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Europe » France » Corsica » Ajaccio September 17th 2017

Om 08.00 stond de bus al klaar voor de dagexcursie naar Ajaccio en omgeving. Met 16 in een bus voor 42. -'Ik wil aan 't raam zitten' was dus geen probleem !- Ook de vroeger bij schoolreizen en boerinnenbond uitstappen zo gegeerde achterbank bleef aanvankelijk leeg. Dus plaats genoeg om nu eens als passagier zicht te hebben over dat prachtige berglandschap en de uitzichten op de baai van Ajaccio, met ook de al drukke voorstad met zijn hoge betonnen woonblokken in aanbouw. Ajaccio noemt zich 'La ville impériale', want de geboortestad van Napoleon in 1769, toen een Genuees havenstadje met een bevolking van 3 à 4000 inwoners volgens onze gids. Een dorp dus, dat later door Empéreur Napoleon verfraaid en tot hoofdstad van Corsica gebombardeerd werd. Het enorme geboortehuis van 4 hoog, waar Napoleon slechts tot ... read more
Napoleon op de Place d'Austerlitz in Ajaccio
Boven de voordeur van een enorm groot huis
Einde van de aanschuifrij..

Europe » France » Corsica » Ajaccio September 14th 2017

Dag 13 – donderdag 14 september 2017 – Sagone Verplaatsing naar Sagone, aan de westkust (100km). De bergen door. De N193 tot bijna Ajaccio en dan de D81. Verschil tussen de 'nationale' en die 'departemental' is er bijna niet. Ze zijn allebei smal en men moet altijd over cols. De hoogste vandaag was 1163 m. Magnifieke vergezichten waar de chauffeur minder kan van genieten wegens de permanent kronkelende banen. Nu staan we terug op zeeniveau en we genieten verder van het mooie weer hier. Voor morgen hebben we pech. De geplande dagzeetocht langs de grillige westkust gaat niet door wegens te woelige zee. Doeme !... read more
Langs de N193
langs de N193

Europe » France » Corsica » Ajaccio September 5th 2016

Where to start? What a crazy series of changes for me in the last while. I’m back at sea – and for the first time in 5.5 years I’m not on the Oasis of the Seas. I ended up being transferred to a smaller ship with a much more exciting itinerary. In the summer The Jewel of the Seas is based out of Italy and does mostly Greek island cruises with a few other Mediterranean cruises thrown in. I was going to be coming home a few weeks before the ship crosses over to the Caribbean for the winter season. But… things change quickly. Even before I flew to Europe I was told to expect a long contract as I might be transferred mid contract to a third different ship and that’s exactly what’s happening now. ... read more
View from the top - Santorini
Seaside in Ajaccio

Europe » France » Corsica » Ajaccio June 8th 2015

Geo: 41.9186, 8.73688Our tour today was described as the Highlights of Ajaccio, which is in Corsica. We were coached out to what I can only describe as a car park with a view of some towers in the distance. Everyone was underwhelmed. Along the way we passed lots of fancy tombs in which all the local families were buried. This would have been an innteresting place to visit. However we drove by these to stop at Napolean's Cave, a rock under which he would sit when he got tired of being with his 11 brothers and sisters and a monument to him by the side of this which commemorated all the battles he fought whether he lost or won same. Finally we got off the coach in the town and passed by the monument to Napolean ... read more
Drinks in the bar
The highlight of Ajaccio
Mausoleums- a town of the dead

Europe » France » Corsica » Ajaccio April 3rd 2015

Total distance travelled from Santos: 6171 nautical miles So, the eve before our last port. Mrs H had been at the satellite imaging for the weather in the Mediterranean due to what we had heard from the MSC Splendida. I kept reassuring her at 10pm and 11 pm that we had missed the worst of the weather but she was adamant that we wouldn't hit the rough seas until 12 midnight. Sure enough, I had been asleep for 2 hours and at just after 2am I happened to awake. The ship was rocking slightly (but that's very subjective!!) A light was flickering and reflecting off the cabin bulkhead. As I turned over to investigate, there is Mrs H sitting up battling with level 410 of Candy Crush!! We have travelled just over 6,000 nautical miles of ... read more
Grotte Napoleon
Ajaccio cathedral
Dinner time in the L'arabesque

