and Julika for 7 years. The three of us were great friends then when we were all under 4 years of age. I was excited about seeing them and I was also sort of nervous. Would they remember me, would they still like me and would they understand me? I only know a few words in German, Yes, No, numbers 1 to ten, Please, Thank You. Mum and ... read more
Georg & Christopher
The Cousins

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Hannover June 27th 2010

A wonderful day in Hannover and I am baptized now - Ein wunderschöner Tag in Hannover und nun bin ich getauft... read more
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Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Hannover May 29th 2010

When we arrived in Hannover and left the train station we thought we were going a bit crazy because we could hear strange echoey music and it sounded like it was coming out the drains. We later figured out that radio music was coming out of vents/speakers within the light poles. Very weird! After we dumped our bags and headed out for a walk. It started absolutely POURING down! Luckily we stumbled upon a fete which was just packing up but the beer and food stands were still open. Huddling under the beer stand was the perfect setting for our first German sausage and beer! We were introduced to currywurst and have since become great friends! It’s a bratwurst with curry powder and tomato sauce - yum! When the rain eased we had a wander around ... read more
Aegidien kirche
Speakers built into the light poles
Interesting art work along the river

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Hannover December 28th 2009

8 days to go! Snow blizzards and terrorism, here we come! ... read more

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Hannover December 24th 2009

Bei Oma und Opa in Hannover - With Grandma and Granddad in Hannover... read more
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Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Hannover December 22nd 2009

13 Days left, then it's off on a ten hour flight to New York! Impossible to concentrate on Christmas and New Year now! I still can't believe we are doing this. Why on earth should somebody go on a road trip through the US, in no more than three weeks, in a minute car, in January? Well the answer is simple really: the flights were cheap. We still need sd-cards, compression stockings, adapters, rain coats and many more... It is freezing cold and snowing madly in the northern hemisphere... I'm getting kind of nervous! Olly is of course relaxed as can be. I wish now I were on his medication! Well, this is our very first blog. We will be keeping family, friends and anyone who is interested up to date about our little big adventure ... read more

Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Hannover November 1st 2009

Die Holzblume ist einfach super - The wooden flower's just great... read more
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Europe » Germany » Lower Saxony » Hannover October 31st 2009

Besuch bei den wilden Tieren - visiting wild animals, although them behind bars... ;-)... read more
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