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Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim October 4th 2008

We have finally found an internet cafe that will let us upload pictures! Make sure to look back at our previous entries to see them! We left our Koblenz hotel room by 10:00am on the first of October, and had a rough time finding our way across the Rhein to get back on our bike path. The bridge was definitely made more for cars, and the bike route was poorly signed. The bridge was incredibly windy, which made it difficult to steer straight. After finding our bike route again, the clouds became gloomier and threatened to rain. We were hit by several sprinkling showers, but nothing serious. The first day's ride along the Rhine was very scenic. It seemed that as soon as we lost view of one castle behind us another would pop up ahead. ... read more
The Cliffs of the Loreley
Our Humble Abode

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim October 4th 2008

When Germany gets behind something, it gets behind something. Bio (the German buzz word for organic) sells Bio everywhere. There are bio stores, bio sections in the supermarket, and even bio restaurants. The Germans are sticklers for organization. Every trash barrel has a place for regular trash (Restmüle), bottles, and paper. It´s funny but in 1997, they claimed they were phasing out smoking in public places but I didn´t think it would be a reality. Only just recently has the idea of going to the gym become popular. They eat a lot of cheese, bread, and drink a lot. So why should the life expectancy be longer than ours? (The average German woman lives into her early 80s). The biggest difference is what goes in their stomachs. While preservative free seems to be a fad in ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim September 30th 2008

Greetings from Germany! Just letting you that the cable men are as slow as molasses but will be getting internet in the middle of Oktober and will then be writing regular entries. Here are a few photos from Mannheim. We live right by the Rhein river, the biggest river in Europe (which is like being the best Bullfighter in Alaska). Until then, please stay in touch! PG I hope to be fluent in six months! ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim September 19th 2008

After a decent but exhausting nightime flight stopping in Dublin, I made it to Mannheim Germany. No time to rest as I am now just arriving in Munich for Oktoberfest!! More to report soon with photos from the last day in Essex plus great pics and videos from Oktoberfest!! Travel Tips for Americans on a budget: They have a lot of people who post on the internet if they need or are willing to provide rides to places around Germany. It is called Mitfahrzentrala- Look it Up! ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim July 19th 2008

...That I haven't had any updates for a while. This is a combination of not much going on, boring things going on, things going on where I couldn't take pictures, etc. So here's what's been happening lately. Monday (the 14th) we spent almost all day in Heidelberg. We walked a "Philosopher's Path" that was a very long and steep trek through the mountains on one side of the Heidelberg valley. It was pretty sweet and I got some good pictures from high up. I believe this was the first time someone made fun of Brian for apologizing too much and he said "sorry" before he got a chance to think. After that, we went into the city and looked at a church and a jail, the latter of which looked more inviting. After seeing the amazing ... read more
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim July 6th 2008

To start off my entry, I have a creepy anecdote. The other day, I was riding to a soccer game on the S-Bahn. It was really cramped and more people were getting on on every stop. I was stuck up next to this homeless lady and had to be pressed against her. This was bad enough, until I glanced down at the baby carriage she was pushing. The inside where the baby would have been was covered in blood. It kind of freaked me out, but I didn't want to do anything, so I just waited and prayed to god she wasn't going to force me at knifepoint to play "family" or some other creepy thing. She got off soon and I was relieved. The german lady next to me seemed to be happy, too. Weird... ... read more
nathaniel throwing up a gang sign
Photo 3
Photo 4

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim July 2nd 2008

I just wrote a huge blog on what's been going on, and I lost it. So here's the synopsis (I'm really tired and ready for bed): After spending the morning at school and in a tour, we went bowling and out walking. At night, we talked a crapload and it was refreshing to speak so much good german. Everyone has been complimenting me and going out of their ways to talk to me, which is good for my self-esteem. My german also gets me invited to a lot of stuff, so I've been and will be very busy the whole time I'm here. It's really hard to type in English right now. Hopefully I can type more tomorrow... In the meantime, enjoy some pictures.... read more
All of the taxis are Mercedez-Benzes
My lane-mates

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim July 1st 2008

I finally am in Germany and settled down. I'm staying with a very nice family. The parents are Indian, which adds to the cultural learning that this trip is all about. I have pictures, but no way of uploading them at this second, so you'll have to wait. The plane was delayed about an hour, but everything went smoothly and nothing bad happened. I only got about 2 hours or so of sleep, so I'm about to pass out. I'm looking forward to viewing the city through rested eyes! I'm also very happy that my guitar made it through baggage check and so on. Pictures tomorrow... ... read more
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Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim June 12th 2008

We´re in Mannheim! Yay us. We´ve invented a new expression - bug-eyed, meaning I have yet another bug in my eye, we´ve carried our bikes across snow drifts, been caught in a hailstorm, Christie has bug bites from her head to her toes and we´re loving it! To try and bring you up to speed, after a good-damn awful night in Milano where we literally had a highway directly outside our window and a Scottish grid iron team on the floor above us having an all nigth party (and I can attest to this as I went upstairs at 2am and told them to shut up) we set off for Lecco. We left Milan along the canal paths, but only managed to escape thanks to the kindness of an old cyclist who lead us many kilometers ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim May 12th 2007

I just wanted to post a blog about what everything is like just living here. First of all, we weren't able to get off-post housing. They've started a new policy here that everyone "regardless of rank or circumstance" must live on post as long as they can accommodate your housing needs (i.e. number of bedrooms). Since we don't have kids we qualify for a 2 bedroom and they had plenty of those :( So, we're on post. We're living in the back of the neighborhood and there are 6 apartments (yes, apartments) in our building. We picked the 3rd floor...our side of the stairwell is all 2 bedroom apartments but the other side is all 3 and 4 bedrooms so they all have kids. Living upstairs eliminates the amount of traffic that goes screaming past ... read more
Floor Plan

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