Europe » France » Corsica » Ajaccio September 17th 2013

Geo: 41.9186, 8.73688I am unpacking again. I have just spend one week in Corsica, this French island in the Mediterranean sea that we call the 'beauty island'. I went with Fan, my childhood friend. I wonder why we chose to go to an island as we are both sea sick but we did. On the way there the sea was very calm, however the way back was no fun. The sea was bad, they even almost cancelled the ferry and gave us plenty of puck-in bags. I used few of them but survived the crossing. In the end I still think it was worth it, we had lots of fun and there was not too many tourist.In Corsica there is something for everyone, from the beach with golden sand to mountain trails. Here is my list ... read more
Our ferry
small harbor on the Cap Corse

Europe » France » Corsica » Ajaccio June 30th 2013

Geo: 41.9266, 8.73529Sunday, June 30, 2013After grabbing a coffee and pain au chocolat at a hip little boulangerie, it was back on the road. The roads out of Propriano were a touch less twisty, but not by much. We made it into Ajaccio by about 10:30 to find a vantage point from which to watch the finish of stage 2, and again managed to find a parking spot across the street from the tourism office, and got the scoop. In fact, the finish line wasn't in town at all, but further out, at a tower near the sea. Since we needed to be at the airport pretty soon after the peloton passed through, we took the advice of the tourism office woman and decided to watch from the beginning of the Cat 3 climb, through town.But ... read more
The coast off Ajaccio
Beginning the last climb of the day

Europe » France » Corsica » Ajaccio April 23rd 2013

Tuesday 23rd April, 2013, Ajaccio, Corsica, France Ajaccio's biggest claim to fame is not a landmark or a building but a bloke called Napoleon Bonaparte. He was born here and it is impossible to escape his presence. Streets, squares, buildings, restaurants (and more) are named after him all over the city. Ajaccio is located at the end of a headland and used to be protected by a fort and ramparts along the sea and harbour. The walls can't be seen today as they were demolished in the 19th century on Napoleon's orders. The city was founded by the Genoese in 1492. After disembarking the ship we headed straight for the Tourist Information Office. Here we picked up a walking guide to the city and a list of the attractions and their opening hours. Most of the ... read more
Napoleons Birth  Room
Casa Napoleon in the Old Days
D in Place De Gaulle

Europe » France » Corsica » Ajaccio June 14th 2011

Our last days in Corsica Dave, the most wonderful boy in the world that he is had booked us for our last two nights in Corsica at a 4-star boutique hotel, l’Hotel Palazzu u Domu – tres chic baby!!!!!!! We have worked the main difference between 2-3 and 4-star hotels, it is simply the quality of the the bed and pillows and air conditioning followed by the bathroom. If you just have a decent pillow(s) you can have the most wonderful night’s sleep. We just relaxed on the Sunday (12 June) in Ajaccio with a walk along the boulevard and swim at the beach before taking dinner at a local Corsican restaurant. Dave had wild boar stew and I had yummy pasta with green beans. On Monday (13 June) we completed a four-hour hike up ... read more
Our Ride to the Mainland
Eagle Rock
Dave's Contemplative Moment

Europe » France » Corsica » Ajaccio October 27th 2008

Saturday 11th October Departure Villefranche/France to Calvi /Corsica: 6.25am It’s an early start as we have a long way to go. It’s not that calm today but Chris and Jo were still asleep when we left the harbour. We put the main sail up around 9am. It’s choppy and we need to calm the boat a bit. Poor Jo ends up feeling sick but she doesn’t know if it’s sea-sickness or something else but it knocks her out for the whole trip. Chris is sick a couple of times but he is still on his feet. Arrival Calvi - Corsica: 19.55pm It was dark when we arrived in Calvi. We checked out the harbour but didn’t take the chance on taking one of the berths in the harbour. It turned out OK staying out in the ... read more
Calvi harbour
Jo and Lars waiting for Chris and myself.
Chris, Jo and myself looking around the market.

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