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Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Auch September 8th 2017

Seemed like a long day’s driving today as we left one campsite before 9.30 and didn’t get to the next until after 4pm. The driving was all down to Bob of course. I just sit beside him, point him in the right direction when the route is unclear (sometimes my right direction is wrong !) and click, click away on my camera. It was quite a long drive anyway, about 350 km which is plenty in a 3.5 ton Tandy. No motorways involved except the 20km stretch we were forced onto when the road was suddenly barred in front of us for road works. Not the first set of road works, or diversions today either. The first week in September always brings out all the road diggers and bollards in France as soon as the holidays ... read more
Came across a castle, on one of the accidental detours down a too narrow road
The vines remind me off ostriches
Penguin tries the campsite canoe for size

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Toulouse August 16th 2017

The expression pretty in pink springs to mind when visiting this rose of a city. Toulouse is renowned for it's uniformly "pink" terracotta coloured roofing. In certain lights, you can certainly see a rosy halo which bathes the city in the warmest of hues. Compared to other cities we have been to, there was a marked lack of tourists around. It was a nice departure from the usual mass of humanity we routinely encountered in our travels. Toulouse is a very walkable city, just as well as we only had a day there really as we changed the itinerary to have one night here to break up what would be an otherwise painful train ride. As it was, the overnight train ride was painful anyway. There were no phone/device charging points (odd considering that such a ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ax-les-Thermes August 8th 2017

Yesterday looked like it should have been fairly dull. After a late breakfast we headed to the nearest town, Ax, and introduced the boy to French cafe culture as we sat outside and had a plate of meats and cheeses (rather too much meats and cheeses as it turns out!). A wander up to the thermal springs for baby splash time (lots of crying when we had to leave) and a trip to a supermarket before home and a quiet evening. First off, in the supermarket, a very elderly French lady took a shine to the baby and literally followed us around to coo over him. Once was sweet and flattering (no idea what she was saying) twice, amusing, by the sixth time, when it looked like she was actually going to get in the car ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ariege August 6th 2017

Friday was hot, really hot so we went somewhere higher and therefore cooler, Andorra. With my usually grest sense of direction and my genius, knows a lot of geography, brother, we should have got to where we were going easily, especially as we had all been to the place we were going to before. This didn't happen. We spent ten quid going both ways through a tunnel which we didn't even need to go through and only realised we weren't on the cable car we thought we were until we got to the top and couldn't go any further. The baby enjoyed the ride though and to be fair, the assortment of activities on offer up there were good to watch (my mini meltdown when the cable car stopped and swung perilously on the way up ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Ax-les-Thermes August 3rd 2017

Everyone should stay in a yurt, and everyone should stay in this one. Beautiful setting, amazing bed, best service ever, lovely pool and even goats. Sadly the perfect storm of crazy teething, silly heat and relentless sea legs meant the only boy I really got to enjoy was the view. After an amazing breakfast with the single most amazing yoghurt I've ever eaten (honestly, it was like some kind of heavenly offering) we headed off to the deepest darkest Pyrenees. The baby was very sleepy after his ' intetesting' nights sleep so he slept, I slept and we motored on. A stop for lunch saw the baby pulling out all the charm on a much older French girl (she must have been at least four, I'm hopeful for a Hollywood style meeting of the two of ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Lourdes July 9th 2017

We stayed two nights in Lescar the reason we wanted to visit Lourdes. We had been there so forty years ago. It was well worth it. Things had changed. On arrival we found a park of all places at the Hospital. We did not know at the time but liz had an urgent nature call so she went inside a door that was open and finished up in a doctors room. She talked to a woman doctor that was sitting behind her desk. Explaining the urgency Liz was allowed to use the facilities in the doctor's room. That was a relief. We had everything now, a park and no looking for a toilet. We walked towards the Grotto not that far away. Lots of people go in the same direction so that is easy. arriving the ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Lourdes July 7th 2017

We landed in this lovely place called Cognac. We had no idea this was a beaut. It is in the middle of wine country and not that far from Bordeaux. We had time to look around but that was all for we were only there for the night. It was very busy in the city. people doing their shopping and cafe's were full and lively. People sitting at terraces having a glass of wine or a beer. We did window shopping, but were not in any need of anything. We felt a bit flat so we stopped at a place that sold pancakes. A big Kiwi bloke was doing the baking. We talked with him, he wanted to now what two Aussies were doing in Cognac. He was telling us he used to play rugby and ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Lourdes July 3rd 2017

We are now a few days further and we will try to continue with our story. We finished on the Farm where we stayed two days in a you could say Convent. absolutely nothing there. Not even a radio and the Internet mostly not there. The good part was the breakfast. A long table where all the Guests were seated at 8.30 in the morning to enjoy a simple breakfast. It was the Company that made he breakfast. The stories from all the guests were amazing. This was our last day there. The weather was not improving and we left the farm in wet conditions. Our next stop was Blois more land inwards that had a nice Chateaux. It was at the Loire where most of the castles France. Approaching a small village we could ... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées » Tournefeuille July 3rd 2017

Le voyage se prépare avec les dernières reservations, notamment le train de nuit Xi'an vers Chengdu avec couchettes molles qui semble bien prisé des chinois et des touristes.... read more

Europe » France » Midi-Pyrénées May 24th 2017

We left Castelnaughty in the first week of April with most of our medical issues resolved, the French Medical system is excellent. Marg saw a hand surgeon after an MRI and had a cast put on her wrist and injections for pain relief whilst having a CT scan. Although not one hundred per cent it is a lot better. Pete’s day surgery went well and he is fully recovered although it took longer to get better than the biggie last year. We did seem to spend an awful lot of the winter in medical places including emergency ophthalmology when Peters eyeball fell apart! (Back together again now just like humpty dumpty). Found a great dentist and had some crowns done all at a fraction of the cost of Australia. (Seems to be a recurring theme) Thank ... read more
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