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Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Bayeux July 6th 2020

Maandag 6 juli – Bezoek Bayeux Bayeux is de eerste bevrijde grote stad na D-Day. De stad is de slag om Normandië ongeschonden doorgekomen en het heeft dan ook nog een knus centrum, adellijke paleizen en een prachtige kathedraal. Het Centre Guillaume le Conquérant herbergt een grote trekpleister: de Tapisserie. Dit bezoek nam ons bijna de hele dag in beslag. We moesten er van op de MH-parking 2 maal naar toe wandelen. De eerste keer in de late voormiddag mochten we niet meer binnen. De wachtfile was te lang, en het sloot van 12 tot 14 uur. Om 14 uur terug daar, en opnieuw 100m buitenfile. 't Zal wel overgaan zeker. Eerst iets drinken en later terug proberen, misschien dan minder file. Verloren moeite. Bleek later dat men om de 2 minuten 2 man binnen liet. ... read more
Bayeux - De Kathedraal

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Bayeux December 31st 2019

Bayeux - memories of driving in to the city in a car. Memories of seeing the tapestry . Memories of an omlette in a cafe for lunch . It was a Sunday . Odd how you remember exactly the day you were somewhere even years after. . This time we are here about 18 years later in Gabby the motorhome . Who ever would have thought we would be back ? Bayeux after Caen was a delight . Less traffic , less madness, no bus lanes and an excellent overnight possibility in the grounds of the Museum . Free parking in the day 5 euros overnight , Not bad at all. We could stop if we wanted to or move on . Depending on how the mood took us . We are at the Memorial to ... read more
Memories of dad
Nurses uniform from the 2nd World War
a caterpillar tank

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Bayeux December 18th 2019

After leaving Prague, we arrived in Paris (Charles De Gaulle Airport) to pick up our rental car for our trip to Normandy and the WWII beaches! Unfortunately, the car was not ready which delayed our trip for over an hour and we drove to Bayeux in pouring rain as the sun set, making the grey day even bleaker. We arrived at Au Loup Historic Apartments in Bayeux late but we were able to gain access by connecting with the hotel staff during a frantic drive in the dark with pouring rain! The apartments were not a normal hotel as you get codes and basically stay in a fully equipped apartment in an old cottage courtyard in the French village. Lovely apartment style residence and 2 minutes walking distance from the 11th century church and downtown. Very ... read more

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Bayeux August 30th 2019

WHIPPIE! 2ND DAY AT PARIS! The Mini Notre Dame Of Bayeux, Giant Crepes, Spag Bowl And New Hotel In Bayeux! I woke up at the right time in the morning to get down stairs and have a good breakfast. Lots of stuff happened today but the longest thing we did was go on a 2hr train ride to Caen to get our rental car, Then we drove to Bayeux to check in at our new hotel and then walked around the town of Bayeux for a while. My brother, My mum, My dad and I got a free history lesson from Peter ( a guy from a history shop that my brother brought from )! Haha, not funny. After that we went to The Mini Notre Dame of Bayeux! it was so cool, and near there ... read more

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Bayeux August 30th 2019

3RD DAY AT FRANCE! Omaha beach, The Museum gift shop, American war memorial and The world war ll cemetery ! We got up to have a delicious breakfast then we started our day. First we drove to Omaha beach and learnt a lot about the wars. Then we drove to the Museum but thought about going in to the museum but then decided that we weren't going to go in and just stayed in the gift shop. Then we went to Bayeux town and got a pastry, an ice-cream and some macaroons for desert. Next we went back to the hotel and I wrote this blog post! 3RD DAY AT FRANCE IS OVER! see y'all later!... read more

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Bayeux July 29th 2019

Doug was the third eldest of the 6 Kelley children that reached adulthood. The eldest 4 were all boys the youngest 2 - girls - Ruth (1928 - 2018) and Dorothy (1934 - ) nicknamed tiny by her elder brothers. Doug first enlisted July 20, 1941 at 16 - he lied about his age and used his father’s name. He was trained/training to be a vehicle mechanic. His father wrote a letter to the Minister of National Defence asking that Doug be kept in Canada - he in fact was discharged for being underage - Saving private Kelley part 1.... He re-enlisted less than a year after being discharged - he was 17 - this time he got his wish and made it overseas. He like so many other young men felt it a sense of ... read more
Motor vehicle and motorcycle mechanics course
Dad’ letter to Minister of Defence
Their response

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Bayeux July 28th 2019

Paris and most of Europe are breaking all heat records - Thursday night - 25th - we go out to eat at 22:00 - waiting till the temperature dropped to 39c - down from the high of 45c for the day. Danielle has a creme brûlée - I have the cafe’s signature salad - the Funambules - a mix of greens and iceberg lettuce, boiled eggs, cured ham, cubed medium hard cheese and roasted small potatoes in an acidic balsamic dressing with a few slices of baguette and a nice merlot - I am eating my way to gout... The heat is unbearable - we eat quickly - an hour in a cafe is very quick - we scramble back to our hotel and the safety of air conditioning - which most of the residents of ... read more
coffee cups from train station

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Bayeux September 11th 2018

Good thing we set our alarm last night. After almost nine hours of sleep, it rudely woke us in time for a wonderful breakfast. We set out for our first destination, Ste mere Eglise. This town was the first town liberated by the US forces on D day. The 82nd Aiborne parachuted and glided in. Located in town is a wonderful museum packed full of D Day artifacts and videos that will bring a tear to your eye. It does a great job of paying tribute to the brave soldiers and airmen that participated in this assault. From there, our next stop was Utah Beach. This location has special meaning, as Ray's uncle Arthur, a Navy Seabee, was injured on that beach during the invasion. While taking a photo at one of the memorials, a French ... read more
Red Button lives
D Day glider
The "Work Horse". C47

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Bayeux September 10th 2018

Well, what can I say. Today was a very long exhausting day. Left Boston at 7:10 pm, arriving at Charles de Gaulle airport at 7:20am, local time. The flight itself was very uneventful, arriving early, so we thought "Great". Not so fast, as we waited in line for 1 1/2 hours to get through immigration, then on to the car rental agency, which took another hour. So we didn't get on the road until 10:00am. Thankfully, our car is equipped with GPS, so we easily maneuvered through busy traffic, and arrived at our first stop, Giverny, to visit Monet's home and gardens. It was not disappointing, as the flowers were spectacular, and his home interesting, and filled with reproductions of his works. After a very delicious lunch of filled crepes, we headed off to Bayeux, where ... read more
Immigration in Paris
Monet' Garden
Money's garden

Europe » France » Lower Normandy » Bayeux July 16th 2016

Time for a serious piece of the last century history. I name the D-Day, the Battle of Normandy....and the serious start of the end on Hitler and all the fascism that was covering part of the world. We are now based in Bayeux for two nights. We are staying in a Novotel that was built before I was even born....but still way after the D-Day! We first spent some time exploring the city of Bayeux. The Cathedral was pretty amazing and has seen some serious moments in the history of France. We didn't visit the tapestry. I have to admit, we didn't bother forking the expensive entry fee. None of us is deeply into tapestry. Smile! We still had a good look at it touring the souvenir shop of the Museum. Bayeux city center was pretty ... read more
Utah Beach
American Cemetery
Tiffany will receive a huge lesson of history over two days...

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