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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Dachau June 5th 2019

Today our friend Peter volunteered to drive us about 12 miles northwest of downtown Munich, to the small town of Dachau (pop. 45,000), and site of the infamous Konzentrationslager (KZ) Dachau. Dee and I rode the bus to Rotkreuzplatz, a square in the Neuhausen district not far from his and Rosita's home, where we met him by 9:30 AM. After 30-minutes of driving we reached the Memorial Site, which is foremost a place of remembrance--a cemetery, but at the same time a museum and place of learning. In addition to a main exhibition on the history of the Dachau camp, which encompasses some 43,000 sq.ft. in various buildings, the Memorial Site offers an extensive educational program, archive and library. Peter had little difficulty in finding a parking place, and we were surprised by the sparse crowds, ... read more
Memorial to victims
Grisly camp images
"dirty starved skeletons"

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Dachau May 30th 2018

A church bell struck 12 noon. A soft breeze fluttered the leaves of the Poplar trees. The sun was bright and the sky was blue in a small German town today. Jack and I went to Dachau to the memorial of the first Nazi concentration camp. It was surreal. Experiencing both the beauty of the day and the horror of the atrocities that had occurred. There are still homes just next to the camp grounds. The murder of multitudes occurred just under the noses of the citizens of the Reich. Normal people that made coffee in the morning, biked to work, and gardened just next door to a camp of murder. In the book, "In The Garden of Beasts", a German investigator for the President of Germany Hindenburg stated he felt the Dachau camp was humane ... read more
Line Of Poplars

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Dachau June 6th 2016

What a glorious day has dawned. The best we have had in a while with not a cloud to be seen and the sun streaming in the window at breakfast time. It is the right sort of day to visit somewhere with a very sad background. The Dachau Memorial site infamous for its terrible treatment of human beings by a regime the world will never forget. We had visited one of the Nazi concentration camps at Auschwitz/Birkenau in Poland in 2009 and we thought that would be enough to pay our respects to the millions who died during WW2 and to gain a better understanding of why it was allowed to happen. However, Dachau was slightly different in the Nazi plans for a perfect world for their followers in that it was established as a camp ... read more
Work makes you free
Assembley ground,Dachau
Inside the cell barracks

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Dachau August 9th 2015

We had decided to drive from Prague to the Dolomites , a 9 hour drive with stops, and as I researched the route I realized that Dachua Concentration Camp was 5 minute drive from the main road. Jeff looked at me and said - have you forgotten that I am "Second Generation" and I really don't need to see this - which is true so I offered him the option of waiting in the car but expressed to him as someone who isn't "Second Generation" I would like to go ! On the drive down I found that my stomach was in a knot We walked in together. The same trees that stood before me had witnessed it all No words... read more
take a pose?

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Dachau June 20th 2015

Wann wir abfahrt am Dachau ich keine Idee war haben erwaten. Anfang war ich veiwirrt. Es wäre viele Baum uberhaupt ein klein Fluss. Ich bleibt nicht,dass Dachau in ein Vorstadt. Ich wurnderte wie diese Leute über nähre Dacahu leben fühlen. Upon arriving at the front gate of Dachau I immediately fell silent and became very solemn. This feeling and silence was more out of respect for the people who had to experience the awful existence here, but also because of the grim feeling that over took me. One thing that shocked me about myself on this excursion was that I started to become upset with people who were laughing or even couple that were showing signs of affection for one another. This was a phenomena for me because normally my mentality is,” to each is his ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Dachau May 3rd 2015

Today I went to Dachau Concentration Camp for the 70th commemoration of its liberation. The place was really interesting, and the ceremonies were also really well done, but there were a little too many people there for my liking. However, I did get the chance to meet Angela Merkel, the German Prime Minister!!!!!! When we met I was so star struck that I only mumbled for a few, shoock her hand then finally was able to utter “hi,” which she then also said back “Hi,” and I shockingly I was also able to say “Dunka” (which means thank you in German). Sadly, you can only elbow survivors out of your way for soo long…(kidding), that I wasn’t able to get an actually photo her with but only one as she’s coming up to me. I also ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Dachau January 6th 2015

Am heutigen Feiertag habe ich das schöne Wetter genutzt um die KZ-Gedenkstätte in meiner Geburtsstadt Dachau zu besichtigen. Ich bin dazu ohne Probleme von München nach Dachau gefahren. Am Parkplatz habe ich mein Auto abgestellt und bin zuerst zum Besucherzentrum. Ich habe mich wie gewöhnlich gegen einen Audio-Guide entschieden, weil man normalerweise mindestens bis Weihnachten braucht, sich das alles anzuhören und so viel Zeit hatte ich nicht. Dann bin ich in das ehemalige KZ-Gelände. Ich bin zuerst am Zaum entlang Richtung Krematorium und nicht-benutzte Gaskammer. Dann an der russischen, protestantischen, katholischen und jüdischen Gedenkstätte vorbei und zum Karmelitenkloster. Dann die Lagerstraße entlang zu einer rekonstruierten Baracke. Anschließend noch in das Museum. Am Ende habe ich gemerkt, dass ich den Bunker vergessen hatte aber ich bin dann nicht mehr dorthin zurüc... read more
Die Lagerstraße Richtung Appellplatz.
Das Krematorium.
Rekonstruierte Baracke der Spätzeit.

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Dachau September 6th 2014

Woke up to our last day in the Czech Republic. Showered, emptied the water and filled up ready for the road ahead. Once all the days jobs were done headed to reception to pay the bill. 1003 crowns for two nights stay plus the 240 crowns for the washer and drier. I bought six rolls for the journey as the fridge is starting to look bare and without any more Crowns we were not going to be able to top up Mother Hubbards Cupboard until we reached Euroland again. The rain fell as it always does as we backtracked towards Munchen. Our original plan was to go from the Czech Republic to Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest however as always the plans change. It is never much fun going over the same ground and this is one ... read more
The SS Headquarters
What is now an empty space once held hut after hut
An image that will live in our memories for ever

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Dachau June 16th 2013

Due to the sensitive nature of Dachau Concentration Camp I will be separating it from my other blogs. We travelled from Austria into Germany. Our first stop of the day was Dachau Concentration camp. I knew a lot about WW 2 and the concentration camps but had never been to one. On the way there Kate told us about Germany, its history, the concentration camps and WW 2 in general. Dachau was the first concentration camp and initially used to hold Hitler's political prisoners. Eventually it held all the other victims of the Nazis. I was interested in going there but looking forward to it is not the right way to put it. We got there and Kate walked us to the front gate and let us go as we pleased and just told us to ... read more
Museum Poster

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Dachau August 20th 2012

So here it is: my second day in Munich. Vivi prepared a delicious breakfast, and we had a leisurely Sunday morning, before heading back into town using the glorious German train system. We made our way to the Pinakotek der Moderne (ok, I tried with the spelling, but am invariably somehow wrong). It was a lovely museum day (and for only €1 each!). There was modern art (which is still largely a mystery to me), and a whole maze of random designs (as you will see in the pictures....the many many many pictures). Cars to chairs to jewelry to typewriters to Sony Playstations and robot dogs. Things I learned: evidently a major problem in designing seating at opera houses is the lack of a place to put one's hat. Heinrich Christian Anderson was both a philosopher ... read more
Wall of designed things.
A nod to the Hand chair, perhaps?
Footstool. Get it?

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