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May 28th 2012
Published: May 28th 2012
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Just got home from a great first night out with the group. Club Seven was so much fun, and they played American music pretty much the whole time so we felt right at home. Happy 21st Ashley!!

On our walk back to the hotel a homeless man, after hearing us speak English shouted "F*ck you mother f*ckers! You a**holes!" at us... We're pretty sure that was the only English he spoke, but regardless, that's no way to earn money, monseiur.


28th May 2012

Not to worry
We have our fair share of people over here who hate the French for no better reason that their politicians pursued France's goals rather than the US goals after WW II. Pay no attention to that stuff. You'll find that most speak some English & will be delighted to talk to you, exchange views, etc. Try to stay away from other Americans & immerse yourself as much as possible in French culture, food, speech, etc. Be as French as possible - you'll learn much more that way. See how much French you can absorb. You'll be amazed how much you can pick up. After a couple weeks in Italy, I could actually understand most of a conversation I had with a guy in Italian.

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