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July 6th 2008
Published: July 6th 2008
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To start off my entry, I have a creepy anecdote. The other day, I was riding to a soccer game on the S-Bahn. It was really cramped and more people were getting on on every stop. I was stuck up next to this homeless lady and had to be pressed against her. This was bad enough, until I glanced down at the baby carriage she was pushing. The inside where the baby would have been was covered in blood. It kind of freaked me out, but I didn't want to do anything, so I just waited and prayed to god she wasn't going to force me at knifepoint to play "family" or some other creepy thing. She got off soon and I was relieved. The german lady next to me seemed to be happy, too. Weird...

Well, I've missed a couple of days of blogs, just because it's hard to make one every day. On the fourth of July, we attended a play that the school put on. Since they don't have sports teams or anything, it's a big deal, especially since the students work on it with teachers. It was really good. It was hard to understand at some parts, but I got enough of it to enjoy it. I even got one or two of the jokes. Even if I couldn't have understood it, the acting would still have been impressive, especially since it's not a performing arts school. After that, we attended a Volksfest at the US military base (like the fair, only cooler). I got cheated out of a glass that I won in one of the circus games. It was essentially beer pong and when your ping pong ball landed in a glass, you wont that glass. I won 6 of them, because I'm awesome. Some jerkoff next to me claimed one of my bottles as his and they gave it to him, even though everyone with me was arguing with them. I still wiped the floor with all of the people playing next to me and one of them had spent $25 on ping pong balls!

Yesterday was really fun, too, even though it was at times frustrating when we didn't know what to do. I slept in until 1:30 and then went grocery shopping with Aman and his dad. It was actually really cool. Stuff like bread is incredibly cheap, and other weird stuff like salsa is expensive. We were also buying meat to grill at the Grillfest that night. I don't really know the german words for all of the different cuts of meat, so I picked the one that looked the best. It turned out to be pig neck. It sounds weird, but it was marinated in something with oregano and was really delicious. After we FINALLY ate at like 8:00 that night, we just hung out and talked. A long game of Big Booty was also had. Highlights included Simone getting flustered and saying "I gotta big booty" instead of whatever she was supposed to say. Also, for some reason, we have adopted saying "the tribe has spoken." I don't know why; I think Conner just said it one time. But anyway, after the Grillfest, we just walked home.

As usual, I don't really have any idea of what we're doing today. The pictures in this blog are all from the last few days. I'll try to upload them in order of when they were taken.

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