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Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Le Mans September 21st 2022

Up early to get to Le Mans. Well we had a diversion of what must have been at least 20 miles as the A28 where we needed to get on was closed. To be honest this was quite good for me as it gave me a break from being buffeted on the motorway - I know I will need a back and shoulder massage when we get back to the UK as cor blimey my right shoulder has so many aches due to having to hold the motorhome in the wind. We have to stop at a toll and there are swarms of gendarmeries on the other side so I am thinking get me out of here bleeding quick before I get stopped even though I have done nothing wrong. However when I see a policeman ... read more
The cathedral
I cannot do it justice
One of the stained glass windows

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire June 29th 2022

TOUR 3 – La France – WED, 29 JUN 2022 – “Day 5: SAINT-MALO–ESSÉ–ANGERS–LOIRE VALLEY - ESSÉ Visit La Roche-aux-Fées; ANGERS Orientation tour. Free time to browse before continuing to the Loire Valley. (B); 267 mi / 430 km” T’was a very good day for Uncle Larry to screw up again and delete the daytime photos. It was rainy and there was nothing monumental to photograph anyway. A group photo was shared by a travelmate, and I took some photos of our optional trip to a fancy French restaurant for a gourmet meal after my self-inflicted photographic disaster.... read more
On the Way to the Optional Dinner at the Fancy French Restaurant
On the Way to the Optional Dinner at the Fancy French Restaurant
On the Way to the Optional Dinner at the Fancy French Restaurant

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers June 10th 2022

Summer has arrived. Suddenly and without warning. Went out in a t-shirt as very cloudy and forecast said that was what we were getting. Came back at the endof the day with a very positive tan having spent the best part of the day in full sunshine under a glorious blue sky. After the last month in England feeling positively chilly this warmth is absolutely wonderful. The day was pretty wonderful too. We had decided to visit Saumur, somewhere we have been a couple of times before, including stopping on the campsite on the island in the middle of the Loire. Bob chose a very scenic route so that we could just wander along and explore as not been this end of the Loire itself before. Super idea. Our campsite is a couple of miles North ... read more
220610 Brain-sur-l-authion (48)
220610 Brain-sur-l-authion (52)
220610 Brain-sur-l-authion (66)

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers June 9th 2022

Note :I've had to select Angers as the town we are staying but we are not actually there but at Brain-sur-L'Authion ( that is not in the list of towns I can select). Early start today as it's the longest drive of the trip..300+ Km which is quite far enough in a 3.5 ton motorhome with a Smart Car on tow behind. And of course we are on holiday so really don't need to stress ourselves. We did have a stressful moment last night when Bob loaded Smart Arse back on the trailer ready to set off this morning and found that one of the tie down straps had split in two. He had originally had the straps round the wheels but tried a different method with one under the front of the car, wheel to ... read more
220609 brain-sur-l'authion (4)
220609 brain-sur-l'authion (5)
220609 brain-sur-l'authion (10)

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Nantes October 13th 2021

Heute bin ich durch Nantes spaziert. Mein erster Besuch datiert ja aus dem Jahr 1992 während meiner Interrail-Reise. Diesmal ging ich zum Schloss der Herzöge von Burgund und besichtigte dort das Museum über die Stadt. Es setzt etwas spät in der Geschichte ein und behandelt den Seehandel und auch einen Teil zur deutschen Besatzung. Von dort lief ich weiter zur beschädigten und im Moment geschlossenen Kathedrale. Aber Nachwirkungen des Brandes konnte ich nicht entdecken. Anschließend besuchte ich ein Starbucks in der Altstadt. Also mit meiner Karte bekomme ich immerhin 10% Rabatt, kann aber damit in Frankreich nicht zahlen. Die Machines de l'ile (also ein Park mit großen künstlerischen Maschinen auf der Insel in der Loire) habe ich mir gespart, da er zum einen etwas abseits und zum anderen für mich nicht interessant genug ist. Statt dessen ... read more
Schloss der Herzöge von Burgund.
Schloss der Herzöge von Burgund.
Die beschädigte Kathedrale von Nantes.

