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Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim April 11th 2007

Right in the centre of Mannheim is a huge ornate water tower, it’s so old and yet so decorated you can’t believe it’s just a water tower. Well this was the only building left standing after the war. This city was flattened, there were no 2 bricks together after the allies bombed it and yet this enormous structure was untouched. I think the Poms should have taken better target practice. Before the war the BASF manufacturing site was both sides of the Rhine. One side Ludwigshaven and the other Mannheim. It was a prime target to hit because it was used the manufacture weapons. You might well ask "how do I know this stuff”? Well Pete and I went to BASF, to the recently opened Visitors Centre. How fantastic was this. We were the first ... read more
Pigment development
Pete an his Polyurathane samples

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim June 23rd 2006

well i have very little time. we have stopped off at a little town to catch our next train to leipzig called mannheim. i forget the last time that i updated this thing but i am fine everything is ok. we left amsterdam...what a freaken city it was soo discusting words cant even describe. we left their two days ago and headed to kaiserslautern a small town in the palatine forest...just past the reine river. we stayed at the sweetist little hotel in the forest. we didnt know how far awaz it was so we went on a little hike. it was deep into the forest like a little bed and breakfast. very nice people... it had a small (very small) town feel. i have a bunch of pics and will try and upload them now ... read more
on the plane
amsterdam station
amsterdam station

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim June 18th 2006

What a couple of days! Went out in London until late and then had to rise xtra early for flight to Frankfurt. Problem was we got a cheap flight from London-Stansted instead of heathrow. The tube didnt run early enough, so we had to catch a $200 cab ride to the airport at 530AM. The cab driver was a complete idiot and missed our exit twice. The result? We missed boarding by 5 min. At this point quig and joe started to panic and were ready to do something crazy, like rent a car and drive across france to germany. I was afraid to tell them no way and I would meet them in Amsterdam. Luckily, we found a flight on another airline to Cologne and caught a train from there. Not cheap. After a long, ... read more
Entering the Stadium
My Future Wife
packed house

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim June 11th 2006

Nothing new since yesterday's post, but have been trying to add some pictures for you to see. It is a slow, slow process so may not get many up today, but will try to add whenever we can. We are still at Megan's enjoying the visit and the full-size hot shower. The one in the RV is very small with limited water so this is a real treat! ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim June 10th 2006

We are in southwest Germany visiting our niece Megan who is stationed in the army at Ramstead Army Base. We are enjoying the chance to visit with her since we haven't seen in in a year. She has wireless in her apartment - horray!! So we can do a travel update. We last talked to you from Prague. Since then we have seen much better weather - warm and sunny days. Because we are pretty far north it stays late past 10 PM in the evening so lots of time to do things. After leaving Prague we drove across Germany to Cologne and Essen. Cologne - Beautiful city which I fell in love with immediately. Had some difficulty finding our camp ground due to a road blocked for construction, but well worth it once found. The ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim June 6th 2005

So I did something I never thought possible. Played football for England! More precisely,the Manchester side at the Logica World Cup, in Speyer, Germany. In a gag probably best kept between the team, we donned our kits (replica's from 'Escape to Victory') and took to the field. Italy won. We did beat Germany 3-0 though... Rock on.... read more
The only team to score against Italy
Sleepy Speyer Main Drag
Minaretes of Speyer Cathedral

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