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Irrationality....cannot be fought with empirical evidence.

North America » United States » Colorado » Castle Rock June 4th 2017

Geo: 39.4012, -104.913MelatoninPowdered sport drinkCobbled streets -- better with solid solesBring or buy a soft-sided cooler bagYour glove box may act as a cooler... read more

Europe » Italy May 30th 2017

Geo: 45.462, 9.18963psy·cho·so·mat·icˌsīkōsəˈmadik/adjective(of a physical illness or other condition) caused or aggravated by a mental factor such as internal conflict or stress.Poor Dejo was (I think) so worried about a repeat of the CDG-FCO trip, that he was awake all night, worrying about it. He felt light-headed and his hands were tingly.... read more

Europe » Italy May 29th 2017

Geo: 45.462, 9.18963So. The race is done.Now what?We had built in an extra day before flying home, for seeing the city. I have a tour guide to whom I've sent several clients, and I was excited to be able to meet her, myself, and have her show us around her city.If only I'd thought about it being a Monday.Some things -- Important Things -- are closed on Mondays.Quick, name one of the biggest must-see attractions in Milan.The Duomo is open.But the Last Supper? Chiuso. Closed.Sigh.We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast picnic on our terrace, before heading to the plaza to meet up with our guide, Lara Grom. We spent a bit of time just chit-chatting, and then it was off to the Duomo.Lara had sent me an e-mail the day before, advising me that security was tight ... read more
Our little terrace
That's a big cathedral!
Creepy statue, cool picture

Europe » Italy May 28th 2017

Geo: 45.462, 9.18963We had a big day planned, but not so big that we didn't have time for breakfast. The hotel doesn't have a breakfast room, so they deliver a cute picnic basket full of breakfast-y choices. We enjoyed ours on the little rooftop terrace, and then headed off for our adventure.Metro to Centrale station?: check (Dejo's 24-hour ticket worked, unlike the exit last night)Train to Monza?: checkBus to the Autodrome?: well, nuts. We didn't cross-check our planned bus route with the Giro race route.I guess we could walk, but that'd be an hour, in hot humid weather.There are some rental bikes. Dangit, we can't download the app.A taxi! There's a kiosk over there, with a phone -- we'll just call and order a taxi. Except they don't have anyone available now, try back in 10 ... read more
Pit row
Garages: shady, breezy and fairly private
Gnorm meets Hugh Carthy

Europe » Italy May 27th 2017

Geo: 45.4637, 9.18813Our day started out with lovely breakfast company.Last night, there was a trip of folks sitting behind us, having quite the conversation in English, though it was clear it wasn't the native tongue for any of them (just based on the accents -- no issues with vocabulary!). I had been sitting with my back to them, so I could only hear them. But they recognized us, and we had a splendid conversation over breakfast. They're taking a few weeks of their vacation time to bike through Italy. On the topic of vacation time, when we mentioned that most Americans only get 2 weeks a year, you'd have thought (by the looks of horror on their faces) that we said everyone has to wear frogs on their feet and sit in tubs of mud.There was ... read more
Vittorio Veneto's canal walk
Those motorcycles push a lot of air...
Yes, it's McDonald's. But just for the Coke.

Europe » Italy May 25th 2017

Geo: 46.3754, 11.6578The plan for today: find the team buses (as this is a start town), and see who we can arrange for Gnorm to meet.Thanks to the guide that the Giro puts out ("Garibaldi"), we knew roughly where the buses were meant to line up.But we also knew that the team bus drivers -- or the guys who flag them to their parking spots -- don't always follow those guides. So we walked down the street to where the guide said the buses would be.Man, that felt like a looong street.When we got to a point where we could see down to the end of the road, we hung out, and waited for the buses to start arriving.They did so, without making us wait too long. The nice thing was, we could see who was ... read more
Gnorm meets Rory Sutherland
Joey Rosskopf seems....
Columbian fans enjoying some snow

Europe » Italy May 24th 2017

Geo: 46.3754, 11.6579The plan for the day: see the Giro come up the Passo del Tonale (a cat 2 climb), we needed to get rolling pretty early in the day. We tried to stop into a shop across the road, to get a shirt that we'd spied n the window the night before, but they weren't open yet, and we needed to boogie, so I'll need to search for it online or something. We swung into the local supermarket to grab something for lunch (jam, and bread, to pair with our peanut butter), then we were off toward the Passo di Gavia, as a shortcut to get us over to the Tonale before the boys came by.Here's the thing about mountain passes in the Alps: they're not necessarily open year-round.We didn't realize it was closed until ... read more
There are worse places to be stuck in traffic
Cute little alpine town
A pizza apiece?

Europe » Italy May 23rd 2017

Geo: 46.4676, 10.3781Since Bormio was the finish point for today's Giro stage, and (perhaps more of a factor) the road up to the Stelvio closed at midnight, we decided to watch the stage from the finish line area.A little walking-around-doing-recon told us that there was a pretty decent view from the top of the vents for the underground parking garage. They were about 4' high, which meant we could sit and see the finish line.A quick trip back to the hotel to get the stuff we'd need, and we went back to claim our spot about 10:30 am.The boys didn't come through that point for their first lap of the town until about 2:30 pm, and the actual finish wouldn't be until 5-ish.But it was a beautiful day, with beautiful mountains all around us. And I'd ... read more
7 hours: plenty of time to catch up on the journal
Sometimes, Google Translate is so close....

Europe » Italy May 22nd 2017

Geo: 46.4642, 10.3766With the decision made to have Dejo join the public ride (headed by Ivan Basso!), our plans for the day were as set as they could be, given that we knew nothing of the roads that we were about to navigate.The meeting point was about 100 feet from the front door of our hotel, so the only prep needed was getting Dejo all kitted up.Soon after we joined the small crowd, we spotted Ivan Basso, and a photo with Gnorm was soon arranged.The group took off, and I went to grab the car and see if I could follow.I was worried that I might not find the right route (there's really only one way up from this side), or that the road might be closed (it wasn't), or that I'd pass Dejo on the ... read more
Your leadout guy, Ivan Basso (on the right)
Dejo. Stelvio.
Dejo's down there, somewhere....

Europe » Italy May 21st 2017

Geo: 46.4645, 10.3769After breakfast, and a goodbye hug from Cristina (we really did feel like we were guests in her home), we were on our way from Vercelli.As we hadn't yet seen the Giro from a feed zone, that was our plan for the day.Perhaps this term isn't familiar to you -- lemme 'splain: When the pro cyclists take off on a stage, it's usually going to be 150-225 km (90-140 miles). And ain't nobody stopping through Mickey D's for lunch (being as how it's a race, and all).So their soigneurs (a fancy French term for "lackeys"-- or perhaps "sherpas") drive ahead, and stand by the roadside holding out musettes for them to rip out of their outstretched hands at 25 mph.Musette is a fancy French term for "flimsy lunch bag". They're thin fabric bags about ... read more
Our view of Lake Como, part 2
Nutella? Don't mind if I do!
Where's Gnorm?

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