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Nantes October 12th 2021

Heute habe ich wieder gut gefrühstückt (u.a. wie gestern mit Croissant) und fuhr dann zum Chateau d'Azay-le-Rideau. Das war gewissermaßen zum Aufwärmen. Auch dort kann man schön ohne Führung herum laufen und es gab auch einige Möbel in den Zimmern. Von dort ging es weiter nach Angers. Dort war ich im Starbucks und dann in der Altstadt mit dem Château d'Angers. Dieses hat hohe Mauern und einen riesigen Wandteppich zum Thema Apokalypse. Es war der Sitz der Herzöge von Anjou. Danach machte ich mich auf den Weg nach Nantes, wo ich mein Hotel problemlos erreichte. Auch Abendessen gab es dort. Ein Kommentar zum Wetter: seit 4 Tagen habe ich weitgehend Sonnenschein bei knapp 20 Grad. Also eigentlich perfekt, denn höhere Temperaturen wären für ein Kulturprogramm schlecht. Morgen werde ich mit dann die ehemalige Hauptstadt der Bretagne ... read more
Château d'Angers.
Château d'Angers.
Château d'Angers.

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers June 2nd 2019

So, we're off again, and blogging again. This trip is mostly to the UK, for a family gathering which was supposed to be for my mum's 90th birthday. Sadly though, she decided she didn't fancy being 90 and gave it a miss. At the funeral last month (no blog for that trip) we all agreed we'd get together anyway. So we're heading (eventually) for Abergavenny. However, we'd head meanwhile that there's some good stuff going on in Normandy this week, so decided to head off early and take in some of that. So after morning service today, we had a quick lunch and finished loading the van, then set off. Today, we kept it to a couple of hours (or just over), and no toll roads, which brought us to the rather remote Aire near Chanzeaux, ... read more

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Nantes May 30th 2019

Thursday 30thMay Today was a public holiday for Ascension Day, and this would be a busy weekend in France, as a lot of people would ‘font le pont’ and take Friday off to get a four-day weekend. My hosts planned an overnight trip for us to Nantes – we would be staying with friends of theirs. After lunch we headed off and after about an hour we arrived. The friends of my hosts took us out walking and we headed for the port. Nantes is on the Loire River, just about 10 or 15 km from its mouth at St Nazaire. Nantes is also one end of the Nantes-Brest Canal, mentioned previously. Hence Nantes was a very important port ands ship-building centre. The port is now primarily for pleasure craft, and there was an excited crowd ... read more
Place Royale with Fountain
Basilique Saint-Nicolas

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Angers May 20th 2019

Saturday 18th May This morning I got up early to go to Angers by train for the day. This was mainly in order to meet my French teacher from Gosford, who moved back to France this year. The train from Guipry-Messac was at 7:54, followed by a 51 minute wait in Rennes for the train to Angers – about twice as long as the train trip from Guipry to Rennes! I arrived at Angers at about 10:45. Angers immediately struck me as a vibrant city, very clean and well looked after, with people in all the public places. I made my way to the enormous and imposing château, built on a bluff overlooking the river Maine. The huge dry moat, walls and towers, and the sheer size of the castle are all remarkable. I went looking ... read more
The Apocalypse Tapestry
Looking Down the Steps from the Cathedral towards the River
Tiny Door on Medieval House

Europe » France » Pays-de-la-Loire » Les Sables-d'Olonne February 16th 2019

Sleeping to the sound of Atlantic waves rather than Mediterranean ones - don't sound much different actually! After over 7 weeks and 4000 miles, the "leisure" battery decided to play up now we're nearly home! Thanks be to God it didn't happen earlier. Just meant we had to warm up some bottled water in the kettle to have washes instead of showers - won't kill us for once. Home in time for lunch, then a MAJOR unloading/sorting exercise! Didn't even get as far as taking down the Christ,as decs we'd peft up when we left. Bit of shopping from Super U, where the cashier said she'd missed us and asked if we'd been back to England! Late afternoon, finally down to the Bar du Pont for an aperitif, then home to cook John and Scarlette's home-made ... read more

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