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Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg May 9th 2012

My day of freedom finally came on Friday when as scheduled, I went over to Colmar to see Daniele, the English teacher from school. Her holidays had been worse spent than mine and she was clearly full of bitterness, hurt and sadness, making conversation with her sometimes difficult and I found myself constantly praying for protection around myself against the negativity emanating from her. I began to think that perhaps it had been a mistake to do something with her, getting the impression that she wasn't really in the mood to enjoy herself. But God puts certain people in our path for a reason, right? We headed off from Colmar to a small picteresque town called Riquewihr. On the way we stopped at a war memorial for the Allied Forces which acts as a great look-out ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg April 26th 2012

PART TWO OF THE JOURNEY BEGINS This blog will be slightly different than past blogs. I will be dividing it into four parts. There will be my normal descriptive narrative of our daily events and corresponding pictures; however, I am also adding additional sections: Daily eats, reviews and daily tips. Hopefully this will be more helpful to those that may read this that do not know me. April 25 & 26 2012 The trip began at 4 am Wednesday Morning. I had worked until 9 pm the night before and did not get done backing until midnight, but that is what it takes to go away for three weeks. The flight was uneventful, which is a good thing, since I don’t like flying much. Portland to Dulles, Dulles to Paris, 13 hours in the air, but ... read more
Notre Dame
Face Lift

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg October 4th 2011

Note: All events mentioned in this entry occurred from December 28, 2006-January 2, 2007. For more updated trips and entries, please refer back to this site at a later date. An updated entry or trip will NOT include a note like this. Thanks and enjoy! December 27, 2006-I had no choice now but to head back to Dijon in order to drop of my souvenirs and repack in order to head to my next stop, Strasbourg. I chose to visit Strasbourg because I was told by a lot of French people that it was very pretty but also had the best Marche de Noel in France. In fact, it was the first ever in France. I did want to see it because I did enjoy the Marche de Noel tradition and was curious to see how ... read more
Marche de Noel, Place de la Cathedral I
Marche de Noel, Place de la Cathedral II
Marche de Noel, Place de la Cathedral III

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg August 22nd 2011

Strasbourg – The Tescos of Europe Waitrose or Lidl? As you drive into Strasbourg the signs welcome you to “ le Carrefour de l’Europe”. As an ignorant foreigner I only know Carrefour as a major French supermarket chain. “Carrefour” actually means “crossroads” which is one way of describing the fact that France and Germany spent years fighting over Alsace before Strasbourg rediscovered itself as one of the first “European” cities. The Alsatians {literally} seem to be quite happy just being Alsatians – the area has quite a lot of autonomy within France and even has a different social security system than the rest of France. Strasbourg I have a couple of days in Strasbourg and my host and guide, Kati, ha... read more
Every French Town Seems To Have A Carousel
The Cathedral Spire Dominates The City
Light And Sound Show At The Cathedral

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg August 11th 2011

Bill and I have decided that Robbi is our good luck mascot -- it hasn't rained for two days and we haven't been lost since Linde gave him to us. Guess we had better keep him on the back of the bike for the next few days. It did indeed get cold last night; no clouds equals low temps. But we were packed and ready to go by 7:30 this morning. We had traveled this part of France in 2006 so decided to go a slightly different route this time, cycling through some small villages on our beloved back roads of France and along the canal via a bike path. Arrived in Strasbourg before 1:00, ate a good meal at a restaurant in front of the cathedral (with its beautiful stained glass windows dating back to ... read more
Notre Dame of Strasbourg

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg July 27th 2011

Hello all 62 blog readers. So today we- Almost didn't go to Strasbourg.! Thought it would be too difficult to find parking. Not true. We were able to park in a Park&Ride and take a tram right into the heart of the city. The old town isn't that large so we spent about 4-5 hours walking around. Saw the big cathedral the Petite France Quarter and just perused around the historical parts. We only have 2 days left before we leave for Belgium. I hope you have enjoyed some of our adventures in this part of Europe. It has been fun sharing it with you. Now for some pictures of our city visit to Strasbourg, France. I have 6 images of "Petite France Quarter" one of them is my favorite. Which one is yours?? God bless ... read more
A quad-hotdog with french fries under
I thought this was interesting
The roofs of Strasbourg

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg July 25th 2011

Geo: 48.5829, 7.74375This morning we left Friedrichshafen, headed for Strasbourg, the European Capital. Although the trip was scheduled to take just over three hours, it took somewhat longer than that due to the many photo stops. The route took us firstly along Bodensee, then up through the Black Forest, and then into Northern France. We were fortunate enough to see a Zeppelin Airship just after leaving Friedrichshafen. We then stopped off at the town of Haslach in the Black Forest. Haslach has an old city area, which is where we had a coffee and cake. After leaving Haslach we headed for Strasbourg. Strasbourg is just over the border in Northern France, and has an alternating history of French and German occupation over the centuries. Originally it was the site of the Roman city of Argentoratum in ... read more
Street in Haslach
Notre Dame Cathedral
A Canal in Strasbourg

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg May 21st 2011

We stayed in Strasbourg for three nights after leaving Disneyland. The weather there was nice but extremely hot luckily our hotel had a pool. Strasbourg was quite a big city although it wasn't the size of Paris it would have been one of the bigger cities in France. It also had really good transport which made it easy to get around. They had special bike tracks and lanes for cyclists and they also had trams going. There wasn't much to do in Strasbourg although the guy at reception thought otherwise. The day after we arrived we went for a walk around the city and got a feel for the place. Although Strasbourg is in France we were only a 20 minute bus ride away from Germany. So that's what we did. We weren't there for long ... read more
Some houses near our hotel

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg May 20th 2011

On emerging from the American bubble that was Disneyland, we have landed in some odd foreign country. We're still in France but there is such a mixture of languages, food, and architecture here it is quite disorienting as to where we are. Strasbourg is right on the border with Germany and the german influence is very strong. Everyone here is trilingual and extremely fluent. Even though we are persevering with our french attempts we are replied to in either English or German. All menus come with German and English subtitles. The local food specialty is tarte flamme which is like a pizza but a very very thin base (oblong shape with rounded corners), with creme fraiche then whatever topping. No tomato or cheese. They were quite yummy. Not so yummy was the sauerkraut. Very few here ... read more
Gingerbread houses
Local bike hire - Velhop
one of the many bridges

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg May 8th 2011

Strasbourg Arriving in Strasbourg was not so bad. Stupid taxi driver should have pointed to the street I wanted instead of giving me attitude and driving me but whatever. I had booked this hotel (a Best Western, the first on the list and I my internet connection was troublesome so I took it and hoped for the best) at the last minute- just that morning actually and it turned out to be a good pick. I walked in feeling weary and disillusioned from that jerk of a taxi guy and they made me feel SOOO welcome and at ease! They were friendly, helpful, gracious, sweet and wonderful. I know that sounds over the top and maybe it was my state of mind but let me tell you it was like a breath of fresh air and ... read more
View from castle window
St. Odile
Mosaic inside church

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