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Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg January 15th 2017

À quelques pas de l'Allemagne, Strasbourg offre aux amants des belles villes, les clichés de l'Alsace que l'on reconnait à l'influence germanique: architecture chargée, art de vivre légendaire, bières et vins blancs qui accompagnent dignement spécialités de choucroutes et tartes flambées! C'est aussi le charme incomparable de son centre historique animé et des maisons bourgeoises à colombages qui se dressent partout dans la ville. C'est sa cathédrale gothique millénaire imposant ses 142 mètres de hauteur qui est le point central et culminant de la ville. Elle défend jalousement le gigantisme de sa structure et la délicatesse de ses dentelles sculptées dans la pierre rouge ce qui lui confère amplement son titre de plus haute cathédrale de France après celle de Rouen et la deuxième plus visitée après Notre-Dame de Paris. En ressortant de l'église, la rue ... read more
Notre-Dame de strasbourg
Rue Mercière
L'Ill, quartier de la Petite France

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg September 5th 2016

Geo: 48.5839, 7.74553 We woke up in Koblenz, Germany this morning and got ready for our excursion for the day. Stacy didn't feel well this morning and returned to the ship just before the bus left for Marksburg Castle. I soldiered on without her. The castle is one of a very few castles that was never destroyed. It is over 700 years old. It sat up on top of a large hill overlooking the Rhine River. I returned to the ship and we cast off for a day of sailing up the Middle Rhine River thru a gorge. There were 22 castles on the hilltops in this area dating from the 11th century. It was a spectacular voyage. Everyone was up on the observation deck, sitting in lounges and drinking beer and wine. For dinner, we ... read more
Statue by where we were docked.
Door in Marksburg Castle.
The top of Marksburg Castle.

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg August 17th 2016

Charming Alsace. Can we move here? Can we? Can we? 🤔🤗 M U L H O U S E Based for 4 lovely days in Obernai, we drove up and down La Route des Vins, admiring the endless, rolling vineyards, the mesmerizing villages, taking photos, buying tons of souvenirs and eating many Tartes Flambées☺! We visited Mulhouse last as it is at the very end of La Route des Vins and dedicated Strasbourg a whole day. These two cosmopolitan cities, jam packed with tourists as expected are a nice blending of old and new, modern and traditional, quaint and en vogue! The sun was setting when we got to the town square of Mulhouse after a long day sightseeing. A band was performing live and playing old and new covers. I had a lush strawberry mojito ... read more
Notre Dame de Strasbourg

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg June 2nd 2016

Getting there is half the fun. Actually the title is not totally accurate, since we aren’t really on a raft like Huck was. This is a very nice boat, river barge, tourist magnet, and allows you to float (with motors) down the Rhine River, and see the beautiful country sides of Switzerland, France, Germany, and Holland. We met our travel partners in the parking lot, and were glad we got there early so as to miss some of the TSA wait time that we factored into our journey. We left Houston as the rain was coming in. (Oh, did you know we have gotten a lot of rain lately?) We left as it was starting to rain. The day started with a very pleasant surprise at the airport. When we got in line for the TSA ... read more
Welcome to Avalon
Town Square shops

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg September 3rd 2015

I had been to Alsace with my family 2 yeas back. I have tried to describe my holiday here . Hope you find my post purposive. Alsace . Reminiscence of my holidays give me a sense of gratification . I often sit back to recollect about my past vacations . France is very much like the Indian subcontinent . Each region has its own history / architecture / language / culture / features/ cuisine and uniqueness . You can blindly take a trip to any near by place and notice the diversity immediately . One such vacation which left a lasting mark is my family trip to the region of Alsace , France . Though in those days , I didn’t blog much , the recess is so indelible that every tiny bit is etched in ... read more
Typical bold Alsatian pottery.
Colourful Alsatian houses.
A portion of the main church of Notre Dame of Strasbourg .

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg December 22nd 2014

Strasbourg is the perfect overture to all that is idiosyncratic about Alsace – walking a fine tightrope between France and Germany and between a medieval past and a progressive future, it pulls off its act in inimitable Alsatian style. in a nutshell.....its everything thrown together to make an exciting city visit! Tear your gaze away from that mesmerising Gothic Cathedral and in just a minute and you’ll be roaming the old town’s twisting alleys lined with crooked half-timbered houses à la Grimm. Then feasting in the cosiest of winstubs (Alsatian taverns) by the canal side in Petite France and marveling at how a city that does Christmas markets and gingerbread so well can also be home to the glittering EU Quarter s and France’s second-largest student population. But that’s Strasbourg for you, all the sweeter for ... read more
Medieval Buildings
more architecture
waterways of Pettite France (1)

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg December 15th 2014

Geo: 48.5829, 7.74375We decided to sleep in this morning. Mom was tired from yesterday's grueling run so we opted out of the walking tour to Strasbourg and slept in. Waking up at 9:30am, we just missed the breakfast deadline so we had coffee and muffins and waited until 11:30 lunch. I took advantage of the time to catch up on the blog. After lunch we signed up for the shuttle bus to Strasbourg, no touring, just a ride to and from the Christmas Market. That works out well. We have only about 2 hours of time in Strasbourg including the time to walk to and from the bus drop point since it can't drive into the pedestrian zone of the old city. There's a lot to see. Strasbourg holds one of the oldest and largest Christmas ... read more
Christmas Market at the Cathedral
€1 Just to Take a Picture of this Thing.
Mom Bought this Elephant Hat for Min.

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg December 11th 2014

Is it French, is it German, or Alsatian as some of the locals insist? The city of Strasbourg, comfortably situated at the convergence of international borders, cannot be easily typified. I had prepared myself for a true French experience but was mildly surprised by the city and the people. True, everyone speaks French, the food looks French and most people behave in the characteristic French way. After all, Strasbourg has been a part of the French republic since the end of the second world war. But spend a while in the city and you will be able to glimpse its heart. Savour the local cuisine, stare at the magnificent houses on the river, wander through its xmas markets and most importantly, talk to the locals. Even if your French is terrible. You will find it unlike ... read more
Annual light show at the cathedral
along the river
Petite France

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg October 3rd 2014

Geo: 48.5829, 7.74375 We got up, had breakfast and headed out of Beaune on a couple of driving tours that the Rick Steves book contained. We drove through some small villages and some nice vineyards. We stopped at one Chateau, but it was closed for the season. We took a few photos and headed on our way. On the north loop, we found another Chateau to visit. This one was quite different in that the owner had 80 jet fighters on display outside. Inside he had a collection of Abarth race cars and at least 300 old motorcycles dating back to the very early 1900's. He also had about 2,000 airplane models and another 1,000 motorcycle and car models on display. There were also several furnished rooms to see. While we were there 3 Ferraris and ... read more
The roof of the car and us
The Chateau again
Old motorcycles

Europe » France » Alsace » Strasbourg September 30th 2014

Mollsheim is on of those pretty little Alsation villages and towns dotted around every corner of the Alsace region of France. More German than French they have a different feel to them. Vines grow everywhere and each village has its fair share of wine producers who make the most wonderful of wine. Our stop for the next two nights was going to be Camping Municipal Mollsheim. 12 euros a night WiFi for 1 euro for 90 minutes , clean and agreeable toilet blocks, fresh bread every day if ordered and close enough to the gare to get into Strasburg. This was going to be another one of those make do and mend sort of days. Not planned we just ended up here. We had never been to Strasburg and there had to be enough to do ... read more
Astronomical clock in cathedral
Petite France
Petite France

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