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Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg July 11th 2012

Today we woke up to lovely weather and took the bus and train to Strasbourg proper to see the whole area. We had an awesome day of sightseeing with such a beautiful city. We walked and enjoyed the many bakeries for breakfast and lunch. We then had a nice supper in Petite France in a lovely restaraunt. The highlight of the day was the boat tour of the entire historical area with all the canals throughout Strasbourg. As well, the tour of the Church was amazing as it is beyond belief that people constructed this so long ago. It was just wonderful and we took the train/bus back and had an earlier evening ready to head out the next day.... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg July 11th 2012

Day 6: We rode from Gambsheim to Strasbourg today. The weather was lovely when we woke up and we packed up pretty quick and were on the road by 9:00am. We travelled through many small villages this day and saw lots of France. The trail was again a little poorly marked in the small towns but we managed to manuever through with the help of the map that Xavier was so kind to pass onto us. We arrived in Strasbourg and rode around this incredibly beautiful city. It was a bit of challenge to find our way into the historic area but once there we found a Merry-Go-Round for Denis to ride on and ALL was good! We headed to the campsite which was lovely with a shelter to enjoy and and Wifi as well. We ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg June 28th 2012

So this will be my final entry for my study abroad summer blog. Just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who made this mossible! I will never forget this trip of a lifetime. In 5 short weeks, I've ventured to 7 different countries, learned how to say "thank you" in three different languages, and ridden on every type of public transportation imaginable. But now it's time to go home, and I must say that I'm excited to be going back. After a quick splurge on Mexican food and Chickf-fil-A, it will be time to start dieting and exercising so eating whatever I wanted was fun while it lasted. Hope you guys have enjoyed my blog! Hopefully I can get some sleep tonight... it seems as if the crowd outside is pretty pleased with the latest ... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg June 27th 2012

Friday, 22 June – Strasbourg, France Apparently Freiburg is the warmest city in Germany, and even after a thunder storm swept through during dinner last night, the temperature didn’t drop below 25 until later in the evening. I forgot to mention that we walked past an Audi dealer and saw a brand new TT Sport on sale for €38,990 (A$50,000). There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth. You know you’ve left Germany when the road works stop, which happened at the French border. One thing is for sure – Germans certainly know how to build a road, pity they don’t know how to drive it! Speaking of cars, since we were in the area we couldn’t miss the Cite de l’Automobile (Schlumf Museum). It’s an amazing collection of 400 classic, luxury and racing cars in ... read more
Schlumf Museum
Open Air Museum

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg May 31st 2012

Hello everyone! Had our last class of the week today. I could really get used to this whole three days of class a week thing. I managed to minimize my sleeping time to about 2 minutes today. French coffee is no Starbucks. More like a Dixie cup full of foam. But other than that I am so excited becauseeee tomorrow is our first free weekend!!! I'm headed off to Bad Honnef, Germany to see my long time friend and sister at heart Mona :) The rest of the group is splitting up and going to places like Nice, Munich, Geneva, and Prague, and as much as I'd like to be going somewhere exciting with them, I really am so happy to have a relaxing weekend with my friend and her family, and I know I'll be ... read more
Tower of Lettuce

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg May 29th 2012

We started class today! It was quite the change from having been on the go non-stop for the past 72 hours. So basically a normal day consists of International Finance from 10-12:30 and European Integration from 1:30 to 4:00. Our first class is taught by Dr. Gaspar, the A&M Professor who is here with us on the trip, and our second class is taught by Dr. Ludwig Kreitz from the Universite de Strasbourg. Two and a half hours was a long time to sit still, but hopefully I will get used to it by the end of this experience. We have to take the tram to get to the university so that was a new experience today as well. But now that we know how to use it, it will be a lot easier to get ... read more
Midget Stairs
Some of the Girls

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg May 28th 2012

Just got home from a great first night out with the group. Club Seven was so much fun, and they played American music pretty much the whole time so we felt right at home. Happy 21st Ashley!! On our walk back to the hotel a homeless man, after hearing us speak English shouted "F*ck you mother f*ckers! You a**holes!" at us... We're pretty sure that was the only English he spoke, but regardless, that's no way to earn money, monseiur.... read more

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg May 27th 2012

After an 11-hour night's sleep I am fully revived and living on European time. Jet lag ain't got nothin' on me So today we all had our first experience reserving train tickets. What we thought would be a 20 minute venture to the train station ended up being an all-out 2 hours of chaos. Not knowing how train reservations worked and not knowing how to speak the language and trying to coordinate 3 different weekends with 20 different people was cause for the concierge manager to come out and tell us to either hurry up or leave and come back tomorrow. Finally, I thought I had my three weekends booked so I headed back to the hotel. Turns out, the guy booked me for the wrong weekend in Prague and the wrong day to Rome. So ... read more
Rockwell Counselors
Rue de la Rape
Mime Romance

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg May 26th 2012

Hello everyone! I have made it safe and sound. Flight was not bad at all. Combination of Advil PM, one German beer, and a newly purchased neck pillow knocked me out for a solid 6 hours. We landed in Frankfurt around 1PM and then took a 3 hour charter bus to Strasbourg on which I managed to get another hour of sleep in. Upon arriving at our hotel, we got settled and then took a tour of the city. Strasbourg is exactly what I would imagine France to be like. Cobblestone roads, cafes, bread carts, French townhomes. It's absolutely gorgeous. The locals may or may not be too fond of the 22 rambunctious Americans roaming their streets, but we try to be as respectful as possible. So after all the formalities were taken care of, 19/22 ... read more
View from the hotel room
Maggies/PPA Pic
La Place Kleber

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg May 14th 2012

On Saturday I was delighted to have the opportunity to take part in The March for Jesus in Strasbourg - the perfect place to pray for the nations of Europe! And there was certainly a very European theme - at the end of the march we were even given the honour of having a meeting in the European Council - this Europe theme really spoke to me of the plans God has for me concerning Europe (not just France!) We (I went with a surprisingly small group of people from church - I was surprised that more people hadn't wanted to take part - for me the idea of marching through the European capital, praying and worshiping God was just SO exciting!!) began the march next to the European Council and not far from the European ... read more
Jesus March et les 3 chateaux 002
Jesus March et les 3 chateaux 003
Jesus March et les 3 chateaux 004

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