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Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim January 10th 2009

A lot cheaper than farmer's markets in the states, these are meant for all people, not just organic loving, reusable tote bag totting, soy milk drinkers. These markets are in just about every city and is about 100 meters from the house. You can buy fresh, local food here, and also there is a hunter that shows up once in a while with wild boar and deer! ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim January 9th 2009

Here are a few photos, as requested, of the spacious and cheap apartment I am living in. Enjoy!... read more
Wohn Zimmer
I will check my facts

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim January 7th 2009

It is a cold winter so far and Mannheim doesn't see snow that often but I believe we will see a lot more! Great for the Riesling, though. One thing you have to watch out for, at least in my neighborhood, is that they don't salt all the roads. There will be dangerous sheets of ice everwhere so best to stay to the side of the road. It is a strange time in Germany. There aren't that many fests but it is a great time to check out the public theater or get to know your local restaurants. How is winter for you? Write often! ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim January 2nd 2009

So it is 2009! It was a very eventful 2008 and a very, very busy holiday season. I am looking forward to some relaxation time in Mannheim this month but please check back for pictures from Prague. We had a very nice New Year's eve that included cooking a six course meal at home, watching Dinner for One, and watching the fireworks by the Rhein river. Every year since after the war, a television play called Dinner for One is shown at the same time, on the same channel. It is actually pretty funny and involves an old woman toasting all her friends on her 90th birthday. As she is the only one left, her butler has to act out all the parts and gets very drunk in the process! Fireworks are also a New Years ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim December 25th 2008

Frohe Weinachten people, family, and friends! I want to thank everyone who made this trip to Germany so far happy and healthy. I am excited to say it has been productive so far. I now am a legal alien and will be taking intensive German in Heidelberg so that I can go back and fix my gramatical errors on the website. Seriously though, it has been a blast so far. The people are great, food is spectacular, and life is very exciting. Tomorrow we head off to Prague so look for more photos and entries after the new year. Please email me as it is alway great to hear from you! Best, PG... read more
cold and the gang
Holy night!
but the food is good!

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim December 9th 2008

So it is good to be back in Germany. It is a few degrees warmer here but still not LA weather! I welcome a wintery Christmas, however. Tonight, I will be going to the Weinachtsmarkt. This is something just about every city has in Germany. It is a venue for merchants to sell their expensive but quaint Christmas gifts. They also have food, rides, and Gluhwein! So I figured out how Santa Claus is able to cover so much ground. I learned that he comes around on the Sixth of December (his birthday) and children leave out their shoes in hopes of finding candy. I never did this because I grew up with a cat. While a fat American Santa is squeezing through chimneys and bypassing security systems, Germany is treated by two visitors. The Christ ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim November 1st 2008

Did you know that Halloween is still an infant here in Germany?? For ten years, people have gotten familiarized with ghosts, goblins, and trick-or-treating on Halloween. You still can't find a great selection of costumes and when people have Halloween partys, they hardly dress up! This is because their "Halloween" is called Fastnacht and it is our Mardi Gras. It involves a huge parade, lots of bars, costumes, special songs, and great times. Mardi Gras has the same origin but Fastnacht was started to send the winter home. However, for this blogger, it means no meat on Fridays! Plenty of great food, including a bloody hand in pasta made from almonds and sausages, at our party. Around 25 people showed up and we showed them how to bob for apples, pin the broom on the witch, ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim October 28th 2008

Hello Friends of Paul, Finally I have internet. So continue to peruse this site to see my wacky adventures. Tomorrow, I'll put my photos from Freiburg and Europa park! Ciao! PG... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim October 17th 2008

The great thing about being in Germany is that absolutely no one cares about baseball. Sure that means you can´t find a sports bar that would play the most historical single season game comeback but it does mean I can succesfully sleep through the night, watch the game online and not know the outcome. So I watched the game on delay, so it isn´t the same watching it on a computer, but I have the chewed fingernails to prove that I was just as nervous. Down 7 nothing in the 7th, Big Papi returns. What made me cry for joy was the fumble on first. Everyone who watched has their own memories. It isn´t wrapped up yet. We still have 2 games to win but let us focus on Saturday. There is nothing like watching the ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mannheim October 16th 2008

So I am not sure if it is just certain people or everyone. Since I like to assume a lot, I will just assume Germans are party poopers when it comes to Halloween. We are having a costume party. Says it all in the title, right? So why would people jump for joy when you are having a party and hoot and holler when they have to wear a costume. I hope better heads will prevail and I will get to see a lot of costumes that people would normally wear for Mardi Gras. Now that is one party people will dress up for. Look for photos to come of the Halloween party. Hopefully by then I will have internet!!! I have been camping out at various places that has internet, including this cafe, and watching ... read more

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