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Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse July 17th 2018

(for Igor) The usual fear and loathing Trouble began when the flight from San Francisco to Manchester was over an hour late taking off. I arrived at the gate for my connecting flight to Toulouse just as the door to the plane closed. Realizing I would not be able to find another flight out of Manchester that night, I bought a business class ticket to London where the connections to Toulouse would be more plentiful. A travel tip: fly business class, bring a canteen. I was at a bar in the British Air Business Lounge at Heathrow (one of the perks of flying business class) waiting for a bartender to appear, when a woman stepped behind the bar and filled a canteen with Tanqueray. She looked at me staring at her with my mouth agape. "For ... read more
Chateau Peyrepertuse I
Chateau Peyrepertuse II

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Lourdes May 31st 2018

Pamplona schnell verlassene, wandte ich mich den Pyrenäen zu. Auch hier überrascht: steile Hänge, oben noch Schneefelder und wunderschön. Ich fuhr neun der Pässe, mehr war nicht drin aus Zeitgründen. Dann nach Lourdes. Die Stadt hat das wirtschaftliche Potential der Marienerscheinung erkannt und perfekt vermarktet. So viele Hotels auf einem Haufen habe ich noch nie gesehen. Ich fand meines lange nicht und fuhr am Schluss wutschnaubend in die verkehrte Richtung durch eine Einbahnstraße. Es schüttete und es kam keiner. Nur in Singapur hatte ich ein kleineres Zimmer. Dann ging ich zur GROTTE, die nicht verschlossen wird, weil außerhalb, unter der Kirche. Die Leute pressen Sachen an die Wände der Grotte, fahren mit den Händen die Felswände entlang. Bisher hat noch keiner geschrien, dass er wieder sehen oder gehen kann. Die Läden im Umfeld sind von der ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées April 13th 2018

Es regnete immerhin nicht den ganzen Tag. Aber um weiter zu kommen war ich den ganzen Tag auf der Auto5. Eigentlich wollte ich in Perpignan noch etwas herumlaufen, aber da regnete es zu stark.😭... read more
Perpignan -kein Ufo sondern Theater

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse February 8th 2018

Here we are, back on the Old Continent....and a trip over 3 the cold...for the next coming days. It will be all about food, wine, old buildings, and yes, even some sport! Imagine, I never made my way to the City of Toulouse. I have to admit, not only the Old Town is gorgeous, but the people are some of the friendliest you will find in the all of France. Tourists have not really made it to Toulouse. Trying to find a post card was a challenge! The city is actually hosting a huge University. So there are young people all around the place. Toulouse is also hosting the seriously well know Airbus. The airport is surrounded by factories of Airbus. We saw A380 and A350 with colors from all over the world. This is ... read more
Visiting Airbus, sadly not that many places to take pictures...
It's food and bubble time...

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées November 17th 2017

It is said that that real outdoors people plan their hikes as they walk the trek. This spontaneity supposedly enhances the experience as a whole. While this may be true, it is prudent to get your own plans figured out well in advance. Spontaneity is good, but organisation is better (and indeed safer), especially when it comes to an Alpine adventure. The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of Europe’s most popular hikes and a favourite for both new and accomplished trekkers around the world. It is not an experience you want to plan for on the go, because its vast stretch of massifs and valleys can spring a surprise anytime. If you think you have the constitution for this legendary trek then make sure you contact an organisation that knows these mountains and can help ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Rocamadour September 20th 2017

Bob had found a Wednesday market at Martel, just 20 km away so an easy scooter ride. Air as cold as ice as we set off so both wearing 3 layers. We stopped first at Montvalant, a little hamlet with some nice buildings. We love the classic shapes and colours of Dordogne dwellings especially across the rooftops. Down the hill from there to the Dordogne. The road had a few more big trucks on than we prefer as Kisbee doesn’t like the slipstream and neither do I. We crossed the river at Gluges and said we would stop on the way back but needed to get to Martel while the market was still open. We saw the 7 towers of Martel as we approached. A very attractive view and the town itself proved to be even ... read more
Martel market (1)
Martel church
By the Dordogne at Creysse

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Rocamadour September 19th 2017

Bob woke me in the early hours thinking it was raining and we had left the towels out ‘to dry’. Not rain but very heavy, down to the ground sort of mist and all the towels were totally soaked. So much so that I had to stick them in the campsite tumble dryer. Also Very chilly as no sun could get through that thickness of cloud cover so we hung about all morning, with Tandy’s heater on for a while until the mist lifted and the sky brightened. Bob got Kisbee out and we dressed in extra layers (think I’ll pack boots next September and certainly my fur lined fleece !) and after lunch set out for Rocamadour. Only 7 km but cold ones. At one point one of my legs was really hot as the ... read more
170919 Rocamadour (60)
The Black Madonna
170919 Rocamadour (30)

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Rocamadour September 18th 2017

Started raining in the early hours and had to leap out of bed to retrieve my swimming things which were supposedly drying outside. Still raining as we left the campsite and set off for the Lot / Dordogne. Route was to take us through some lovely places and countryside but hard to see the scenery most of the way as we had either very low cloud or drizzle or heavy rain. Quite depressing really as forecast had shown it better further north but the nasty clouds just kept following us. Had a few bright moments with patches of blue sky when the rain stopped for a few miles but it soon enough started again. Discovered this morning that our surprise at seeing so much snow on the Pyrenees yesterday was justified. It has snowed there for ... read more
Rather a good tree tunnel
170918 Rocamadour (101)
Cordes sur Ciel

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Auch September 9th 2017

Woken in the night by the sound of acorns pinging down onto the roof of a nearby chalet. Woken next by the unwanted but expected sound of rain on Tandy’s roof. Exactly as forecast it rained almost all day. Every now and then we got a lull so dived outside to stretch our legs and managed to fit this in well between the heavy showers. Even managed a walk round the campsite lake which is an astonishingly lovely spot, the other side of the lake being quite secluded and ‘back to nature’ while our side has the pool, swimming and canoe lake and the bar/ restaurant. We didn’t use the pool. Second time the rain stopped I wandered down to it and considered reading on a lounger instead of stuck inside Tandy as the sun was ... read more
Spot the penguin playing hide and seek between showers
170909 Seissan (3)
170909 Seissan (5)

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Auch September 8th 2017

Seemed like a long day’s driving today as we left one campsite before 9.30 and didn’t get to the next until after 4pm. The driving was all down to Bob of course. I just sit beside him, point him in the right direction when the route is unclear (sometimes my right direction is wrong !) and click, click away on my camera. It was quite a long drive anyway, about 350 km which is plenty in a 3.5 ton Tandy. No motorways involved except the 20km stretch we were forced onto when the road was suddenly barred in front of us for road works. Not the first set of road works, or diversions today either. The first week in September always brings out all the road diggers and bollards in France as soon as the holidays ... read more
Came across a castle, on one of the accidental detours down a too narrow road
The vines remind me off ostriches
Penguin tries the campsite canoe for size

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