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May 29th 2012
Published: May 29th 2012
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We started class today! It was quite the change from having been on the go non-stop for the past 72 hours. So basically a normal day consists of International Finance from 10-12:30 and European Integration from 1:30 to 4:00. Our first class is taught by Dr. Gaspar, the A&M Professor who is here with us on the trip, and our second class is taught by Dr. Ludwig Kreitz from the Universite de Strasbourg. Two and a half hours was a long time to sit still, but hopefully I will get used to it by the end of this experience. We have to take the tram to get to the university so that was a new experience today as well. But now that we know how to use it, it will be a lot easier to get to the places we want to go around Strasbourg.

After class, a few of the girls and I went out to go buy hair straighteners since American hair straighteners don't work over here, and we are high maintenence... just kidding... but really we need to do something with our hair. We walked around for a little longer and got a drink and ate some crepes (which were so delicious) and felt like one of the locals, minus the whole French-speaking thing.

Since I didn't write yesterday, just thought I should mention that we toured the Haut-Koeningsbourg castle yesterday morning. It was so beautiful and had an amazing view from the top! I'll post some pictures so that you can appreciate it. We also went to Colmar to have lunch and went to a museum for the sculptor who built the Statue of Liberty. That was pretty interesting, but all of the signs were in French so we just had to enjoy the sculptures.

New Discoveries:

-I need to pick up my feet when I walk. Tripped at least three times on the cobblestone.

-French dogs are perfect. I saw a black lab today that I wanted to rip away from its owner.

-It's possible to get run over by a bike, a car, and a train all in one intersection.

A few of us are about to watch a movie and just hang out so I'm going to sign off for now. I'll write again soon!

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29th May 2012

Nothing special
So glad you're getting this experience - sounds great. And (I didn't know) you write very well for a Texas girl! The blog becomes you. Do as much of the French things you can. And not just scenery. Meet, interact, discuss, argue, etc. with the French. What do they think of their govt? Our govt? Why? Develop least 1 close friend that you can keep in touch with. We tend to be too ingrown. Reach out. You may not get this kind of experience too often in your life.

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