I'm Kiersten and currently live in a small town north of Edmonton Alberta, Canada. I have been very happily married to Denis for 29 years and have two wonderful adult daughters and two wonderful son-in-laws. I work as a School Counsellor and do some private work as a Psychologist. I love to travel and most of all I like to meet people when I travel. My passions aside from travel are cycling, kayaking, running, swimming, triathlons and camping. As to cycling I love both uprights and we also ride a Recumbent Tandem Trike. I have lived all over Canada and truly appreciate what a wonderful country we live in. That being said we are off on a grand adventure cycling this summer for 50 days in Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria on our Tandem Trike.

July22 Meersburg to Ludwigshafen: 40km- Today was just a great day, after way to much food at the Pension we started off on our new plan to get to the Danube. We were looking for a route with the least hills and were confident we had found it! We travelled along and were delighted to stumble upon 2 town festivals where there was music, carnivals, and of course all the local food fair of a festival. I had the best piece of cake ever & we enjoyed the day to the max. We also were lucky enough to meet some people that chatted with us about the bike. In conversation the gentleman mentioned that he was a farmer & that we could sleep in his barn! We jumped at this as Denis, as always, wants to ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Konstanz August 22nd 2012

Day 18: July 22 - Konstance to Meersburg: 15km. We rode to the ferry across Lake Constance (Bodensee) to incredibly beautiful city of Meersburg. On the ferry there is a charge but the person collecting money intentionally skipped us over (giving us the wink) which was nice :-) It was a short ride and when we got into town we saw our biggest hill climb yet up a cobblestoned rode. We wandered around below climbing the hill to ensure we were headed the right direction. Meersburg is a very marine themed city & on the waterfront was a 'very' whimsical sculpture, the likes that I've never seen. We headed up the climb and did the Castle tour. It was just amazing and definitely the highlight of the trip thus far for me, as I am a ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Dillingen an der Donau July 27th 2012

Day 24- July 27- Ulm to Dilligen - 65km Today was another great ride, although the heat was incredible! We are pretty certain it was over 35 degrees. We just didn't quite expect it to be so hot and the people assure us that it is not usually quite this bad. In the end we are really flying now on the flat and it makes it much easier. We did arrive and walk next to the campground to have a swim in an awesome outdoor pool. It was $3.00 for both of us to get in and really brought our core temperature down. We ate in the beergarten at the campground and played cards through the evening. The only downside of the evening is a young girl tripped over our fly cord and ripped the end ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Gunzburg July 27th 2012

Hi all, Just a quick note to say, thank you, to all that have posted on the blog. I have to apologize for being so far behind. I am just posting without pictures today as internet has been so DIFFICULT to find and use. It sure is not Canada, a new appreciation again! Anyhow, just a quick post here. We are in Günzburg Germany and it wonderful. Just using the internet and headed to Dilligen today still. We have 1090km done so far and still nearly 4 weeks to go. We have had some incredible experiences, mostly with people but obviously we have seen so much!!! BTW, I am so excited as I just found out our daughter Brittany & son-in-law Nick, will still be in Alberta for a few days when we get home. Such ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Ulm July 26th 2012

July 26- Munderkingen to Ulm- 50km Great riding today, it was extremely hot again but it was joyfully flat and we were flying as our legs are definitely quite strong at this stage of the game! The villages we rode through were really lovely and quiet. We had a picnic lunch on the banks and found camping at the Canoe Club right on the bank across from the historical center of town. It was just beautiful and we sipped our wine with another million dollar view and passed a quiet evening.... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg July 25th 2012

Day 22-July 25 Mengen to Munderkingen- 56km We got up early to ensure we had some time with Erika who was headed in for her last day of school. We had a lovely breakfast in their sunroom and again lovely conversation. We got ready to get going and their daughter Julia got up to see her parents on the trike. It was such a funny look on her face when she tried to connect what she was seeing. She took some photos for us and we started out again down the Danube thinking it should be flat... wrong! We pedaled and walked a lot of hills again but ended in a wonderful little place with great camping again. We fell into bed exhausted and happy after a nice meal in a quaint little place in town. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Mengen July 24th 2012

Day 21- July 24- Tuttlingen to Mengen (Alfons & Erica) 80km We got an early start and started riding with the thought of riding to Alfons & Erika's place in Mengen. The ride started great but the day became more and more hot and there were a lot of bugs. Added to this was the disappointment of MANY more hills than we expected and it turned into a very tough day. However, the great part was that the scenery was just beautiful and the cliffs and smallness of the river was amazing. In between the hill trudges we had a great day overall and of course the ending was amazing. We stopped in Sigmarigin which was just lovely and a town I will return to I think. It had an amazing Palace and was of course ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Tuttlingen July 23rd 2012

Day 20: Ludwigshafen to Tuttlingen: Today we headed to town for coffee first and then began our journey through the mountains to the Danube. It was a lovely day, despite the hills with a lot of people helping us. At one point we nearly got lost in the forest and you basically just try to follow cycle trails town to town, as it is not a main cycling route! We did manage to find our way to Tuttlingen, although it was definitely a very hard day and not nearly as pretty as our hard cycle from Basel to Konstance. Tuttlingen is again a lovely little town with free camping provided on the Danube in the local park. There was no one there when we arrived & thus we hesitated. We went and ate supper and when ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West July 21st 2012

Day 17: Stein am Rhein to Stadt (Konstance): 60 km Today we saw the highest falls in Switzerland. They were simply breathtaking with the castle above and tours via boat available, much like Niagara Falls. It was a hard push up the hill on the other side and we were disappointed to see yet another set of steps, so we had to unload & carry the trike down & then reload, not to difficult but it takes time. Overall, we know we really pedaled hard today and it was a great day!... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Germersheim July 21st 2012

Day 4: Altrip to Germersheim 55km Weather: A little dewy when we woke but we were up at 6:00 and on the road with dry time by 8:00. Today was, what we hope is the hardest and most troublesome day of our entire trip. We left Altrip and about 10km out on our way into the small town of we felt like we were just slogging along. When Denis checked we realized we had a flat on the back tire. No problem except that we had to unload it all to change and thus it took a little more time. We fixed it and headed to town to pick-up our picnic lunch. We then began riding again with plans to eat lunch in Speyer. Speyer was to say the least, magnificient! This town celebrated its' 2000 ... read more

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