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May 31st 2012
Published: May 31st 2012
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Hello everyone!

Had our last class of the week today. I could really get used to this whole three days of class a week thing. I managed to minimize my sleeping time to about 2 minutes today. French coffee is no Starbucks. More like a Dixie cup full of foam.

But other than that I am so excited becauseeee tomorrow is our first free weekend!!! I'm headed off to Bad Honnef, Germany to see my long time friend and sister at heart Mona 😊 The rest of the group is splitting up and going to places like Nice, Munich, Geneva, and Prague, and as much as I'd like to be going somewhere exciting with them, I really am so happy to have a relaxing weekend with my friend and her family, and I know I'll be doing plenty of sightseeing this month.

I'm kinda nervous about a solo experience with the trains, but hopefully I can handle it. I've been practicing all my German phrases I know that have to do with getting places on a train. Ich mochte eine fahrkarte nach Bad Honnef. I'm set! My train leaves at 620ish tomorrow morning, and I still need to pack for the weekend so I'll probably get on that as soon as I'm done writing this.

Today was pretty normal though. After class some of the girls and I went to get ice cream and we walked around this farmer's market that was on the plaza right by our hotel. Then we just HAD to finally go shopping. We resisted from buying anything right now which took everything in me. I'm sure you're reading this mom, and I promise I didn't buy any clothes! Not yet at least...

Something else that was interesting was yesterday when we got to school, I guess they were having a fire drill because everyone was outside. But in France they do actual simulations of fires with water vapor as the smoke. So it looked like the building was actually on fire... but it wasn't. Just thought that was weird.

New Discoveries:

-The pigeons are INSANE around here. They will literally fly two inches above your head.

-Fruit is so much better here than College Station.

-People really do shake their blankets out their shuttered windows from their second-story apartment.

I won't be bringing my laptop with me this weekend so I will write again when I get back from Germany!


31st May 2012

Bon Voyage
Love your updates. Sounds like a wonderful experience. Hope you get to Mona's OK. Love you, Grampa and Jackie
1st June 2012

From Placentia
Amanda, it is so fun hearing about your adventures. You will always remember this. What a wonderful experience for you. Thanks for including me.

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